Provitamin B5 is the Essential Nutrient To Restore Your Youthful, Blemish-free Skin

Published on Jul 20, 2020

You probably know Vitamin C as the vitamin that boosts your immune system, and Vitamin A as the one that's good for eyesight. But which letter in the Vitamin alphabet makes your skin better? 

There are 13 vitamins—A, C, D, E, K, and the B variants (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, B6, B12, and folate), but one of the most important ones for a glowing complexion is Vitamin B5, otherwise known as Pantothenic Acid. Here's why:

1. Vitamin B5 Converts Fats and Proteins into Energy and Helps Maintain Healthy Skin, Hair and Liver functions

Vitamin B5 is an essential B complex vitamin that converts food into energy. Found in living cells as coenzyme A (CoA), Vitamin B5 helps in the creation of red blood cells, maintenance of a healthy digestive tract and even synthesizing of cholesterol. Given that fat and cholesterol are essential components of the skin, it is unsurprising why Pro-Vitamin B5 is well known as THE vitamin to address your skincare needs from the source. 

Vitamin B5 Gemstone

2. Vitamin B5 is a Natural Moisturizer

Aside from its rejuvenating properties, Vitamin B5 stabilizes the skin's protective barrier and increases its ability to hold on to moisture. This results in  plumper skin that's more hydrated, and in general, happier. 

Natural Moisturizer from Vitamin B5

3. Vitamin B5 Accelerates Skin Healing

Studies from the National Library of Medicine show that application of Vitamin B5 helps skin heal faster. This is because it increases cellular multiplication during the first operative period, allowing for faster creation of fibroblasts that aid in tissue repair. It also strengthens the skin barrier and protects it from exposure to UV rays, which could cause visible dermatological damage.

Faster Skin Healing with Vitamin B5

4. Vitamin B5 Reduces Acne Lesions and Helps Popped Pimples Heal

A study has shown that by having adding Vitamin B5 supplements into your diet for 12 weeks, test subjects experience a 67% reduction of acne lesions in comparison to those who took a placebo. It even has a postiive effect on acne that has run its course - When a pimple bursts, bleeding occurs, and often, visible scabbing and clotting as well, but Vitamin B5 speeds up wound healing so that all disappears faster to leave you with unblemished skin.

5. Vitamin B5 Makes Your Skin Look Younger

Does your mirror sometimes punish you for having emotions, with new laugh lines and frown lines appearing unexpectedly?

Anti-Aging Properties on Vitamin B5

You may be happy to hear that acne isn't the only skin concern that Vitamin B5 helps with. Research has shown that topical application of the nutrient increases production of fibroblasts in the dermis, plumping up this area where wrinkles would usually form.

It additionally boosts production of collagen, glycan, and elastin, which also helps your skin appear firmer and more youthful.

6. Vitamin B5 Reduces Appearance of Dark Spots

Many of us may enjoy getting our Vitamin D, but not the resulting dark spots from solar exposure. Also, especially for us acne-prone persons, pigmentation spots often occur on sites where pimples were, even after they have healed.

Eliminate Dark Spots Using Vitamin B5

Good news! Vitamin B5 also helps in the synthesis of Glutathione, and its antioxidant properties prevent melanin synthesis on the skin by binding free radicals and peroxides. By stopping the formation of melanin, this reduces the amount of dark spots on your face.

7. Vitamin B5 Can Be Found From Various Sources

And guess what? It isn't hard to get Vitamin B5 into your system. This nutrient is widely found in meat, fish, grains, dairy products, legumes and vegetables. Remember though that the vitamin can get lost in processing (such as canning, freezing, milling and even boiling) as it is water-soluble. To ensure adequate intake, foods should be eaten fresh rather than refined.

Before and After Vitamin B5 Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

Aside from absorbing it through our meals, Vitamin B5 also can be topically applied for maximum beauty impact. 

In fact, Agent L's Vitamin B5 facials at Apple Queen Beauty helped her overcome her lifelong struggle with acne. 

Want to find out about her experience? Read more below!

Agent L's Facial Experience

Hi! I'm Agent L, and I've been dealing with acne for as long as I can remember. I used to hate taking photos and sometimes going out at all, as I felt those blemishes would be the focus of everyone's attention. 

Wanting to make a change, I visited various facial salons, including some very well known ones that buy lots of radio ads, and signed up for their packages.

Here's how my face looked after 15 sessions with one of these so-called industry bigwigs. 

Severe Pimples Before Vitamin B5 Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

No, my skin did not improve - Not even after I splurged on the far-from-cheap products they kept asking me to buy and following their instructions to the T. 

I was made to think that there was no hope for my complexion ever clearing up.

I didn't want to give up though. I came across Beauty Undercover and stumbled upon articles featuring Apple Queen Beauty.

Could they help me? I decided to pay them a visit.

Apple herself was the one who attended to me on that virgin visit. She shared that the salon had helped a lot of customers with skin conditions like mine, and explained every step of the recommended procedure in detail. When it got to the actual procedure, she spent more than 3 hours - far above and beyond the normally allotted time - on my first facial, making sure that my skin was deeply and thoroughly cleansed. Though the extractions were admittedly painful, what impressed me was a visible difference in my skin immediately after the facial. Most of my existing whiteheads and blackheads had been cleared! With a spark of hope ignited, I decided to keep going back to Apple. 

Here's how my face looked last month, just before my 7th session with them: 

Adult Acne Before Facial at Apple Queen Beauty
Improvement After 7 Sessions of Vitamin B5 Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

While my acne hasn't completely gone yet, LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE!

This is the clearest my face has been in a long time. When I first visited, my face was sensitive, pimple-packed and really dry. After 6 consistent visits to Apple (all before the Circuit Breaker, mind you), the above conditions have improved tremendously. 

