12 Fabulous Hairstyles to Flaunt this Hari Raya

Published on May 01, 2021

Yay, Raya is just round the corner.

While COVID-19 may put a slight damper on this year's celebrations, we are thankful that we can at least go for house-visiting even though the limit is set at 8. Still, there's an excitement in the air as we go through Ramadan prepping foods, cleaning the house and selecting new outfits for Raya. 

As busy as you are, don't forget to amp up your festive OOTD with a glamorous hairstyle to wow friends and relatives on IG. If you're in need of any hair inspo, here're some of our favourite hairstyles recommended by top stylists for Raya 2021. 

1. Classy Blonde Balayage

According to our favourite stylists from Erisu Salon, the number of ladies going for classy balayage is on the rise. 

Not surprising since balayage is one of the best ways to highlight the detail in your natural curls without requiring too much maintenance. 

You don't have to keep going back for touch-ups as the highlights are blended seamlessly to make it look super natural.

Blonde Balayage by Jeric Salon
Blonde Balayage by Jeric Salon

Image courtesy of Jeric Salon

If you want to make the balayage your own, you can even discuss with the stylist to add more than one tone of colour to create a mix of ash brown that best flatters your skin tone. 

Balayage by Ravissant

Ravissant Hair Studio @ Clementi & Tanjong Pagar

You can even try the trending airtouch balayage if you're keen!

2. Two-Tone Earloop Highlights

If you don't already know, the biggest hair trend of 2021 is said to be earloop highlights. 

Two Toned Grey Hair by Fluxus House

Agent A at Fluxus House for Two-Tone Earloop Highlights

We love this trend as we can add a pop of colour without causing too much damage to your hair. 

Plus, it's easy to hide and the small section is cheaper than bleaching your whole head.

Read more about Agent A's experience at Japanese Salon Fluxus House if you want to know how the process is like.

Those who are more adventurous can even add exotic colours in your earloop highlights, like this one from Erisu Salon.

3. Rose Gold

Still not bright enough for you?

Rose Gold Hair Colour

Image Courtesy of The Beauty Emporium at Urban Aesthetics 

This may be 2021 but Rose Gold sure isn't going anywhere. 

Rose Gold Hair Colour
Rose Gold Hair Colour

Images courtesy of Hairlux Salon @ Katong

Especially if you have pink undertone, the rose gold can flatter your complexion and make you stand out from the crowd. 

The following colour may not look anything like rose gold but this ash grey, we hear, has also been very popular these days. 

Ash Grey Hair Colour by Hairlux
Ash Grey Hair Colour by Hairlux

Images courtesy of Hairlux Salon @ Katong

Not surprising perhaps since Hairlux Salon is offering unlimited hair colours and bleaching at $258!

A pretty good deal, we think. 

4. Teal

We don't often see this but sport this colour and you're sure to grab attention from friends all over. 

Short Green Hair Colour

Image Courtesy of Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

5. Infused Highlights

If creative colours are not your thing, the combination of highlights and low-lights can possibly help you amp up your style without looking too over.

Brown Lowlights by Fluxus House
Brown Lowlights by Fluxus House

Images Courtesy of Fluxus House

Plus, they help to lighten your overall complexion and flatter your curls really well too! 

These highlights from Japanese Salon Fluxus House are a sure-fire way to lighten up your overall complexion. 

According to Curly Hair Specialist Ann's Studio, you can even mix different tones of brown in a technique called colour infusion to add dimension to your curls! 

Blonde Highlights on Curly Hair by Ann's Studio

Image Courtesy of Ann's Studio

Don't you just love the burst of colours?

Of course, you can also opt for subtler highlights if you wish.

Subtle Highlights For Curly Hair by No. 8 Hair Studio

Image Courtesy of No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

The point here is not to make the colour too obvious but to add texture and shine.

You'd be surprised at what a slight brown hue can do to your overall look!

6. Edgy Ombre

For those looking to buck the balayage trend, there's always the edgy, low-maintenance ombre that gets you looking classy.

Low Maintenance Blonde Ombre

Image Courtesy of The Beauty Emporium at Urban Aesthetics 

All you need to do is to pair your ombre with your LBD (little black dress) for ultimate impact. 

7. No-Bleach Brown

While many of the above colours require bleaching, there are still a number of us who prefer not to damage our hair too much. 

No Bleach Brown Hair Colour by The Beauty Emporium

Image Courtesy of The Beauty Emporium at Urban Aesthetics 

If that's the case, a no-bleach brown may be what we're looking for to give our hair a perk-me-up. 

We spotted a really good deal at Erisu Salon with Cut and Colour at $188 and Creative Colour at $288, so don't say we bojio!

Otherwise, you can always try for a Japanese hair salon below $100 for all hair length

8. Bob Haircut

Find yourself lamenting about the heat these days?

Short Bob Haircut
Short Bob Haircut

Image courtesy of Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Get a bob haircut from Be Salon and show off your gorgeous jawline without losing an ounce of femininity. 

Bob Haircut Be Salon Millenia

Image courtesy of Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

For those of you blessed with straight hair, you can choose to make a statement with a blunt bob.

Bob Haircut by No. 8 Hair Studio

Image Courtesy of No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

The clean cuts and crisp lines are sure to add points to your style.

If you're worried about looking too fierce, just remember to add a colour!

Straight haired girls are not the only one who can go for a bob.

Very often, your natural hair texture adds to your character... if you can find a curly hair specialist like Ann's Studio!

9. Pixie Haircut

Want to go even shorter?

Pixie Haircut by The Beauty Emporium

Image Courtesy of The Beauty Emporium at Urban Aesthetics 

The pixie cut packs a punch in style as it reveals more of your face and brings out your natural badass personality. 

Even if your hair is naturally curly, you can still pull off this style as long as your find the right stylist to shape it in place. 

10. Violet Undercut

We know we've been featuring quite a bit for the girls but hey, we aren't forgetting about you boys. 

Men Undercut with Violet Hair Colour

Image Courtesy of Salon 5 Hair Salon @ Katong

Consider going bold with a clean side shave, and if that's not enough, add a pop of violet. 

The confidence you have in pulling off this metrosexual colour will definitely get us girls looking.

11. Fringe Highlights 

Men Fringe Highlights by Kenaris Salon
Men Fringe Highlights by Kenaris Salon

Image Courtesy of Kenaris Salon

Find the violet too bright for you and wish to match your partner's balayage highlights?

This fringe highlight is designed just for you! It brings out a sophistication and style that still looks work-friendly... highly recommended!

12. Korean Men's Perm

We know your hair is already textured but it may not be easy making your hair grow the way you want it to. 

Korean Men's Perm

Image Courtesy of No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

If you're hoping to look a bit more like a Kpop star, getting a men's perm this Raya may just make you the talk of the town. 

12. Hair Tattoo 

Men Hair Tattoo by No. 8 Hair Studio

Image Courtesy of No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

If your hair is short and you don't want to go crazy with colour, hair tattoos can be an interesting addition to Raya 2021.

What do you think of the above Raya hairstyle ideas?

Check out promotions for Raya (and Mothers' Day) at these salons here to stretch your dollar!

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