Chez Vous Hair Salon Is The Best Reviewed Hair Salon For Working Professionals in Singapore

Published on Sep 30, 2020

There are many salons out there that can do Instagrammable hair colours of pink, purple and grey but that's not what most of us are looking for. Those hair colours are nice to look at but mostly impractical and far too expensive in terms of money AND time to maintain. 

Our requirement is simple: JUST MAKE ME LOOK GOOD. 

No ugly surprises at the end of the service or tell me that my hair has been severely compromised and the result I want cannot be achieved after seating for 3 – 4 hours when you should have been honest and upfront with me during consultation on what suits me; or can or cannot be achieved given my hair condition.

I do not have high-risk appetite when it comes to my hair because I simply can’t afford it given my commitments at work and home.

If you're like us, here is an ideal hair salon for you! Having gone down to so many hair salons, Chez Vous is the one we've most often recommended for Kiasee Perfectionist Working Professionals. For readers who are curious on why we're always so assured about Chez Vous Hair Salon, here are the 10 reasons why:

1. Chez Vous has Won THE MOST Hair Awards among Hair Salons in Singapore

We aren't the only one who find Chez Vous a cut above the rest.

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Their list of awards for the past 2 years alone is seriously extensive:

  • Harper's Bazaar Hair Awards 2019: Best Hair Salon for Short Haircuts
  • Harper's Bazaar Hair Awards 2019: Best Hair Salon for Hair Coloring 
  • The Singapore Women's Weekly Hair Awards 2019: Best Hair Salon for Balayage
  • The Singapore Women's Weekly Hair Awards 2019: Best Nourishing Treatment for Damaged Hair
  • Her World Hair Awards 2019: Best Innovative Hair Salon Concept - Chez Vous: HideAway
  • Her World Hair Awards 2019: Best Repairing Treatment for Chemically Damaged Hair
  • The Singapore Women's Weekly Hair Awards 2018: Best Hair Salon for Hair Coloring 
  • The Singapore Women's Weekly Hair Awards 2018: Best Hair Salon for Haircut
  • Harper's Bazaar Hair Awards 2018: Best Hair Coloring Service
  • Her World Hair Awards 2018: Best Hair Salon for Balayage
  • Top Hair Salons for Expats and Highlights according to Expat Living Editors: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Top Hair Salons for Men's according to Expat Living Editors: 2016, 2017, 2018

As you can see, this luxury boutique salon has clinched SO MANY awards and accolades over the years by many different magazines, online platforms and so on. Having tried their services ourselves, we can confidently tell you that it lives up to every single award earned!

2. The Stylists Here Know What They Are Talking About

Many stylists are good at basic services like haircut but ask them about the reasons why certain advanced treatments compare to each other and how it is customized to my hair and you've got them talking gibberish.

That doesn't really happen here at Chez Vous. All the stylists here are hair directors with more than 10 years of experience or are exceptionally skilled in their area of expertise (rumours have it that they have the most stringent stylist selection process in the market). In fact, a number have founded salons in the past and have reached the pinnacle of their career as hair directors. While experience is not necessarily equivalent to skill, it negatively correlates with the number of mistakes made, making the stylists here much LESS prone to errors. It also correlates positively with understanding of customer hair condition and product knowledge that makes any gibberish more coherent over time.

To help stylists overcome their blind spots, Chez Vous also insists that all their stylists go for consistent training. Here, the number of hours spent on training here is more than twice the average salon.

Chez Vous Staff Training and Workshop

Hence it is no wonder why the stylists here speak with more confidence, more authority and genuine knowledge that keeps them at the top of their craft. 

Chez Vous Staff Training and Workshop

3. The Stylists here are Specialised, They Can Fix Errors Made by Other Salons

It is not easy to design a great hairstyle that is well-received by the customer but even more difficult to fix a botched hairstyle done by another stylist. 

The hair directors at Chez Vous however rise up to the challenge with their inhouse Expertligent Fix You Programme. Under this program, selected individuals can get their hair restored and reconstructed at zero cost if hair is found to be unsatisfactorily managed by other salons. 

Men's Haircut and Perm (Oscar) Before and After at Chez Vous

Rescuing a botched haircut with Chez Vous Expertligent Fix You Programme. 

This program has since been very successful. Hundreds of men and women got their lives transformed as their hair receive a new lease of life with the makeover. 

Rescued C Curve Rebonding Before After by Chez Vous

Rescuing a botched C Curve Rebonding with Chez Vous Expertligent Fix You Programme. 

Their strong ability to fix customers' hair means that in the unfortunate event that such mistakes happen within Chez Vous, they know exactly what to do to fix it. More importantly, this program acts as a deterrent to encourage their own stylists to be cautious about what could go wrong in a hair service. 

That has so far proven very effective in minimizing such occurrences within Chez Vous!

4. Strong Focus on Consultation Reduces Chances of Miscommunication

What we hate is when a stylist hurriedly comes by for a consultation and decides on a hairstyle without even bothering to hear about what I'm looking for. Chances are, mistakes will happen in such a scenario as they can't possibly tell what I want. 

With well-spaced appointments, such problems are not as likely to happen at Chez Vous. In fact, consultation time is highly prized as stylists take sufficient time to get to know each customer, their wants and their needs before arriving at a hair design. Chez Vous has also been working on various ways to make consultation more thorough and standardized across hairstylists. 

Hair Consultation at Chez Vous

With such emphasis on consultation, the eventual hairstyle is much more likely to turn out well.

