56 Popular Shades of Red Hair, Auburn Hair and Ginger in Singapore (2021)

Published on Aug 03, 2021

Thinking of painting your hair red this National Day?

NOW is the time!

We don't just say that because it's National Day - although it's always nice to dress up in colours of red and white.

Red goes beautifully on our Asian skin; there are so many tones of red that you are bound to find one that flatters your skin tone. It lasts a long time on our hair too, thanks to our genetic makeup and structure of our hair. 

Since we can't travel anywhere this year, why not go for high-impact red hair to brighten up your complexion (and your day!)?

1. Rose Brown Hair

Some people shy away from red because they think that red is too loud and bright.

As Fluxus House @ Outram Park shows us, red hair colours need not be so. 

Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Rose brown has been trending lately thanks to its ability to add a romantic hue to a work-friendly colour that still looks absolutely professional.  

Rose Brown Hair Colour

ERI SU Salon @ Bugis

Highlights are most common to achieve this rendition

Rose Brown Hair Colour

Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ The Central

but the unique rose brown hue is just as popular among those of us who are budget-friendly. 

After all, we may be able to attain the hair colour below at just $120 for all hair length without requiring bleach (especially if our hair is fine!)

Rose Brown Hair Colour

Finder by Duxton @ Outram Park

2. Rose Ombre Highlights

Is the above rose not warm enough for you?

Rose Brown Hair Colour

Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Causeway Point

Seeing how gorgeous this dusty pink is, we totally understand why. 

Red Hair Colour

Red gradation from AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock 

Seeing that you're WFH, it may make sense to go for the rosy pink you've always dreamed of.

Red Hair Highlights

Pinkish red highlights by DevonshireJapanese Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar

Or if its your first time, the pinkish ombre highlights may just be bright enough without looking obvious on Zoom.

Red Hair Highlights

99 Percent Hair Studio

3. Ginger Highlights

Prefer something more unique? Ginger highlights retain that warm tone without the usual pinkish sweetness associated with rose tones. 

Red Hair Colour

Orangey red highlights by No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

The colour is not common so you can be sure that you'd be one of the few sporting this unique colour without standing out overly in the office. 

Red Hair Colour

Ginger highlights by Mane Made 

4. Ginger Hair

Are you a fan of ginger? 

You can have your entire hair sunkissed in ginger if you so prefer.

Red Hair Colour

Orange-brown by COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik

It looks good particularly for those of you who have a fair complexion as it adds shine and sparkle to your face. 

Rose Brown Hair Colour

Soft brown by Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee Ann City

Many celebrities are sporting this colour so you'd fit right there with them if you go for this. 

Auburn Hair Colour

Red highlights by Kenta from Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela @ Riverside Point Clarke Quay

5. Burnt Orange Hair

A stunning twist to your everyday red, burnt orange colour is the perfect colour to sport in Singapore. 

Auburn Hair Colour

Dark auburn by Hajime from FiNDER by COVO @ Tanjong Pagar

An incredibly versatile colour, auburn is most flattering to darker skin tones such as warm brown, mahogany, honey and also very pale skin. 

Auburn Hair Colour

_Brownish red _Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar_

If done correctly, this colour can bring out shades of red, copper and gold, a must-have hairdo for ladies who love vivid autumn colours!

Auburn Hair Colour

Burnt Orange by SAD's Hair Design @ River Valley

6. Electric Red Hair

Are the above colours just not bright enough for you?

Red Hair Colour

Ariel red by Kazu from LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Sticking to the true bold red used on the Singapore flag, this red hair colour is sure to make a statement.

Red Hair Colour

Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

It is nowhere close to being natural but its electric red will get you noticed from a mile away. 

Red Hair Colour

Bold red by Hairlux Salon @ Katong

This colour, however, requires bleach, and several times of it, so do be prepared to pamper it with treatments afterwards. 

