5 Reasons Why You Should Stick to Ash Brown Hair Colour in Singapore

Published on Nov 21, 2019

Festive season may be coming but there's a number of us who just don't feel like bleaching our hair. 

Call us lazy, cheapo or whatever, we just don't feel like dealing with the dry tangled hair that comes with bleach. Fortunately though, not bleaching your hair doesn't mean that you have to look boring. More and more people are going for ash brown and here are the 5 reasons why!

1. It's Easy to Wear and Easier to Maintain

Ash shades have been popular for a long time but there's a reason why they are here to stay. Work-appropriate, ash browns are very wearable whether at work or after and still look more interesting compared to a classic black or brown.

Ash Brown Hair Colour

Best of all, the maintenance required is minimal. They fade slower than bright colours so you'll find that they can last for months and you do not have to rush back to the salon when it starts to fade because there is no obvious line.

2. You Don't Have to Bleach Your Hair

Possibly the biggest draw of dark ash shades is that they can still show up on dark hair. Unlike ash grey, blue, purple or green that require one to three rounds of bleaching, you can do ash brown on virgin hair!

Hair Dyeing at Style NA

3. Dark Colours Are More Affordable

Because you don’t need to bleach your hair and spend hours in the salon, this translates to a lower price tag! Of course, salons all have a different menu but it’ll definitely be cheaper than crazy colours.

4. Ash colours flatters many skin tones

Whether you are fair or dark skinned, there are plenty of shades of ash brown to choose from. Hence, you can definitely find one that flatter your skin tone!

Ash Brown Hair Colour

5. Darker Ash Colours makes your hair look less damaged

If you've bleached your hair several times, you may start hearing comments from people around you to "do something about your hair".

Colouring it dark will eliminate those comments altogether as your hair won't look as damaged!

No Damage Ash Brown Colour

To show you how flattering ash brown can be, we follow Agent Y as she gets her hair coloured by Korean stylists at Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade!

Agent Y Chooses to Stay Dark with Ash Brown

Hi, I'm Agent Y. I'm Korean and am currently studying in MDIS Singapore. 

I know a lot of people expect students to go for bright crazy colours but not me.  

Before Hair Dyeing

I prefer to go for a more natural dark-haired look that I feel better accentuate my complexion.

The last time I did my hair was in Korea 6 months ago. 

Before Hair Dyeing

As my roots was starting to grow out, I'm wondering if I should go for another colour in Singapore. It was then my friend alerted me about this makeover opportunity at Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade. 

Step 1: Consultation

It was my first time at Style NA @ Parkway Parade actually. I'm glad to have Korean stylist Bella attend to me as it is just so much easier conversing with her in Korean. After sharing my usual style with her, Bella suggested for me to go for a shorter cut along with colour. Given my preference to keep my hair looking healthy, she suggested to refresh my hair colour with ash brown instead of bleaching my hair to a brighter colour. 

Hair Consultation at Style NA

She showed me a number of options and explained how they would look on me. I really appreciated that she highlighted how they would look, how long they would last and how they would fade.

Hair Consultation at Style NA

Eventually, we decided on an ash brown shade that would be flattering for my skin. 

Step 2: Trim

After choosing a colour, it was time for a trim.

Hair Trimming

I didn't want to cut my hair too short so she trimmed a little and gave it some flow. 

Step 3: Colour

Time for colour! Bella prepared a ash brown dye with some lavender undertones to prevent it from turning yellow. 

Really thankful for Bella's attentiveness!

Hair Dyeing at Style NA

She carefully applied the colour throughout my hair and made sure everything was coated well.

Hair Dyeing at Style NA

All I had to do is to wait for about 30 minutes.

Hair Dyeing at Style NA

Step 4: Wash & Style

Here, the assistant helped to wash off the colour. 

Hair Dyeing at Style NA

After the relaxing shampoo and rinse, Bella blew my hair dry.

Blow Dry and Styling at Style NA Korean Hair Salon

When she was done, Bella took the effort to style my hair. 

Blow Dry and Styling at Style NA Korean Hair Salon

This is how my hair looked afterwards:

How I Look After Getting Ash Brown Hair Colour at Style NA
How I Look After Getting Ash Brown Hair Colour at Style NA

The difference is not as big on camera but my colour is actually alot more even and ashy in person.

How I Look After Getting Ash Brown Hair Colour at Style NA
How I Look After Getting Ash Brown Hair Colour at Style NA

I also loved how the hair contours my face to make it look smaller. 

How I Look After Getting Ash Brown Hair Colour at Style NA

Can't help taking more selfies afterwards!

How I Look After Getting Ash Brown Hair Colour at Style NA

Overall Thoughts

This is my first time to a Korean salon in Singapore and I really liked the experience!

Bella was very kind every step of the way. She chatted with me and made sure I was comfortable and not bored. The hair colour she chose was also very nice! It is not very bright but... it fits the style that I always go for in my photos. That's why I took a lot more photos than usual after the colour!

I'm also very happy with her haircut for me as it flatters my face shape and make it look smaller.

I had a good time with Bella and hope to come back to her again soon!

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