5 Reasons Why Fine Hair is AWESOME

Published on Jun 29, 2017

Those of us with fine and thin hair know that it's not all that bad. Though thin hair struggles are real, at times, we thank the heavens for our thin hair! Read on and let us know if you agree with these advantages of having thin hair ...

1. We spend less time at the salon.

Whether you're perming, colouring or cutting your hair, it takes less time to process or just design the hairstyle... so you're out of the salon in 2 hours when others take 3 to 4!

2. Our hair feels so light... there's no hair-induced migraines!

It's thin, so it's light! Tying your hair up when you have long thick hair pulls your scalp causing headaches, hair loss, and so on. However, when we do tight ponytails, it doesn't hurt as much. Hello, high fashion!

3. We don't ever break hair ties!

Although where they disappear to is still a mystery, we don't break hair ties easily! While the rest may break rubber bands that aren't big or stretchable enough, this isn't a problem for us!

4. Less Hair Colour, Shorter Hair Length = Lower Price for Hair Services and Hair Products

Saving money on hair ties is not the only money we'll be saving. Thin hair = less hair and less hair mean less dye is needed when we want to colour our hair. Not only do we save on dye, we also save on shampoo, conditioner, masks, etc. Think of what we can do with all that extra cash we don't have to spend!

5. We spend less time drying and styling our hair

Though length plays a part in this too, thin hair requires less drying and styling time. Whether you brush your hair, do a simple braid or go all out and curl your whole head, you'll be done faster if you have thin hair. Unlike those with thick hair, sleeping in is a luxury you can afford.

In fact... your hair dries automatically without you having to use the hairdryer at times!

Fine hair has its advantages... but more often than not, it makes the hair that much harder to manage.

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