This is One Skincare Secret That Reduced Agent G's Pimples Massively... that no one told you about!

Published on Jul 13, 2018

Agent G recently made a slight change in her skincare routine and was ecstatic to find her pimple situation very much in control afterwards

And the change is... 


It is not new but when it comes to deep cleansing, clay based skincare products have become a recent cult favourite. 

This earthy goodness is effective in absorbing excess oil and clearing out clogged pores to leave skin smooth, taut and healthy, a reason why many top award-winning facials including facials at Face Plus by Yamano and Organics Beauty use clay instead of extractions to clarify the skin. 

Read on to find out what type of clay we are referring to and the benefits that come with clay cleansing. 

Types of clay

There are many types of clay but the ones we usually see in skincare products are:

1. Kaolinite - Kaolin clay is a soft, naturally occurring clay that is gentle and isn't over-drying. Its gentle properties make it suitable for those with sensitive skin, offering a mild exfoliation with moderate to high absorption powers, depending on the colour of the clay (red has the strongest absorbing powers while white is the most gentle).

2. Sea Mud - Dead Sea Clay is typically used in masks and body wraps at spas. Rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sulfate, sea mud absorbs excess oil and clarifies the skin. It is particularly helpful for those with skin irritation and redness as it aides in skin regeneration, smoothes the skin's outer layer and encourages relaxation.

Both kaolinite and sea mud work such that they trap dirt and oil on the skin in the crevices and holes on their surface. This removes impurities gently but thoroughly!

Illustration on Cleansing Power of Clay

3. Bentonite - Bentonite clay is a super absorbing clay and probably the most popular clay used as masks. It does wonders for oily skin as its high absorption properties allows it to suck out all the gunk and excess sebum in pores. When mixed with water, the molecules become charged and the clay acts like a magnet, pulling out toxins from your face. Bentonite has a lot of layers so these toxins or impurities are then trapped between layers. 

As bentonite is rich in moisture, it can remove dirt and skin oil while depositing moisture at the same time. 

Illustration on Cleansing Power of Clay

This is why bentonite clay masks are so popular, especially amongst those with oily and acne prone skin.

Benefits of using clay cleansers

Although clay masks are more commonly used as part of a beauty routine, let's face it, there are times where we give our facial appointments a miss or are simply too lazy to keep up with weekly DIY clay masks.

Thankfully, masking is not the only way we can reap the amazing benefits of clay! It's as simple as switching over to clay cleansers and your skin that can make a huge difference in maintaining a healthy and happy skin. 

1. Clay Cleansers Draw out impurities from skin more effectively

Clay cleansers cleanse more deeply, drawing out impurities. Its powerful absorbing capabilities allow the clay to stick and draw out dirt and extra sebum in your pores, something which ordinary oil cleansers or foam cleansers lack.

Agent G switched to Doronko White Clay after going for a facial at Face Plus by Yamano and found that the regular acne that she experienced every month reduced dramatically. 

She began reading more about it and found out about how Doronko Clay was inspired from Fangotherapy decades ago when Aiko Yamano saw how clay was used to heal people from skin diseases. Since then, she has experimented with different types of clay to create the now signature clay for Doronko. 

Doronko Signature Clay Experiment Purify Water

Apparently, Doronko Clay is so good at a teaspoon of the ingredients in Doronko Clay can purify even drainage water. 

Needless to say, the Doronko Clay is one of Agent G's prized skincare stash when she recently went for a vacation in Japan!

(She specially visited a Face Plus by Yamano outlet to purchase the Doronko Clay and the Yamano Bidou Lotion at prices about 15% lower than Singapore :P It was really hard to find because they only sell the Doronko Clay at Face Plus by Yamano outlets and sadly, its not tax-free.

If you're not going to Japan any time soon, you may want to wait till Face Plus by Yamano runs their inhouse product promotions as prices are similar to Japan's prices then! )

Face Plus by Yamano at Sapporo

Face Plus by Yamano in Sapporo. 

Side comment: See how good her skin is! Apparently this Japanese lady is reaching 40 soon but she certainly doesn't look her age (maybe because she uses Yamano products daily?)

2. Clay Cleansers Are Gentle for Everyday Use

When we think of deep cleansing, most of us usually think of exfoliators or peels that remove a layer of dead skin to reveal fresher and brighter skin. Effective as these treatments may be in their own ways, they are not recommended for everyday use as they may harsh on the skin.

Clay cleansers, on the other hand, are gentle enough for everyday use and still offer similar benefits that you will get from exfoliating.

This is especially so if you suffer from sensitive or oily skin; using clay cleansers on a daily basis will help to control the excess oil without irritating your skin. Instead of going for extraction facials, good clay cleanser can actually help bring impurities out of your skin without the use of painful extractions!

No Extraction Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

No Extraction Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

3. The Right Clay Cleansers Will Deliver the Much-Needed Moisture and Minerals to the skin.

Clay cleansers are rich in minerals and retain moisture. So while it works to absorb extra oil, your skin won't be left feeling dry as it will also deliver moisture and mineral to heal your skin - in fact, it will leave your skin feeling taut and smooth.

Not all clay cleansers will make you feel that way, unfortunately. Agent G previously tried Clay Cleansers from Korean brands but found them drying. Doronko Clay Cleanser seems to be an exception because of its unique mix. Of course, this may not be the only brand that does that, so do experiment and check around to get the right clay cleanser for you!

Regardless, do remember to follow up with a good moisturizer to replenish the moisture lost throughout the day. 

4. Clay Cleansers are Suitable for All Skin Types

Though clay cleansers are typically ideal for those with acne and oily skin types, and these skin types see a huge difference after switching to clay cleansers, its benefits are not only limited to a specific skin type or skin concern.

Anyone can use clay cleansers and experience a healthy glow as it is gentle and suitable for everyday use.

Credits: Sweetpots Review on Doronko Clay

5. Clay Cleansers Help Maintain the effects of a facial

Ever encountered the post-facial glow fading away just a few days after your appointment? How you care for your skin after a facial play a huge part in maintaining the benefits.

Your skincare routine shouldn't just stop at monthly facials. Investing in a clay cleansers is one way to prolong the facial glow as clay  cleanses your skin from impurities daily, preventing dirt and excess sebum from clogging your pores.

This is one skin secret that SAHM uses religiously to keep her skin looking amazing for weeks after the facial!

Kohako Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

Kohako Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

This may mean that you don't have to go for that facial so often (says cheapo Agent G)!

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