10 Reasons Why Guy Tang's Mydentity Is The HOTTEST New Colour You Should Know About in Singapore

Published on Nov 28, 2018

You may not have heard of him if you're not a hairdresser but you're very likely to have seen his hair works on IG, Facebook and Youtube.

Instagram @guy_tang

Yep, we're talking none other than Guy Tang!

Back when handpainting was still not yet a trend in Singapore and Hong Kong, Guy Tang was already creating awesome colour melts from his hair studio in Los Angeles and showing his works to everyone on Youtube and Instagram.

People fly from all over the world to Los Angeles for a chance to get their hair done by him but the bad news is... his waiting list is so full, he hasn't taken on any new clients for a few years now! 

To make it easier for people around the world to still access his style of hair colours, Guy Tang launched his own range of professional hair colours named #Mydentity. This colour range includes pre-mixed formulae of his favourite on-trend colours like Rose Gold, Smoky Lavender and Silver. 

As colour formulae plays a huge role in how the final hair colour turns out, #Mydentity takes much of the guesswork out of hair colour and allows even hairstylists in Singapore achieve Guy Tang-like Instagrammable hair colours. 

But that's not the only benefit.

We speak to hairstylists from Chez Vous HideawayThe Beauty Emporium by The Urban AestheticsFull House Salon, and Picasso Hair Studio who have recently used #Mydentity to see why #Mydentity should be the colour you try this festive season. 

1. It's Created by Celebrity Artist Guy Tang

We hate to say this but this is Guy Tang we're talking about. 

He is the BIGGEST name in hairdressing since Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy and has even earned the moniker Balayage God, with famous Youtubers Michelle Phan, Cassey Ho of Blogilates, Grav3yardgirl and even Emmy Award Winning Actress Dove Cameron gracing his chair ever so often.

Short of actually flying to LA to get your hair done by him, getting your favourite stylist to use #mydentity on your hair is possibly the closest thing you can get to these instagrammable hair colours. 

Instagram @guy_tang

2. Premixed Blends Allow Stylists to Achieve Guy Tang-like Instagrammable Hair Colours More Easily and Consistently

Show your stylist a photo of Guy Tang's hair creation and he will most likely throw up a few reasons why it is not possible. 

Instagram @guy_tang

A more adventuruous stylist may go ahead but the end result will likely turn out quite different. 

That's because Guy Tang has experimented with so many different colour types and pigments that makes it really hard to replicate his exact colours without knowing his formulae exactly. The #mydentity line simplifies all that with their pre-mixed blends so that even local stylists can achieve the desired colour consistently!

This colour by Picasso Hair Studio is so well received that it's been shared on @guytang_mydentity and liked lots of times by hair connoiseurs around the world.

Instagram @guytang_mydentity

3. Unique Colours Not Seen Anywhere Else

Guy Tang worked with chemists to formulate unique colour formulations not typically seen on the colour wheels.

He mixes cool shades with warm tones to achieve the runaway crowd favourite Naked series that has been trending in Hollywood and around the world. 

The mixture of warm and cool make the nudes a lot more subtle, making it very wearable for office executives. Mixing it further will also get you unique colours not seen on any other colour brands. 

Instagram @guy_tang

Naked aside, Guy Tang also just came out with a new Super Powers collection with classic and bold primary colours. 

So whether you're into unicorn pastels,

fierce solids,

or muted hues,

he has the shade for you!

4. Faster Bleaching Process with More Powerful Yet Gentle Bleaching Agent

Bleaching is always a dreaded process, not only because it causes a lot of damage to the hair but also because it takes soooo long. 

Each round of bleach can easily take 2-3 hours so 3 times of bleach can easily take you an entire day at the salon!

The new revolutionary lightening agent from #Mydentity drastically cut down the bleaching time and rounds as it is made more powerful; bleaching that usually takes 6 hours can now be done in just 3 hours.