Red Hair Colour

Electric Red from Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

To make the red last longer, we recommend going for a ombre like the one below! 

Red Hair Colour

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics 

Even when your hair grows out, it will still look great!

7. Russian Red Hair

Want something richer and less bright?

Red Hair Colour

Bold red by Be U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

The sexy Russian Red MAC lipstick may be what you're looking for. This iconic colour replicated here with a hint of blue undertone that gives it a richer, bolder feel that truly stands out. 

Red Hair Colour

Red copper by Natalie from Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Careful when you wash your hair though as the red hair colour is likely to stain your towels days after the colour!

Red Hair Colour

Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

8. Peekaboo Red Hair

If you want something brighter but still wish to get to work without the boss looking with THOSE eyes, consider peekaboo reds. 

Red Hair Colour

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

Peekaboo red hair colours are done on the inner layer of your hair so you can choose when to show it off and when to hide it.

Red Hair Colour

Peekaboo red by Zen from Mane Made @ The Midtown Hougang

It doesn't have to be too big a section if you wish. Sometimes, just a little is enough to bring out the reddish feels. 

orange coral hair colour

WhiteTree Japanese Hair Salon

orange coral hair colour

Salon 5 @ Katong

9. Red Highlights

Like red but not so much on your hair? 

Highlights are a fantastic way to add colour to your hair without bleaching or dyeing your entire head.

Dark Red Burgundy Highlights

Red highlights by Shim from No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

You get to play with colours without getting a massive makeover that attracts too much attention.

Dark Red Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy by Branche Japanese Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Dark red or burgundy highlights give that pop of colour without requiring you to bleach too much. 

Dark Red Burgundy Highlights

 Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

Dark Red Burgundy Highlights

Red Highlights from Mane Made @ The Midtown Hougang

10. Pandemic Pink Hair

Who says that you have to go for siren red?

Pink Hair Colour

Pink by Hairlux Salon @ Katong

COVID-19 has inspired what we call pandemic pink among celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber (model),  Julianne Hough (dancer), and even Chrissy Teigen (tv personality/author).

Read on if you want to read more about Agent Y's experience getting her pink hair colour at Hairlux Salon

Dark Red Highlights

Pink by Hairlux Salon @ Katong

11. Cherry Red Ombre

Can't get over the pink and rose gold hair trend?

Cherry red has that similar glossy and rich colour that people seem to gravitate towards. It's slightly calmer than a bright red but it definitely still makes a statement.

Dark Red Highlights

Cherry Red by Art Noise

Ask your stylist for cherry red with hints of pink highlights for that extra youthful pop.

Dark Red Burgundy Highlights

Ombre Red from Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Can you feel the extra energy from the hair alone?

12. Pastel Pink

If you do like pinks, pastels are here for you! They give you a super sweet look that makes you look fashion-forward.

Ash Pink Hair COlour

Ash pink by SAD Hair Design @ River Valley

Having pastel pink hair that's cut into a bob is super stylish,

Ash Pink Hair COlour

Dusty rose by HaLu Hair Design @ River Valley

while longer hair makes it look romantic and dainty.

Pastel Pink Hair Colour

You can also try it with a pixie cut for the extra edge!

Ash Mauve Pink Hair Colour

Ash mauve by LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

13. Cotton Candy Pink

For a super girly colour that's as sweet as sugar, try cotton candy pink! 

The colour is exactly what it sounds like - sweet and soft bubblegum pink that you'll normally see on a stick of cotton candy.

Bright Pink Hair Colour

Cotton candy pink by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Adding in some peach/orange tones gives it a more unique shade.

Pastel Pink Hair Colour

Peachy pink by Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines

This colour isn't just for girls! Remember the phrase "Real Men Wear Pink"?

Bright Pink Men Hair Colour

Bright pink by FiNDER by COVO @ Tanjong Pagar

14. Blood Orange

Want a fiery hair colour but still shying away from red? While we think that reds can be worn by young people too, some might still find them unapproachable.

