Peekaboo Highlights is the Work-Friendly YOLO Makeover Every Woman Needs To Spice Up Her Work Life

Published on Oct 17, 2020

Happy Birthday in advance!

Did your upcoming birthday get you dreaming about rocking a really avant garde or out-there hair colour for the first time? Or did it trigger memories of past when your hair was a constant rotation of Pink, Green, Blue, and even Purple colours?

Unfortunately, not all of us may be in such a position where we can afford to jump off the deep end into the pool of hair rebellion. Sometimes practical situations like job restrictions needs to be met.

Fret not, for the new highlight trend: Peek-a-boo Highlights has landed! With this new style, you can explore more subtle, professional hair colour that’s work friendly and on top of it all, low damage to boot. Read on to why this style is perfect for birthday makeovers and those trying bleach for the first time!

Why Peekaboo Face-Framing Highlights are Perfect for Birthday Makeovers

1. These Sassy Highlights Are So On Trend Right Now

It is no surprise that of course the celebrities leading the charge on this trend comes from the uber fashion conscious Korean Pop Culture world. Here are some of these fashionistas in action to inspire you:

Jennie from Blackpink:

Jamie from 15&:

Jiwoo from Kard:

Ashley Choi from Ladies Code:

But it’s not just the Kpop-ers that have decided to give this style a shot, celebrities such as Bella Thorne have been known to rock this style and it’s been spotted on YouTuber Cartia Mallan as well:

Bella Thorne:

Cartia Mallan:

And it's not just a hit on foreign shores! Local salons are loving this trend too:

Blue and Grey Highlights by Be Salon

Image Courtesy of Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Needing some Hair Inspo but feeling a bit stuck?

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2. Capture Who You Are At This Moment

As you say goodbye to each year of youth, do you find yourself wanting to do something out of the ordinary to celebrate where you are right now at the moment? 

If you've always felt restricted by circumstances, peekaboo highlights could be one small step towards that direction. On top of allowing you the satisfaction that you're sporting what celebs right now are having, this versatile hairstyle allows you to customize the colour just the way you like it. From the actual colour to the placement of the highlights, you can discuss with your stylist to tailor the colour to your lifestyle, personality and work environment. For example, you could be really strategic and choose the right sections that would be completely hidden if you keep your hair down and loose. For those of you who're a little more adventurous, a slight amount of hair peeking through may be allowed, and so you would easily be able to dye more sections of hair for that perfect balance of hints of colour and professionalism.

Regardless of what you choose, you can have a hand in your own hair design in a way that's much more involved than in other hairstyles to capture YOU right now. And guess what, knowing that you were involved in making the stunning hairstyle come true may just give you that extra spring in your step on this special birthday!

Work Friendly Peekaboo Purple Highlights

3. Low-Damage Peekaboo Face-Framing Highlights Reduce Maintenance Even for First-Timers

Now perhaps you are someone who’s (rightfully so) very conscious of hair damage, and perhaps have considered dyeing your hair an extreme colour in the past, but have resisted the siren call due to worries that your hair would be irrevocably damaged from the bleaching. You wouldn’t be alone in doing so, nor would your fears be unfounded (This Author can recall many a day after an intense bleaching session, only to result in dry, straw like hair for about a week after!)

This is why the Peekaboo Highlight style is perfect for you! Given how the style is designed to only colour a small amount of hair, you’d only really need to bleach a small section of hair, which is definitely way more manageable. Also the location of where the highlights would be placed would also be the inner layers of your hair, which are generally already in healthier shape than other parts of your hair exposed to the elements.  If you crave a darker colour (think more maroon reds, or dark purples) you wouldn’t even have to lighten your hair that much to begin with!

Recently our associate Agent V got to get a little Peekaboo Makeover:

Work Friendly Peekaboo Purple Highlights

Image Courtesy of Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Check out her entire hair process below!

A Marketing Manager's Foray into Ash Purple

Hi! I'm Agent V, a 34-year-old Marketing Manager.

My Hair Before Hair Dyeing

Being a Marketing Manager, I need to maintain a professional outlook. But of course I do still feel the urge to give myself new hair makeovers every so often!

And the person I trust my hair with is Singaporean stylist Kelvin. I got to know Kelvin when I was a student but ever since I went for a haircut with him, I've never looked back. Haircut, colour, perm - you name it, I've tried it. 

My current style of having it naturally black, shoulder length and wavy, was also done by Kelvin!

My Hair Before Hair Dyeing

Even though my hair is black now, I've actually tried the safe colours Purple-Black, Blue-Black, Brown Black that don't require bleaching; I really dislike seeing the roots so I tend to choose colours that are close to my natural hair colour so that when the roots grow out, it is not too obvious. 

My Hair Before Hair Dyeing

Having had black hair colour for some time, Kelvin proposed a new colour design during my last cut: Peekaboo Highlight. 

