10 Reasons Why Darker Hair Colours are Trending NOW

Published on Mar 28, 2018

Ashy hues, platinum, and pastels have had their fame. Light colours have been trending for quite awhile but now it seems like it is time for dark hair colours to shine. 

Here are 10 reasons why darker hair colours are becoming more popular in recent months!

1. Celebrities' hair are turning darker

Instagram @gal_gadot

Lately, we've been seeing many famous faces going for dark tresses. As these faces often set the bar for what's trending and what's not, perhaps it's time we take the hint and ditch light colours for one that's more intense. Our favourite Wonder Woman Gal Gadot just looks amazing in her dark brunette hair. Kim Kardashian too moved from cotton candy pink to dark locks.

Instagram @kimkardashian

Not just hollywood stars though, even the K-pop realm is going darker too. All the girls in BlackPink had darker hair colours while filming their show 'BlackPink House' and they have kept the dark hair 'til now. Lisa went from blonde to dark orange hair to brown. Jisoo swapped her brown for a deep purple that looked gorgeous and now she's back to brown.

Instagram @blackpinkofficial

2. Dark Colours make you look more professional

CNY is officially over and there goes an excuse you can use for getting brighter hair.

You may sense your boss starting to pressure you to turn your hair colour dark simply because bright colours are socially seen as less professional, especially if it is not maintained well. 

Before and After Dark Hair Colour at Flamingo

Flamingo Hair Studio

Given that there aren't as many events to go for (e.g. weddings, holidays), it may be better to turn dark now and bleach your hair closer to November so that you still look professional most of the year... right?

For students who are graduating from school soon, it is also time for you to colour your hair dark to prepare for all those interviews.

3. Dark Ash Hair Colours are stealing the limelight from its lighter cousins

We used to think of only black or brown when we think of dark colours, but now, bleaching selectively has now allowed us to see a new range of dark colours we've never seen before. Some of these colours are in fact getting more popular and trendier than its lighter cousins. 

Here are some examples:

Platinum grey has given way to the most popular ash hair colour we've seen lately: Metallic Matte Ash Grey!

It is so popular that so many hair colours have been doing a similar rendition with slightly different tones. 

Ash Grey Hair Colour by Full House

Full House Salon

Grey Hair Colour by Style NA

Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Of course, grey isn't the only colour. Pink appears to have given way to the darker more sophisticated Rose Gold.

Dark Red Hair Colour by No. 8 Hair Studio

 No. 8

Purple to its more manageable Lavender Brown.

Chez Vous Hair Salon

And denim blue to a more natural blue-black. 

Metallic Dark Blue Hair Colour

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

The emergence of these darker ash colours has given ladies like us who are not so loud and yet wish to have a difference in colour, more colour choices to think about!

4. Dark Hair Colours require less bleaching

Many of these dark hair colours you see earlier STILL need bleaching but they often require one or two fewer rounds of bleaching.

Dark Ash Hair Colour

Risel Japanese Hair Salon

This means shinier, healthier hair that doesn't look as damaged!

Dark Ash Hair Colour on Long Straight Hair

COVO Japanese Hair Salon

5. Dark Hair Colours tend to fade more slowly and gorgeously

Gorgeous Faded Dark Brown Hair Colour

Bump Japanese Hair Salon @ River Valley

When your hair is not bleached as many times, it will fade more slowly. This means that your darker ash colours will last for a longer period of time! 

Unlike bright pastel colours that may last for only 1-2 weeks, a darker balayage can possibly last for 2 months or more if u maintain your locks well. 

6. It is lighter on your wallet.

No Bleach Ash Hair Colour by AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon

Many dark hair colours don't require bleaching and this can reduce the price dramatically since bleaching can cost more than $100 each time. 

This means that you can get many trending dark ash colours at less than $100... if you know where to go.

7. You can even achieve some Dark Ash Hair Colours without going to the hair salon

If you've coloured your hair once before, it is easier to refresh your hair colour back to the dark ash hair colour as opposed to your bright colours via the use of colour shampoos. 

Brown Hair Colour with Shampoo

Agent G achieved this brown from a colour depositing shampoo!

If you bleached your hair previously and are looking to go dark but don't want to damage your hair break further or spend more money, this is a good option. Some colour shampoos, like the one Agent G regularly uses even today, including lots of treatments within so it doesn't dry your hair out! You also need to use it just about once to twice a week to avoid your hair from becoming brassy. 

8. You can do a Perm and Colour at the same time... if your dark colour doesn't require bleaching!

Perm connoisseurs know how bleaching and perming simply do not mix. Even though there are solutions right now that allow you to perm bleached hair, the eventual perm will still not be as bouncy and long lasting when compared with healthy hair. 

You can add some highlights

or some balayage highlights without bleach to enhance the curls.

Dark Brown Hair Colour by picasso

Balayage Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

No matter what colour you choose, your stylist will most likely recommend a dark colour because this requires less bleaching and would, therefore, affect your curls less!

9. You can dive, swim and go for scalp treatments without worrying about hair colour fading fast!

A pastel blue like this may look ethereally pretty...

Ash Purple Hair Colour by Leekaja

Grey Purple by Leekaja

However, it does mean that you can't join your friends at Adventure Cove, a diving trip in the Maldives or even go for a scalp treatment because the hair colour will fade really quickly. 

With dark ash colours, you have less of that issue because you don't need to bleach it!

10. Look put together in less time

We're not saying that light vibrant hair makes you look like a mess, but lighter hair usually requires more styling. For instance, having platinum hair usually means you have to wear makeup to prevent your hair from making you look washed out and pale, Less styling also means less time spent, so you don't just save time in a salon, but at home too. 

Natural Dark Brown Hair Colour

Kenaris Hair Salon

It seems like you get to save time, effort and money when you have darker hair. Do you agree?

Have you decided to join the dark side too?

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