10 Reasons Why You Prefer Female Hairstylists to Male Stylists

Published on Apr 25, 2018

Nope, we're not trying to start an all-out war here but some of us just PREFER female stylists. Here may be some reasons why!

P.S. These are just generalizations and not gospel truths! Hence, feel free to share your opinions about whether you agree or disagree below!

1. Female stylists are more easily relatable... if you're female

I don't know about you but as a female, I relate more easily to female hairstylists than I do with male hairstylists. I love seeing eye candies (male hairstylists) sometimes but I just find it hard to share our most intimate hair concerns or worries with male hairstylists vs female and this includes things like scalp concerns (a bit disgusting right... esp in front of a male stylist you may have a slight girl-crush on), desire to look a little sexy / kawaii and even the state of my relationships. You can cry on their shoulder about your recent break-up and it won't feel weird at all.

You can tell them about the funniest girl-joke and they'll just... get it! 

That's why we love our female stylists SO MUCH!

Good Female Stylist at Ann's Studio

Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

2. You enjoy a bit more conversation during the hair experience

We admit that it is a generalization but female hairstylists tend to be more chatty than male stylists on average. If you enjoy a hair experience dotted by frequent conversation that makes the hairstylist-customer relationship feel more like a genuine friendship, we'd say go for female hairstylists!

Good Female Stylist at Full House Salon

Full House Salon at Tampines

3. Female hairstylists give more applicable and practical hair care tips

Female being female, they UNDERSTAND what we have to go through every morning to get our hair looking presentable. Hence, we appreciate the tips given by female stylists more because they are so darn practical!

Female Stylist at Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis

4. Female stylists inspire you to dress and makeup better

Is it just me? Having met so many female hairstylists I find that they generally dress better. Some stylish female hairdressers who come to mind include Chiho from AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon, Yuki from Aube Japanese Hair Salon and Joyce from Chez Vous Hair Salon.

We never ever get to see their down-days because their excellent fashion sense allows them to pair their outfits and hairstyles so well that they always look bubbly, energetic and kawaii!

They are also very willing to share their fashion and hair tips during the hair experience, so you too can up your game when it comes to fashion and styling

5.  You don't feel shy when there is physical contact with your female stylists

Unevitably, there will be some physical contact with your stylist during your hair experience, possibly during hair wash, haircut and so on. Since you're both of the same gender, there is less to no awkwardness when the contact happens. For those of you who are a little more sensitive about that, this is a common reason why people choose female stylists!

Easy Physical Contact with Female Stylist

Essensuals Hairdressing @ Orchard Central

6. Female stylists tend to be less egotistical

Remember that last stylist who insisted that his haircut was right despite its OBVIOUS flaws? Many a times, that stylist is likely to be male. On average, we find that male stylists are a little more egotistical than female stylists and are slightly more unwilling to admit to their mistakes!

Do you agree?

Female Stylist at Izumi Salon

Izumi from Izumi Salon

Izumi is a good example. If there's someone who has the credentials to boast, it's gonna be Izumi. She's among the best in Singapore for haircuts and low-damage balayage colour but remains humble with zero airs!

7. Female stylists communicate better

The key thing that determines how well a hair service turns out is the consultation.

We find that female stylists TEND to be better listeners and ask more detailed questions during the consult. 

This allows for a more accurate understanding of your needs and preferences and therefore better hair outcomes!

Friendly Female Stylist at The Urban Aesthetics

Hair Illustrated @ Raffles City

8. Female hairstylists are more patient

Fussy about every detail of your hair? From our experience, female stylists are more patient in dealing with your every request so that you can get the hair you've always been dreaming about. They will listen with a smile and do all they can without showing signs of impatience... at least for a longer period of time as compared to male stylists!

Female Stylist at COVO

COVO Japanese Hair Salon

9. Female stylists care more about YOU.

While male stylists want to help you look good, it is the female stylists who go the extra mile to make us feel as if they truly care about our wellbeing (beyond our wallets). They think about how the hairstyle will work outside of the salon, remember the titbits we talked during the last conversation, be very gentle when detangling our hair, buy us dinner when the service gets really long and even give us the occasional discount when our budget is tight. 

Female Stylist at Act Point Salon

Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

When our female stylists feel more like a lovable Unnie or Mom, that's when we know we'll keep coming back!

10. You are Male, and the hairstylist is pretty. 

If the above reasons don't apply to you (and you prefer female), our guess is that you're male. Many male customers prefer looking for female hairstylists because 1. they are pretty 2. they can make guys look more attractive to females  3. they prefer the female touch during the hair service 4. they talk more gently and MAY be more gentle during the service. 

Just like how some female customers prefer a male stylist, this is understandable!

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