11 Reasons Why You Should Try Mauve Hair Colour This Year

Published on Oct 03, 2019

Mauve is THE hair colour to try! You might think that's what everyone says about every IT colour of the season, but one look at this gorgeous soft purple, consisting a mix of grey, and blue with a hint of magenta, and you'll understand why mauve hair colour is giving everyone major heart eyes! 

Need some convincing? Here are 8 reasons why you should seriously consider getting a mauve dye job ...

1. Purple is the colour of royalt

Make your princess dreams come true by sporting mauve hair colour. Purple has been long associated with royalty and its rich bold hues exude class without being over the top.

Read about Agent G's hair colour experience here.

2. Chocolate mauve is #hairgoals

Chocolate Mauve Hair Colour by Chez Vous

Chocolate Mauve Highlights by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Not too long ago the world was crushing hard on rose gold hair. The brunette version of rose gold, chocolate mauve is slaying the hair game with its rich brown and soft pink blend. This is one trendy colour you might be able to pull off at the office and not have to worry about your hair not looking professional.

3. Mauve is the new pastel

Lavender Mauve by Leekaja

Lavender Mauve by LeeKaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon 

One of the most popular hair trends of all time and still going strong is non-other that pastel locks. So if you love pastel hair, you'll love mauve hair just as much since mauve is a pale purple colour. Doesn't this lavender mauve give you major hair envy?

4. Mauve is what unicorn dreams are made of 

Unicorn Mauve Blue Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

Unicorn Hair by BUMP Hair Design

If you thought resisting pastel locks were hard then you are in for a surprise! Mix the dreamy pale purple with pastel blue and pastel rose pink, and what do you get? Unicorn Hair!

5. Metallic mauve is badass

Metallic Mauve Blue Hair Colour by Picasso

Metallic Mauve by Picasso Hair Studio

Seriously, is there nothing mauve can't do? Shine like a rockstar with metallic mauve! The transition from tinted greyish rose brown to soft purple will make you way seem way cooler than you actually are and the hints of pink add just the right amount of feminity. 

6. Mauve exudes romantic vibes

Ash Mauve Hair Colour by 99 Percent

Ash Mauve by 99 Percent Hair Studio at Bedok Point

Doesn't this ash mauve say soft, feminine and romantic all at once?

7. Channel soft grunge vibes

Okay, we get it. Maybe pastel and unicorn hair isn't your scene. Perhaps you are more of the type of chick who just can't resist the lure of the grunge look that muted hues give. Well, then, mauve once again has got you covered with this mauve ombre that is both goth and classy at the same time.

8. Just a tinge of mauve is all you need

Mauve goes with just about every colour, so keep your hair black and add mauve streaks of highlight to up your hair game. Just look how uber cool your hair will look like if you were to braid it up!

9. Mauve fades into ash brown (that is not brassy)

Mauve Turns Into Ash Brown After 3 Weeks

Mauve Hair Colour after 3 weeks

The purple hair colour dropped a little faster than usual because I was using scalp shampoo to wash my hair every day to control my oily scalp. However, it faded to a beautiful ash brown!

10. Goes really well with mauve nail colour

Mauve Nail Art Colour by Project Nails

Mauve Nails by Project Nails

While you are it, why not give your nails a fresh coat of mauve to go with your hair?

11. Mauve paves the way to the galaxy

Pixie Haircut with Galaxy Mauve Hair Colour

Galaxy Hair by Evolve Salon 

Still need convincing why you should give mauve hair a go? Mauve can do so much, it almost seems like it's a magical colour. GALAXY HAIR - need we say more?

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