I was worried at first because it involved bleach. But Kelvin explained that only small swathes of hair will be lightened and coloured, so the damage is limited. More importantly, it will not leave unsightly ugly roots when my hair grows out. 

Some part of me have been thinking about making the change... so with my birthday coming soon, I was thinking.. Why not? I'm already 34 so if I don't try bleach, when will I do it? 

As luck would have it, Kelvin was available on my birthday. As a birthday present to myself, I proceeded to make an appointment with Kelvin at Be Salon @ Millenia Walk!

Step 1: Consultation

While Millenia Walk is further away from the MRT than other shopping centres, I really like coming here for hair services as it isn't as crowded, making the experience a comfortable one even on weekends. 

Be Salon

The salon itself is very modern and welcoming. Bright with plenty of personal space, the ambience is surprisingly calming and uplifting.. very different from other salons I've stepped into previously. 

Consultation at Be Salon

From the very first moment I enter, Kelvin welcomed me and brought me to the seat. We started not by talking about hair but caught up on the non-hair stuff that had happened in the past week. When I'm ready and settled in the seat, we began talking about the hair services we're going to do today.

Consultation at Be Salon

As mentioned in the previous visit, Kelvin suggested going for peekaboo hair colours on the sides of the hair. He will colour it in the sections which can be easily hidden, making it low maintenance. As he knows that I'm fond of ash colours, he suggested an ash violet that he says will flatter my skin tone and can stay for relatively long periods of time if we use colour shampoo. 

Exactly what I was thinking about... so let's go!

Step 2: High-Lift Bleaching

Before we could start colouring, the very first step in the process is high lift bleaching. To minimize the time taken during bleaching, we used a stronger High Lift mixture that is designed to strip the hair of most of the colour in one go.

Hair Bleaching at Be Salon

Kelvin assured me that he included Olaplex in the mixture so we don't have to worry about the hair becoming overly damaged. 

Hair Bleaching at Be Salon

Step 3: Regular Bleaching

Without washing off the first round of bleach, Kelvin applied a second less damaging bleach mixture, this time with more purple toner within to remove the brassiness in the hair. 

Hair Bleaching at Be Salon
Hair Bleaching at Be Salon

If you noticed, Kelvin applied the bleaching mixture onto foils to avoid the bleach from landing onto other unintended areas. 

Hair Bleaching at Be Salon

Once the lightening is complete, he escorted me to the hair wash area to wash off the bleach.

In just 2 rounds totalling about an hour, you can see that the colour has already been mostly stripped from my hair.

Step 4: Colour

Next comes the fun part of the experience, the hair colouring. 

Hair Dyeing at Be Salon

As a special birthday present, Kelvin specifically customized an ash violet tone for me, one that he promised looks trendy and surprising easy to match.

Hair Dyeing at Be Salon

Can't wait to see it!

Step 5: Wash & Style

After the colouring process, it was time for one final wash. Kelvin was super careful in making sure he rinsed off the solutions and colour with low pressure water, taking great care not to have any drop of water land on my face!

Hair Wash at Be Salon

As people say, it's small details like this that count. 

Blow Dry at Be Salon

Images above Courtesy of Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Back at my seat, it is time for the final blowdry and styling. 

Can't wait to see what the reveal will be!


Work Friendly Peekaboo Purple Highlights

At first glance, the hairstyle looks professional right? 

How I Look After Getting Purple Peekaboo Highlights at Be Salon

Flip it over and you can see the ash violet!

How I Look After Getting Purple Peekaboo Highlights at Be Salon

Of course, I can also comb my hair in such a way that the ash violet shows more obviously like this. 

How I Look After Getting Purple Peekaboo Highlights at Be Salon

I was instructed to tuck my hair behind my ears if I wanted to really show off the colour and make it more visible. 

How I Look After Getting Purple Peekaboo Highlights at Be Salon

I can even show it off when I tie my hair up!

How I Look After Getting Purple Peekaboo Highlights at Be Salon

Images above Courtesy of Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

I'm loving it!

Overall Thoughts

Kelvin did it again, delivering this YOLO hairstyle brilliantly!

He knows I'm not ready to go all out, so without judging me or persuading me to do otherwise, Kelvin customized a hairstyle that allows me to try without going to the extreme. His open and approachable manner as well as his constructive recommendations makes me feel more like a collaborator than a customer, possibly the reason why I'm always happy with the end result. 

And this peekaboo highlight experience is no different. It is the first time I'm bleaching my hair and knowing how much I cared about hair health, Kelvin took special care to minimize damage to my hair. That's possibly why my hair texture still felt soft even after bleaching!

Most importantly, the colour is simply fabulous. Can't wait to show it off to friends and colleagues I'm closer too. I showed a few of them my selfies and they're already asking me where to go to get it done!

Thank you Kelvin for always giving me beautiful hair. 

Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!

Itching to try out this new fab peekaboo hair trend? Share your experiences with us on!

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