10 Reasons Why You Prefer Male Hairstylists to Female Hairdressers

Published on Apr 26, 2018

There are some who would prefer female stylists while the rest of us actually actively look for male stylists when choosing someone new. Are you one of those? We look at some reasons why male stylists edge out female stylists ...

1. Most celebrity stylists are male

Females may form the majority of hairdressers in the World but somehow the famous ones we remember always tend to be male. Top of mind, we're thinking about Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy Mascolo and Guy Tang. Even in Singapore, our most illustrious hairstylist who has been on 女人我最大 and is currently an International Ambassador for Goldwell is Ken Wong from Evolve Salon. If you check out his client list, you'll find that he's the one who is cutting and styling hair for the REAL rich Asians in Singapore. 

Celebrity Male Hairstylist

Aaron from LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Other than Ken, there is Aaron from LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon, who has styled for Korean celebrities such as Got7, Day6, and Sun Mi. We don't mean to sound sexist (we are females too!) but it just feels like the creme de la creme within the hair industry is ultimately still dominated by males. 

2. Male hairstylists are more confident

Male Hairstylist at Flamingo Hair Studio
Male Hairstylist at Flamingo Hair Studio

Flamingo Hair Studio @ Neil Rd

Skill-wise, it is really hard to say if men or females are better; after all, it boils down to talent and training. Having met so many stylists though, it is clear that male stylists are on average more confident than female hairstylists. They are comfortable with the limelight and can inspire trust from customers more easily, possibly why some of them become celebrity stylists. Confidence is a really attractive trait for a majority of customers because it makes us reassured about the hair service that is to follow; we don't want to be on the tenterhooks for 3 hours because our stylist looks unsure (even if he/she is really good).

3. Male stylists stand their ground more than female stylists

There are some stylists who do whatever you tell them to and then there are others who prefer to do things a certain way because they KNOW their way to be superior. We find that male stylist have a higher likelihood of standing their ground whereas female stylists tend to be more easy to please and listen to your requests immediately. 

Male Stylist at Kenaris

Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

There is no right or wrong approach but some of us just prefer stylists who can logically explain to us why a specific look works for us and not merely do what we tell them to. Male stylists tend to be more firm in that respect and insist on a specific methodology because they are confident about the final outcome. This confidence and decisiveness on what works best probably what makes them more favorable.

4. Male stylists are passionate about their craft

As hairdressing is more often than not, seen as an industry dominated by women. Hence, it takes more courage for males to enter the industry. This doesn't mean female stylists are not passionate or as talented. The males who enter are more likely to have thought through their strengths, their direction, and their passion more clearly, and therefore is on average more passionate about what they do. That's why we find that there are more male stylists focused on the artistic aspect, rather than just seeing it as just another job.

Male Stylist at Rubik Salon

Rubik Japanese Hair Salon @ Bukit Pasoh Rd

5. You want your hair to be styled in a way that other men like

Male Stylist at Bump Hair Design

Hair Colour at Bump Hair Design

If you're single and hoping to snag a boyfriend or just hoping to refresh your look so that your significant other will notice, consider trying a male hairstylist. The way males see beauty differs slightly from females. Hence, it is a good idea to change up your stylist once in a while to get a hairstyle that males generally find attractive, if you usually frequent a female stylist. 

6. Male stylists are more likely to be less talkative

Male Stylist at No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio

Hate the annoying small talk during the hair service? Male stylists are more likely for you. Most of the male stylists we know are conversational but not too talkative. They tend to be a little quieter and only make polite conversation. That said, this also boils down to a stylist's personality, so you might come across a male stylist who loves to indulge in a friendly chat during your hair service too.

7. You want to have some eye candy while getting your hair done 

Male Stylist at Gene by Ginrich

Gene by Ginrich @ Wisma Atria

No matter which age you're at, it's always nice to have a handsome hairstylist take care of you like an oppa and ensuring that you're comfortable all the time. Having some testosterone around is always a bonus, especially if they are good-looking, isn't it?

8. You can do some harmless flirtation with your stylist

Yes, it happens all the time though we don't talk about it. We've probably either seen it, done it or thought about it. Some harmless flirtation with your stylist will perk up your day. Just keep it light and you won't be in danger of making things awkward. 

Male Stylist at No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Chinese Garden

9. Male stylists are more humorous

Male Stylist at Mane Made

Mane Made Studio @ Hougang

Work is very stressful and going to the hair salon is one of the things some of us do to de-stress. Therefore, we particularly appreciate stylists who perk up our day with jokes, even cold and lame ones! Male stylists seem to be better at this area as they are good at laughing at themselves and amusing us with lame jokes. 

10. Male stylists know what male customers want

As male stylists themselves style their hair every morning, they know the concerns male customers have. Hence, they can better cater to their needs with a haircut that accentuate their features, hide their weaknesses and is easy to style while still looking cool and professional.

Male Stylist at Act Point Salon

Men's Perm at Act Point Salon

Do you agree with our choices or do you think female stylists are better than men? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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