This however requires very skillful stylists who know how to manage the bleaching agent properly... that's however not a challenge at all for Colour Specialists Natalie and Samantha from Full House Salon, who bleach and colour customers' hair day in and day out. 

Just look at the ethereal pink and rose gold blend they created after bleaching Agent J's hair 2 times!

Instagram @guytang_mydentity

And yes, this is well received among the #mydentity hair community as well!

5. #Mydentity Direct Dyes include Keratin and Argan Seed Oil Blend to Protect and Condition Hair During Hair Colours

It is no secret that the hair has to go through quite a bit of damage to achieve the gorgeous colours you see on IG.

Carmen from Picasso Hair Studio share that the colour itself feels more "oily" than other hair colours but that's because the #Mydentity Direct Dyes cushions the impact with Keratin and Argan seed Oil blend to protect and condition the hair during the colouring process.

6. Guy Tang is the first series of hair colours that educates and challenges Stylists to Learn and Mix Semi-Permanent, Demi-Permanent and Permanent Hair Colours. 

This may start to sound technical but there are actually 4 types of hair colours: Temporary, Semi-Permanent, Demi-Permanent and Permanent Hair Colours, all with different characteristics and properties.

Semi-Permanent Colours coats the cuticle and penetrates outer layer of the hair cortex, Demi Permanent Colours penetrates cuticles and slightly penetrates the cortex whereas Permanent Hair Colours fully penetrates the cortex.

The result is that Semi Permanent colours create vibrant-stand out colours that fade gradually, Demi permanent refreshes gray blending colours whereas permanent colours can achieve full gray coverage. 

Instead of just using any one type of colour, Guy Tang encourages stylists to mix and match with different colour types to achieve unique blends!

7. Hair Colour Contains Breakthrough Mirustyle X-HPTM for Heat Protection Up to 232 ̊C to Enhance Colour Longevity

Those who bleach and colour your hair often know that it is essential to style your hair to make it look its best. Frequent heat styling however makes the colour fade faster. Guy Tang's #Mydentity therefore include a secret ingredient Miru-Style X-HPTM that protects your hair from any type of thermal styling up to 232 ̊C.

Ladies who've tried #mydentity colours found that their colours lasts longer than other brands even though they continue to style their hair daily.

8. Richer Shinier Hair with Proprietary Advanced VibraRiche technology

It is not a coincidence or a trick of the camera that Guy Tang's colours look shinier and richer than usual. 

The proprietary VibraRiche technology within #Mydentity enables the dye to penetrate deep into the hair, enriching the color formulations and making it 2X shinier and more vibrant as compared to other brands. 

Top hair educator and stylist at

Hidero shared that he has never been so impressed by a hair colour despite his exposure to so many top brands previously; the shine and vibrancy is simply incredible!

9. #Mydentity Colours and Bleach Doesn't Smell Bad

Colours and bleach are known to be very pungent but there is a lot less of that with the #Mydentity colours. By using less chemicals and including his favourite Lavender scent in the dye, you won't be smelling a stench while you get your hair done, making it easy on your nose.

Instagram @guy_tang

10. Hair Colours are Achievable on Asian Hair

As much as many of Guy Tang's models are Caucasian (since he's based in LA), the #mydentity colours looks just good on Asian hair as well. 

Instagram @guytang_mydentity

Your imagination is the limit so talk to your stylist to see how these stunning shades can be achieved!

Not keen on colours that are too loud? 

Stylists from Chez Vous Hair Salon have also managed to incorporate Guy Tang's #Mydentity colours into a ashy work-friendly ensemble that is super flattering for Asian skin!

Keen to try Guy Tang's #mydentity? 

Well, you've got to be fast. We hear that the colour is so popular that it is frequently sold out in Singapore :( 

So far, these are the salons carrying Guy Tang's #mydentity so make your appointment early and let them know about your preference ahead of time to be sure! 

Already tried Guy Tang's Mydentity? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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