7 Reasons Why Galaxy Hair Colour is NOT Suitable For You

Published on Jul 05, 2017

Everyone loves rainbow and galaxy hair colours, and it's easy to understand why! It's bold, bright and brightens up otherwise dull tresses in a fashionable way.

It will have you feeling like a Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappe, but before you go tasting the rainbow, here's why you should put some serious thought into your decision ...

1. You have stick straight hair

Multi-coloured hair can look uneven and messy when it's stick straight as some stylists can’t make every colour perfectly feathered. The straight hair might accentuate the crooked lines. Ever noticed the looks you see on Instagram are usually styled with curls or slight waves? 

Galaxy Hair Colour at Picasso Hair Studio

Doesn't it look much better styled?

Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis North Bridge Rd

Unless your hair has some natural curls or waves to it, pulling off rainbow and galaxy hair colours is going to take up some extra time for styling. Naturally straight hair that lacks volume or rebonded hair might not accentuate the colours in all its glory.

2. You are low-maintenance 

High Maintenance Galaxy Hair Colour

Galaxy Hair Colour at Evolve Salon

While spending big bucks on your hair once in awhile to achieve dreamy hues can be written off as a well-deserved treat, remember that these colours are unlikely to last long.

The problem with rainbow hair is that different colours fade differently, so when it starts to fade you might be left with a less than pretty hair colour.

There are pink shampoos, purple shampoos and silver shampoos that you can use to prolong the colour, visit the salon for toning, and invest in hair care products such as serums to prevent your hair from frizzing and drying out, which is likely to happen due to the bleaching. If this sounds like too much work, then perhaps multi-coloured hair is not for you.

3. You are in a strict environment

Blue Hair Colour with Hair Tattoo at Kenaris

Hair Tattoo + Colour by Kenaris Hair Salon

Be it school, work, or home. your colourful tresses are sure to receive shocked expressions. Though some may be pleasantly surprised, others may not take too kindly to your look, especially if it goes against rules and affects your professional image. Consider the environment you are in and whether your new hair makeover will cause issues at your office your school. You wouldn't want to be forced to change your hair colour after spending all that time and money to achieve multi-coloured hair.

4. You don't like damaged hair

Galaxy Hair Colour at Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio

Though this depends on the colour you choose and how dark your existing hair is, bleaching causes damage to your hair. Imagine what multiple rounds of bleaching can do! Multi-coloured hair might look pretty and catch the attention of everyone around you, but it might not be worth it in the long run if it leaves you with damaged hair that's hard to repair and restore to a healthy state. Furthermore, you are going to need to shell out extra bucks for hair treatments during the bleaching and colour, in the subsequent months after colouring your hair.

5. You are not ready to spend big bucks on your hair

Some hair salons cap rainbow, galaxy and unicorn hair colours at a standard price while others charge additional for extra colours or extra rounds of bleaching, so the overall damage to your wallet can be extensive. We have come across prices that go up to $800!

Hence, be sure to double check with the hair salon of your choice before proceeding with the service. Going for a combo package is a more cost-effective option as these packages usually include a treatment and olaplex to protect and insure your hair against further damage.

6. You are not Bad-Ass enough

Grey and Purple Highlights at Full House Salon

Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines

Just as some of us associate black straight hair with OLs and short hair with assertive female bosses, people who dare sport galaxy hair are often seen to be bad-ass individuals with a somewhat rebellious streak.

Do you have the personality to pull off this colour?

7. You hate black clothes

Galaxy Hair Colour at 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

With such vibrant colours, you'll find that you are doomed to black or generally dark-coloured clothes to avoid clashing and taking away attention from your galaxy hair! That may not be such a bad thing if your wardrobe is mostly black.

Ultimately, ask yourself if it's worth the cost and maintenance time to spend on multi-coloured hair and touch-ups!

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