Improvement After 7 Sessions of Vitamin B5 Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

As for the remaining acne, I have to disclaim that most of it popped up during the Circuit Breaker when I was unable to go for my regular facials. Also, the mandated mask-wearing has made my chin area more warm and moist and a more ideal breeding ground for acne. 

That's why I immediately returned to Apple Queen Beauty once facial salons were allowed to reopen in Phase 2. 

Since I had waited for that moment so long, indulge me while I take you through my long-awaited facial experience in detail - hopefully it will be able to help my fellow blemished babes out there too.

Step 1: Cleansing, then Extraction

The facials at Apple Queen Beauty are always custom-tailored to suit customers' needs and the current condition of their skin, but usually follow a broad outline.

We always start with a good cleanse to remove any dirt, sweat and product from my face.

Then, they move on to what I feel is the most imporant part: Extractions.

*Viewer's discretion is advised for the following pictures - If you're squeamish,  skip to Step 3 to avoid close-up extraction images. However, if you love watching pimple-popping videos, treat these as a fix.*

Apple strongly believes in thorough extractions because you have to remove any existing blockage in your clogged pores before your skin can truly heal, regenerate and be able to absorb products. Also, allowing impurities to remain in your pores long term can lead to scarring cystic acne.

Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Apple  is very systematic in her extractions and usually begins from the forehead, making her way down. 

This step can seriously hurt, but I've witnessed up close and personal the huge difference it can make. While other salons usually take under 20 minutes in total on extractions due to time constraints or the customer's pain tolerance, Apple will patiently spend up to an hour extracting every single impurity to make sure your skin is as clear as possible.

Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty
Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty
Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty
Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

She firmly believes in clearing every visibly clogged pore. Honestly, it's very hard to find a facial therapist who does this so well and exhaustively. 

Extractions near the lip area are more painful as there is a larger concentration of nerves in that region, but I always come to appreciate the clarifying effects after each appointment.

Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Apple used a ring tool,

Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

a very fine needle,

Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

and her deft, sterilised and cotton-covered fingers to complete the extractions.

Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Here's just some of the trapped gunk that was thankfully liberated from my face before it could wreak havoc.

Deep Cleansing Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Even though I didn't have many active pimples at this point, Apple was still able to extract numerous obstructions from deep within my pores which had been stopping my skin from regenerating properly prior to this visit.

Step 3: Repair and Hydration

Then, once my face was deep-cleansed and primed to absorb nutrients, it was time to nourish it.

Apple shared that this part of the process is always customised for the client. Based on her diagnosis, the best formula for me was the Vitamin B5 Booster. This is one power-packed concoction, rich in the above vitamin thanks to its combination of healing plant essences including seaweed, mint, geranium, bergamot, as well as the anti-inflammatory magic of tea tree oil; all marvelously fused together using glacier water as a carrier. It also included a concentration of hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid in the serum, to simultaneously help create a protective barrier against harmful substances and aid in the absorption of nutrients. Other than preventing further breakouts, I was assured the liquid would also boost my skin's moisture content and lighten acne marks.

Application of Vitamin B5 Booster at Apple Queen Beauty

I love how it really reduces swelling and redness so I don't look like I've just stepped out of a facial when I meet my friends for food.

Vitamin B5 Booster Reduce Swelling and Redness After Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

A special machine was also used to help the product penetrate deep into my skin.

Special Machine for Better Skin Absorption at Apple Queen Beauty

Its cool, clean surface further helped calm and flatten any residual swelling and return my skin to its normal shade.

Special Machine for Better Skin Absorption at Apple Queen Beauty

Step 4: Soft mask

Of course, that wasn't the only calming treatment: It was time for the soft mask.

Application of Soft Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

With my skin soaking up the booster solution, Apple sealed it all in with a specialized mask to further add long-lasting moisture. The smooth coconut fibres in the mask felt soft and soothing, and unlike some other mask materials, didn't cause irritation to my skin..

Application of Soft Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

More hydration means my skin's protective barrier gets an additional boost.

Step 5: Nutrition Mask

And that wasn't even all. The last step in the facial is a hardening mask used to really lock in all the goodness from the ingredients before. It also contains cucumber essence, which has great anti-oxidant properties and a brightening effect.

Soothing Peel Off Mask at Apple Queen Beauty
Soothing Peel Off Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

Knowing that my chin is very sensitive, Apple swapped the ingredients out there, and applied a chin mask made of wheatgrass, with additional rejuvenative properties. As Apple explained, Wheatgrass heals scars, making my acne scars less obvious.

Soothing Peel Off Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

This final step in the pampering procedure helped my pores appear smaller and added glow to my now moisturized skin.

Overall Thoughts

The fact that Apple was able to make such a wonderfully visible difference in my complexion from the first to the seventh visit is an indiputable testament to her skill and knowledge. I also love the confidence she engendered every step of the way, answering all my questions, reassuring me about my concerns and in general, is truly caring. As a bonus, if ever I felt like I was not given a thorough cleanse, Apple freely informed me that they provide an optional and free touch-up session within 3-5 days after my original one. I was impressed at their genuine commitment to making sure each customer receives the best treatment possible.

For anyone who is facing acne issues, I would highly recommend coming here. Not only has my skin cleared up significantly - I am also less prone to breakouts, which explains why I survived the circuit-breaker as well as I did!

Also, Apple is always generous in sharing home skincare tips with customers, such as using aloe vera products to help keep your skin hydrated after a facial.

I'm a loyal customer and I know I'll remain one for many months and years to come.

Keen to give the above facial a try? More salon details are provided at Apple Queen Beauty .

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