10 Things People Say When You Perm Your Hair For The First Time

Published on Apr 11, 2018

Many women yearn to have beautiful curls at least once in their lives. With perms being so accessible and affordable nowadays, and with so many styles that suit different people, both men and women are less afraid to try perms. Before you head off to get a perm, these 10 comments that you might hear from the people around you will give you an inkling of what it's like to have permed hair ...

1. Why so sexy?

Sexy S Curl Perm by Picasso

S Curl Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

Achievement unlocked! Want to look effortlessly sexy? There's something about big bouncy curls that make you look more alluring. With layered hair or different sized curls, they can also frame your face to highlight your best features. There's a good reason why bombshell curls are synonymous with Victoria's Secret models - as its name suggests, it undeniably and immediately makes the wearer look sexy!

2. Wah, when did you become so glam?

Glamorous Digital Perm by Leekaja

Digital Perm by LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

You know you've got a great perm when friends and colleagues gush over how elegant and glamorous your hair looks!

It may just be the addition of a few big curls here and there but that's all you need to give off that celebrity vibe. In fact, the more natural and understated it is, the better we think!

Glamorous Digital Perm by Art Noise

Digital Perm by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

3. Are you going on a date? 

Korean Perm by Picasso

Korean Romantic Perm by Picasso

Romantic curls naturally might make others think that you're dolling up for a date. Curling your hair usually takes time and it can make one look more feminine and demure, so it's no surprise if some think you have something special planned or trying to woo a certain someone. Of course with a perm, it takes the hassle out of having to curl your hair every day and a romantic perm will leave you looking sweet and beautiful all day, every day! 

Man's Texturized Perm

Men's Perm at Act Point Salon

Pssst! Did you know perms are popular among guys as well? In fact, it's a rising trend that it gives the hair more shape and texture and definitely gives you more of the cool Korean look!

4. You look like Song Hye Kyo!

Ladies C Curl Perm with Bangs by Bump Hair Design
Ladies C Curl Perm with Bangs by Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ Holland Village

Trends are typically made popular by celebs before they start going mainstream and viral so get ready to receive compliments that you look like a particular celebrity who might have inspired you to get a perm. In fact, Agent I got a hair makeover inspired by Song Hye Kyo. Who would mind being compared to another beautiful woman, after all!

5. Your hair is so voluminous!

Yes, curls can make your hair look thicker and more luscious. It's always nice to hear this remark because you know your curls look light and it isn't weighing your hair down. Most if not all women desire more volume in their hair but not everyone is blessed with naturally voluminous locks. If you fall into that category, a perm can give you the volume you desire!

Voluminous Digital Perm

Digital Perm by AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon

6. Why is your hair so frizzy?

Frizzy Hair After Perm

Unfortunately one of the downsides that come with a perm is frizz, and the hot weather might exacerbate it. While some bystanders will love the extra volume and oomph, others might think you got static in your hair. You just gotta embrace that beachy wave, slightly messy look and rock it! Of course, there are treatments and products you can use to minimize the frizz, so be sure to stock on those if intending to get a perm. 

7. Did you just roll out of bed?

Natural Waves by COVO

Natural Waves by COVO Hair Salon

Take a deep breath and take this as a compliment. After all, not many people can say that they wake up so gorgeously sexy right out of bed! 

8. Why your hair look so aunty one? 

If you don't consult with your stylist properly, you may find yourself getting the aunty curls that younger ladies tend to dread. 

We would therefore recommend you to read up on the different types of perms and find out which out is best suited for you.

Kid's Korean Perm

Korean Volume Magic by 99 Percent @ Bedok Point

Do note that long romantic curls will make even the youngest of you look a bit more mature even as it makes you look glamorous. 

Clinic Magic Setting Perm on Frizzy Dry Hair

Clinic Magic Setting Perm and Colour by Hair Illustrated

However, communicate your preferences carefully to your stylist and you can actually take years off your face by structuring the curls and making your hair look healthier. 

Just look how refreshed Agent EO looks to know what I mean! 

9. Is it hard to maintain?

Digital Perm by Pro Trim(Joel)

Digital Perm by Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

Curious cats or friends that love it will be interested in how much work goes into getting your hair to look that good.

Unlike what many people think, permed hair can be easy to take care of... as long as you do the basics (apply heat protector and blowdry!) Find out more about it here.

Do note that it depends also on the hair design that the stylist creates for you. One of Agent G's favourite perm stylists is Joel Park; his perms are very easy to maintain (looks good immediately after waking up!) and just requires you to use your hair to blowdry your hair after you wash them! 

10. How much did you pay?

Many have the impression that perms are very costly. Well, that's not necessarily the case... if you know where to go!

One of our favourite hair salons, Act Point Salon, specializes in perms have prices starting from $150 for perm + haircut by senior stylists.

A cheap and good option for budget-conscious babes!

Whether it's a good or bad perm job, you are bound to get asked: "who did your perm?"

Best Hair Salons for Perm

Save yourself the embarrassment and check out Beauty Undercover's best salons for perming, and you'll be rocking both your perm and the answer to that question with confidence!

Recently permed your hair? Share your experience on Bu.sg!

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