8 Things to Look Forward To With Phase 1 of Circuit Breaker Measures Lifting

Published on May 23, 2020

Finally, some good news! With everybody practising social distancing for almost 2 months (!), we will finally start to exit the Circuit Breaker after June 1st. Of course, we won't immediately return to our pre-Covid existence  - instead, we'll enter a three-phase transition back to normalcy, with more restrictions being relaxed at each phase.

Here are some activities we are looking forward to resuming during Phase 1.

1. Meeting Our Parents/Grandparents

For some of us, visiting family was a weekly activity - until the virus arrived, with seniors being placed at especial risk. We had to literally keep our distance from them, and found it hard to even bridge the gap using video-conferencing, since several older folk can find it difficult to get the hang of new technology without somebody physically being there to show them how.

Meeting Family GIF

Now that some restrictions are being lifted - and still in time for post-Hari Raya visiting too -  we're excited to bring them a meal so they can take a break from cooking for the day, and have that long-awaited catch up. However, do note that this is not the time for big family gatherings yet, as only 2 children/grandchildren of the same household can visit a different household in a single day. 

2. Giving our Pets Professional TLC

Pet Grooming GIF

While treatments such as osteopathy, acupuncture and haircuts have been periodicially allowed during the Circuit Breaker, this indulgence didn't extend to every single member of the household - we're referring to our pets. While we can still get our locks trimmed, our fuzzballs have become increasingly ball-like without their regular grooming; or might even have experienced some health effects: Fur that's too long and covers dogs' paw pads can make them slip and hurt themselves while running, and nails that are too long can make it painful for them to walk. Some owners make things worse by shaving their pets down for easy maintenance (please do not do this) and exposing their skin underneath to sunburns and irritations.

And like humans, some of our furkids may have chronic physical issues that require expert rehabilitation. While pet physiotherapists have been preparing owners on what exercises can be done at home during the Circuit Breaker, it's never quite the same as having their personal touch (and their funky machines too). Now, our cuddly creatures get to mingle and play with their favourite physios again, which is beneficial for their mental health too!

3. Going to Places of Worship

For our religious readers, it's now been about 2 months (or more for some of us at Beauty Undercover, but we don't judge) since you've entered our church/mosque/temple. While large religious gatherings are still not allowed, up to five members of the same household are permitted to go to these places for private worship and prayer. If the world ever needed thoughts and prayers, it's now, so you might want to take advantage of these new relaxed restrictions.

Going Church GIF

4. Collect our Parcels and Mail

Because of safety reasons (plus a lack of staff to meet the demands of the suddenly massive amounts of online shoppers), the number of operating post offices was reduced during the Circuit Breaker. What this meant was that some packages we ordered never arrived, and we couldn't even go to the nearby post offices to pick them up since they weren't open. With the ease in restrictions starting June 2nd, post offices will operate as per usual and you can finally collect that package you’d ordered, or even send care packages to your loved ones since most of us will still be staying home as far as possible.

Collect Parcels GIF

5. Getting To Take (A Bit) of a Break From Our Tots

Parents, we know you've had it hard! 

Noisy Kids GIF

Cooking, cleaning, making sure your children are up to date with their studies, AND video conferences with your colleagues? Well, from June 2nd, graduating cohorts in Primary and Secondary Schools would be going to school again, with non-graduating batches alternating between homebased learning and school. For those with younger kids, fear not as preschool will be fully reopened by June 10th and student care centres shall resume operation. Finally, some professionals to help share the childbearing load!

6. Get a New Hair Colour / Perm

Even though hair salons have been opened during the circuit breaker, the only service they were permitted to provide was a basic trim and cut. Many of us now have hair colours that have faded, or tried and failed at being our own colourists and have been hiding our monstrous multicoloured mops under hats during video calls. Well, thank goodness that we are able to get our pro fixes come June 2nd, since all hair services will be allowed to resume then!

Brown Hair Colour at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela

For those hoping to get a bit more volume on your hair for your Zoom calls, these low-maintenance perms may just do the trick.

Magenta Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Magenta Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Otherwise, we have a couple of hair colours that work well for ladies with tanned skin for your Post-Raya hair!

Though we're very much in love with this work-friendly AirTouch highlights as well.

AirTouch Highlights at Ravissant Salon

AirTouch Highlights at Ravissant Hair Salon

If you need more inspirations, we have an article about 2020 Hair Colours for Women who are Trendy AF in Singapore.

7. Get your Car Serviced

Car Broken GIF

With more business reopening on June 2nd, many of us would also be heading back to our offices. While this may not be such happy news for everyone, drivers can make returning to their workplace a lot more pleasant by making sure their neglected means of transport are in good condition. Phase one allows us to visit car mechanics, meaning you're less likely to be late for work on your first week back...unless it's just because you're used to those lovely WFH sleep schedules.

8. Film sets re-opening

Hollywood Film GIF

Throughout our stay at home, many of us have been binging on Netflix, watching theatre productions from around the world, as well as concerts and dances. While the arts have definitely provided many hours of comfort and entertainment, the creative industry is unfortunately one of the hardest hit by far. People working in the creative industry have been losing most or even all their projects since the virus has entered our nation. These people include actors, filmmakers, hosts, singers, backstage crew, magicians, arts educators, and many many others. Many have temporarily switched lanes to working in the frontline for the time being to make ends meet.

Phase 1 allows certain parts of the creative industry to resume work again, such as filming and distributing, for more made-in-Singapore, for Singapore content to get us through this bizarre time. We're definitely looking forward to it, and for our artist readers, we thank you for the solace you have brought with your wonderful work.

Even though there are an ease of restrictions starting next month, this is by no means time to be a complacent. Many countries experienced a second wave of infections when the country reopened businesses and people went back to pre-Covid ways of life. Remember to continue maintaining social distancing, have your mask on while you are outside home, and keep both yourself and your living/working area clean and sanitised.

This way we can keep the infection numbers low and move to Phase 2 for further freedoms.

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