The good news is that blood orange comes real close!

Blood Orange Hair Colour

Blood orange by _AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place _

Blood Orange Hair Colour

Orange X Red by AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock 

You can even do blood orange highlights to keep it subtle!

Red Hair Colour

Blood orange by Shim from No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

Red Hair Colour

Threes Japanese Hair Salon 

15. Copper Hair

With the rise of warmer tones, many celebrities and stylists started going for rich golden shades that complement the Asian complexion.

Colour-RosyOrange (WaiKan)

Fiery orange by Chez Vous @ Ngee Ann City

We love the coppery orange colour that adds a lot more energy compared to the normal auburn.

orange coral hair colour

Bold orange by Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

16. Ginger Red Hair

It might be hard to pull off orange hair if you're not Jean Grey from the comic books, but mixing it with red helps to make it look fresher and funkier.

orange coral hair colour

True orange by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Whether your goal is to look like a peach-haired princess, superhero, or just someone with fire within, this is the colour for you!

Orange however is a mixture of red and yellow and so is one of the warmest colours around.

Pink Orange Hair Colour

Pink x Orange by Threes Japanese hair Salon

If you’re considering to colour bright orange, remember to consider this colour against your skin tone.

Dark Orange Hair Colour

Dark orange by Shun Sakurai Japanese Hair Salon @ Chijmes

In general, it will look great against fair skin but even if you're a little more tanned, you can consider tapering it down with an ombre. 

17. Strawberry Blonde Hair

Not quite a true red nor a beach blonde, strawberry blonde is a hybrid of the two that has become really popular in recent years!

strawberry blonde

Soft blonde by Mayu from SAD Hair Design @ River Valley

While it is especially flattering for fair skin and light eyes, it looks stunning on just about anyone... a reason why many celebrities such as Emma Stone, Adele and Nicole Kidman have been sporting this colour.

strawberry blonde

Pink strawberry blonde ombre by Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Do however note that it requires quite a number of times of bleach to reach this level of lightness!

strawberry blonde

Coral by 99 Percent Hair Studio

18. Coral Hair

We've been seeing this colour everywhere from clothes to home decor. 

Red Hair Colour

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Whether you like wearing all black or colourful clothing, coral hair colour can spruce up your style.

Red Hair Colour

Coral hair colour by Flamingo Hair Studio

Doesn't this look adorable?

Add more pink tones and you'll achieve a level of chic not commonly seen!

orange coral hair colour

Pastel coral by Chez Vous @ Ngee Ann City

Girls are not the only one who can go for this; we're seeing daring guys too sport this during the WFH period. 

Men orange coral hair colour

MODE Studio @ Wheelock Place

19. Burgundy Hair

For a softer take on red, try going for styles that inject just a little bit of red. In most cases, they're the ones that are mixed with purples to give it a darker overall appearance.

You'll be able to add colour to your hair without looking too over the top!

Dark Red Burgundy Highlights

Bright burgundy by Shim from No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

In some cases, you may not even need to bleach your hair. 

Dark Red Burgundy Highlights

Blended red highlights by Carmen from Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis and Tanjong Pagar

For a brighter tone of purplish red, there is Magenta, a trendy and mysterious colour that suits all ages.

Dark Red Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy hair by Ravissant Hair Salon @ Tras Street Tanjong Pagar & Serangoon

It's flattering for many skin tones and it is much easier to wear than a bold red.

20. Silver Red Ombre

Bummed about the cool silvers going out of trend? We are too. Ash colours make you look like a fashionista without having to try that hard.

You don't always have to follow the trend, though!

Silver Red Hair Colour

Silver red ombre by Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Mixing a pop of red with a silver or grey ombre and you get the best of both worlds - trend as well as a nice ashy base colour.

You can even do an ombre of silver to pink for Unicorn hair!

Pink Hair Colour

Orchid pink by 99 Percent Hair Studio

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