10 Personality Traits Your Hairstyle Reveal to Your Interviewers

Published on May 16, 2018

Just graduated from school or hoping to find a new job after receiving your annual bonus? Besides Linkedin and making appointments with the headhunters, don't forget to invest in a professional outfit and pair a hairstyle that matches the image you are aiming to go for. We're not saying that you should be someone you aren't. In fact, you should understand yourself, think about your strengths and weaknesses and list down examples for each personality trait you want to show. (Try this test https://kevan.org/johari to get your started!)

Different jobs, however, require you to put different sides of you forward. At certain points of your life, you need to show your energy and enthusiasm and at others, your ambition, creativity and so on. Whether you realize it or not, your hair is sometimes very much linked to that. You may be a very organized person but if your hair looks like an untidy mop, you're unlikely to get that retail or office manager job. 

Chez Vous Hair Salon, COVO Japanese Hair Salon, and Flamingo Hair Studio shares tips on how you can emphasize certain personality traits with your hairstyle.

1. I'm a professional and neat 

Ladies Professional Haircut at Chez Vous

Amplified C Curl Straightening by Chez Vous Hair Salon

The first hairstyle that most people think of when they request for a professional looking long hairstyle is C curl rebonding. This always a safe choice because it smooths out all the kinks and frizz, giving you a sleek hairstyle that oozes sophistication without trying too hard. It will leave you looking neat, professional and feminine. It's a good hairstyle to sport if you're going for an entry-level position. 

2. I'm cheerful and energetic 

Lob Haircut with Bangs at Chez Vous

Lob with Korean Bangs by Project Hair

The lob and Korean bangs immediately remind us of the typical Millenial: young, energetic and passionate! They have an idealized version of what work should be like but create the right environment with their energetic attitude. A perfect hairstyle for entry-level positions that require you to put in that extra mile. 

Bob Haircut with Side Bangs at Chez Vous

Bob Haircut with Bangs by Chez Vous Hair Salon

3. I know who I am and I'm definitely NOT like anybody else

Asymmetrical Bob at Chez Vous

Asymmetrical Haircut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

An asymmetrical haircut should definitely be on your list of MUST-TRY hairstyles if you want to enter the new company with a splash. Everyone from the receptionist to the CEO will look at you differently because few ladies dare to go for an asymmetrical hairstyle. Your hair will become a talking point and you have to be comfortable with it. This is therefore perfect for extroverted Management Trainees or Senior Executives and Managers hoping to refresh themselves in their organization after spending years blending in.

4. I'm experienced and professional

Soft bobs are typically seen on women who hold higher positions and have been in their field for a long time. It is also classic, elegant and very approachable, making it perfect for ladies working in HR and front-facing low-pressure work environments. The hairstyle gives off an impression that you are serious and capable of being a leader.

Professional Bob Haircut at Chez Vous

AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon

5. I'm a leader

Chic Pixie Haircut at Chez Vous

 Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Applying for a managerial role which requires you to be assertive and oversee and even discipline people under you. A short pixie cut will suit you well, particularly if you're assertive. On top of highlighting your strong personality, the haircut gives you an aura of assertiveness and confidence that gets you noticed for an aggressive role such as Sales Manager/Director. 

6. I'm a creative individual

Creative Texturized Haircut at Chez Vous

Without even speaking, people will start wondering if you're from the creative industry if you sport a textured crop like this. On top of adding volume and texture, this hairstyle creates a stylish and contemporary look without appearing messy or undone. It looks pretty hard to achieve even though the actual styling is simpler than you think. Hence, it is a pretty good hairstyle option for Graphic Designers and Creative/Artistic Directors.

7. I'm sharp and focused

Angled Concave Bob at Chez Vous

Classic Precision Concave Bob by The Bund

Want to show how precise and sharp you are to future employers? Get a precision haircut like this. The edges are intentionally kept sharp and the blending flawless so that you look exactly right for your role. Perfect if you're thinking of joining the Big 4 auditing firms, banks or the finance Department where accuracy is of paramount importance. Do, however, note that this hairstyle requires quite a bit of maintenance.

8. I work hard and play hard

Cheerful Pixie Haircut

Life is about balance. A good boss is one who can motivate employees to go the extra mile when the company needs it and let the employees relax when the ship is cruising so that they can go for the long haul. 

A textured pixie strikes the right balance between confidence and approachability and so is a good hairstyle for middle and top management.

9. I am mature and ready to take on more responsibilities

Looking to jump ship for a bigger role than what you took up in your current company? Whether you're moving from executive to senior executive or assistant manager to manager of a small team, the perm can actually add authority and maturity that give you the intangible credentials you need to succeed in the next role. 

10. I am young and up-to-date with trends

Trendy Faux Balayage

Faux Balayage by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Applying for the role of Digital Media Manager? Since you're the trendsetter, the influencer within the office, look the part by bleaching your hair and give it a professional yet chic new hair colour every few months.

You need to know what's new and what's trending, and your hairstyle will show you are the person for the job!

What interview hairstyle will you be going for?

Share your thoughts with us below!

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