Who says Purple Hair Colour looks Ah Lian? This Hair Salon in Tampines refreshed Agent G's hair with Low-Damage Joico Purple Hair Colour!

Published on May 05, 2017

Hi I'm Agent G, Chief Editor for Beauty Undercover.

Thanks to the nature of Beauty Undercover, I get the chance to try many different services from various hair salons. I'm however very careful with my hair. I do lots of research and only permit the very best hairstylists to touch my hair... because I just can't afford to kill it! 

I've however been shying away from bleaching my hair because I was worried about how bleaching will affect my future perms. Advancements in Digital Perm technology with the introduction of special perm chemicals like Tokio de Sinka have however made me a bit more adventurous. That's why I took the plunge to bleach my hair for the first time in December 2016 before perming and re-colouring my hair again in February 2017.

Here's how it looks like now in April 2017, after my usual blowdrying (by myself).

Still very pretty right? 

I just love how the previous hair colour faded to golden streaks that somehow accentuates my skin colour so well. 

The first bleach was also done so prettily that the highlights blends flawlessly into each other!

As much as I love this colour, I'm starting to think... 

Since my hair is already bleached, should I try another colour to "maximize" my first bleach?

(Hair colour is after all cheaper and less time-consuming than the entire process of bleach and colour!)

I don't just want to try any colour though. My hair is already very dry and damaged from all my previous chemical processes. I was therefore keen to try a low-damage hair colour that incorporates treatment within and does not cause my perm to loosen.

Having read about the wonders of Joico K-Pak before, I decided to make an appointment with Joico Colour Specialist, Natalie from Color Bar @ Full House Salon.

April 2017

You won't get the usual snazzy decor you see in Orchard here at Full House Salon. In fact, it looks and feels like a typical neighbourhood salon.

However, I don't mean it in the negative sense. The stylists here are very friendly and operate more like a family than the sometimes impersonal and overpriced stylists in Orchard. I also love the Red Dates tea that the stylists lovingly prepare for me!

(Did I mention that a haircut here costs only $20 if you don't require a hair wash?)

As requested, Natalie was the stylist who attended to me. She's this petite and pretty Vietnamese stylist who speaks Mandarin really well. 

She took a look at my hair and after some consultation, recommended me to try Lavender Ash. Lavender would neutralize the brassiness of my current hair colour. Even when it fades, it will also fade into a ashier brown.

Since i've always wanted to try lavender, I was really excited to go ahead!

FYI, Natalie is my second sister's favourite hairstylist. Due to their good skill, low price and proximity to my home, Full House Salon has actually become my sisters' favourite hair salon :D

Before she began colouring though, Natalie recommended to do some colour lightening near the roots. This will produce a highlight effect which will make my future hair regrowth look less obvious!

This however wouldn't involve bleach so don't expect the colour to be lifted too much!

She added Olaplex to the mix to minimize any damage during this lightening process. 

(This may be a neighbourhood salon but it uses the high-quality stuff!)

She also applied the colour lightener to the top half of the hair, to avoid any damage to the curls below!

Yes, I reminded her time and time again that my curls are super important to me!

OK, I look sort of like a lion while my hair gets heated to improve penetration.

BTW, did you see the red dates tea on the table? That's my second cup of the day! Haha... I love it!

Next, my hair was washed and blown dry for the next process: application of colour!

Samantha, the gorgeous co-founder of Full House Salon, arrived at the salon just in time to help out! 

That's how Full House Salon is. There's no assistants here but stylists are always helping each other out when they are available.

Soon, it was time to wash off the colour.

I was really surprised because this time, Natalie turned on the massage function for the chair. YES! The hair salon seat itself feels like an OSIM massage chair. Very comfy!

It isn't my back that is massaged though. After washing off the colour, Natalie applied an express collagen treatment and gave my scalp a very good scalp and back massage. Looks like her previous training in one of Vietnam's top scalp spas really makes a difference. Now I understand why many customers go back to her just for scalp massage!

Do however note that she uses her fingernails for the scalp massage because Natalie feels that it helps to remove dead skin cells better. You can however request for her not to do so if you're not comfortable. It's not a problem for me though!

After the hair wash, Natalie blew my hair dry. 

Can you already see the colour?

What do you think of the colour?

I was a little worried that purple will make me look ah lian at the beginning but I was really happy to see this final result. 

The colour isn't overly bright but you can definitely see the purple pigments under sunlight. Understaed and very wearable for work (suitable for me!)

Natalie mentioned that the colour will however lighten over time and fade into another beautiful ash purple.

Guess I gotta wait a few weeks to see the results!

Back at Home

This is the first time I've tried Joico Hair Colour and I must say I'm very happy with the results! My hair doesn't feel as dry and in fact it radiates with a kind of shine not seen when I use other products. Most importantly, my permed curls are holding up really well afterwards.

Looks like Joico is truly less damaging!

The hair colour however does fade so don't be surprised when you see purple pigments being washed off in the shower. You would also have to blow your hair dry before sleeping to avoid getting your pillowcase or your shirt stained with purple hair colour!

Overall Thoughts

Full House Salon may not have the luxurious ambience we see in many salons in Orchard but the stylists' skill and friendliness are on par and may even exceed some places we've been. One touch and they'll know how far your hair can go to achieve the colour you're looking for and what they need to do to help you get there. The huge number of customers coming here for colour (and haircut) is testament to their skill, popularity and value-for-money pricing.

Their popularity however means that the salon is often crowded. Even when appointments are made, you may have to wait 15 to 30 minutes before you get served.

The wait is however worth it! The final result tends to be a lasting, low-damage colour that is still professional enough to wear to work. 

I'm just glad that I don't have to travel an hour to get my hair done... 

Grateful to find this little gem in my neighbourhood!

4 Weeks Later

As I've been diligently using scalp shampoo every day, the hair colour has faded in 3 weeks!

Still, I love how the purple made my overall hair colour look less brassy than before. 

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