5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Practicing Yoga This Circuit Breaker

Published on May 15, 2020

We're all stuck indoors during this Circuit Breaker and it's up to us to make the most out of our time. Since we can't go out, it's time to go within. 

For a long time, yoga has been a popular exercise for many reasons. If you have never tried it before, now is the best time to do so.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to try yoga during this Circuit Breaker.

1. Gets your blood flowing

Anything that gets you out of your chair (and not to the fridge) during this Circuit Breaker is a good thing. Many of us are spending our entire day sitting at our desks as we work, watch TV and scroll through social media. 

It's important to move our bodies because it will make you feel less zombie-like, it lubricates your joints and it makes sure you don't get lazy butt syndrome (yes, it's a real thing!).

Whether you choose to do a high-impact or low-impact yoga class, getting your heart rate up a little and your blood flowing is good for you. The increased blood circulation will definitely make your mind and body feel good.

2. Stretches you out after a long day

After a long day of work, it's important to take some time to release any tension in your body. This prevents any aches and cramps the next day and sets you up for a good night's sleep.

Stress accumulates in our body and the tension we feel makes our minds more stressed out in return. It's a vicious cycle and it's important to relieve our bodies of any knots and tightness so we can let go of that tension.

Morning and night stretches are easy to do and it forces you to do some movement if you don't want to work out. By stretching for just 10-15 minutes every morning/night, you'll feel refreshed and your body will feel lighter. 

If you've always wanted to do the splits or any other pose that requires flexibility, why not work on it now? It's the perfect time to increase your range of motion because you can sit in different poses as you work.

3. Helps to reduce stress

Everyone's stress levels are through the roof because staying indoors, worrying about work and being uncertain about the plight of our world is seriously scary. Money is tight and we are not sure whether the end is near.

Stress-eating and diving deep into work might serve as a temporary relief, but you still hold the weight of your stress.

To truly unwind, try learning how to let go by doing some meditation and breathing exercises. Yoga is known to relax both your mind and body, so you're bound to feel some positive impact after your practice.

4. It's easy to do from home... and it's FREE!

No equipment? No excuses! All you need is yourself (and a mat if you want some cushioning and grip) - no equipment and no large open spaces needed.

We love that yoga can be done in the comfort of your own home so won't feel shy like you would in a group class if this is your first time doing yoga.

Best of all, you can do it FREE! Many Yoga Studios in Singapore are offering complimentary online classes, so you can pick and choose which to try out at your own convenience without worrying about anyone else judging you. 

5. There's a style for everyone

With so many different types of yoga classes, you're bound to find one you enjoy.

You can relax with a 1-hour yin yoga class, a 30-minute stretch class or a 15-minute meditation class. Want something that'll make you sweat? Try a 1-hour vinyasa, 30-minute power flow or even a 10-minute core burner.

There's really something for everyone when you have so many styles of yoga. Here are some of the popular styles you might want to try:

  • Basic yoga for beginners
  • Hatha yoga to learn about postures and alignment
  • Yoga flow to get moving
  • Vinyasa yoga to move with every breath
  • Power yoga to flow with energy
  • Stretch yoga to lengthen your body
  • Yin yoga to unwind

Are you ready to start your yoga journey?

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