Hair Colour and Perm by Chez Vous

5. Most of Their Regular Customers are MDs and Bosses with Little Room for Risk-taking

We have met a number of stylists who like to encourage customers to try something brighter, something dramatic so that you can "see a change". You see, hair is just one part of my life. I'm not going to risk jeopardizing what my boss thinks of me just because I want to do something different. 

Work-Friendly Haircut for Professional Ladies by Chez Vous

Haircut and Colour

At Chez Vous, the stylists understand that and don't pressure you into doing services you don't want to do. After all, they have a lot of MDs and management executives who come here for a hair service. Even before you open your mouth to ask for a sophisticated stylish hair design, the stylists here already have an inkling about what you can or cannot do for your hair given your workplace. 

Workplace Hairstyles by Chez Vous

6. Err on the Side of Caution

Due to the many high-level executives who come here for their hair service, the stylists here tend to err on the side of caution.

In a situation that requires them to choose between instagram-worthy damaged hair vs sophisticated but less vibrant, stylists here tend to go for the more conservative sophistication vs bright pink and blue. As much as they want to create beautiful hair colours, they are more concerned about the long term implications on the health of your hair and your ease in maintenance. 

Healthy Hair After Hair Colouring at Chez Vous

This does not mean boring, however. Many of the stylists here are sticklers for detail and are able to bring across much creativity within the boundaries by exploring the subtleties of the colours for unique hair designs that are classy and stylish, like the Chocolate Cake Hair above or the Cold Brew Hair below!

Stylish Coffee Coloured Hair by Chez Vous

7. The Stylists With Diverse Skill Sets Work Closely With Each Other For Best Results

There are stylists which are generally well versed across all services but most are stronger in a specific hair service. A stylist who has a lot of European customers would be generally stronger in Caucasian hair colouring vs another stylist who has relatively few European customers. 

Hair Service for Caucasians by Chez Vous

A stylist who enjoys perm will also tend to design better perms and be stronger with diagnosing level of damage and type of perm required. 

Before and After Perm by Chez Vous

What we like about Chez Vous is that the stylists work very closely together with their diverse skills. 

Purple Hair Colour by Chez Vous

Hence, when a customer requests for a service that they feel can be better done by another stylist, the regular stylist will tend to seek help from other "experts". It is therefore rather common for some stylists to recommend others for a specific service or even work together to achieve a beautiful hair result at Chez Vous. 

8. Continuous Innovation

Hair Botox for Frizzy Hair by Chez Vous

Before vs After Hair Botox + Fillers

Skilled hairstylists alone are not what make Chez Vous one of the best salons in Singapore. From Trilogy System to Hair Botox + Fillers, Chez Vous  salon itself stays on top of its game by continuously innovating revolutionary hair treatments that cater to the modern-day woman’s desire for beautiful, fuss-free and manageable hair.  

Beyond managing the salon really well, the management often goes overseas to procure the latest hair treatments and products from USA, Japan and Korea. They stress-test these treatments on every type of hair they can try it on and train all its stylists really well before introducing it to customers. That is why Chez Vous is possibly the salon that offers the LARGEST RANGE of hair treatments in Singapore. If you have heard about it somewhere, chances are, you'll find it in Chez Vous. In fact, they also carry a large number of "secret proprietary treatments" you can't find anywhere else. Hence, this is the first place we always think of when we need a hair rescue, thanks to their knowledgeable stylists and a strong arsenal of treatments. 

Their latest treatment is the Sugar Hair Lamination that'll make your hair look this good:

Sugar Hair Lamination by Chez Vous

The secret ingredients in the Sugar Hair Lamination have even won the Gold Award for Best Excipient at the In-Cosmetics Show in Europe!

Click on to find out about the process of the spanking new treatment!

9. Positive Reviews and Word-Of-Mouth

With awesome stylists, top-quality products and strong management in place, it is no wonder why Chez Vous is consistently rated top in Beauty Undercover. 

Chez Vous Customer Ratings

Review listing as of 27 April 2020

Take a look at their page and you'll be amazed by the number of reviewers who have given it a positive rating. More than 99% of them love and are happy with the experience here with less than 1% of reviewers rating Chez Vous so-so and below. That's a record especially for a salon as frequently reviewed as Chez Vous and is a testament of their hard work at minimizing any negative experiences by customers. 

Good Customer Review of Chez Vous Hair Salon
Good Customer Review of Chez Vous Hair Salon
Good Customer Review of Chez Vous Hair Salon
Good Customer Review of Chez Vous Hair Salon

So many customers sing praises to all the stylists!

10. Management Take Feedback Seriously and Make Steps to Improve

There are times when miscommunication and technical errors happen despite the best of efforts simply because Chez Vous stylists are human too. Don't worry though. Even on the occasion that mistakes happen, they have a dedicated service manager who will follow up with you after each service. They have a 10 day service guarantee, so customers are welcome to come back anytime within the 10 days to get your hair fixed without any additional charges. 

They don't dismiss the feedback and actively seeks to incorporate the feedback into future training, sharing and innovating sessions. Some of the feedback that has been made into reality in recent years include their upgraded beverage menu as well as numerous treatment upgrades such as Hair Botox, Express Revitalizing Supreme with Collagen, Amplified Hair Treats with PH Balance and incorporated S-Ion technology during hair wash to remove bacteria and toxins.   

Do you understand why Chez Vous Hair Salon is our favourite recommendation for friends who are kiasee about their hair now? 

While they are not perfect, the Chez Vous team takes every customer seriously so we are sure that your hair is in good hands if you head over to Chez Vous Hair Salon!

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