5 Reasons Why Rich Ash Rose is Our Favourite Vibrant Hair Colour for Asian Skin

Published on Nov 21, 2019

Thinking of colouring your hair a little brighter but not sure what colour you should go for this festive season?

Lala from Style NA Korean Salon suggests Ash Rose... here are 5 reasons why!

1. Fades beautifully to rose gold

Normally, we hate it when bright colours fade because we want it to last forever. But in the case of pinks, we're happy to watch it slowly transform from this:

Rich Ash Rose by Style NA

to this:

Ash Rose to Rose Gold Hair Colour After 1 Month by Style NA

Doesn't the rose gold look like colours that people specifically go to the salon for?

Well, with a dark ash rose, you'll get the best bang for your buck with both colours. 

2. Hair colour can last for a longer period of time

Even though the ash rose eventually fades into a rose gold, it lasts for a surprisingly long amount of time prior to fading. Most pastel and ash colours last for a week in full intensity before fading. This, however, lasts for a longer time because it has a darker base. 

This is how the ash rose looked like after a week:

Still going very strong!

3. Festive without being too in-your-face

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas, New Year and soon, Chinese New Year now. It's harder to find a festive hair colour compared to a festive hairstyle because not everyone is ready to dye their hair bright red.

With this gorgeous ash rose, you'll be able to look festive without looking over the top! If you carry on with the colour into the new year, it won't look weird at all either.

4. Works perfectly for those with fair/cool skin colour

On Beauty Undercover, we usually recommend warmer colours that can match the Asian skintone with yellow undertones. We do know that there are many people with fairer skin and blue undertones, which ash colours are perfect for!

These colours work well with cool undertones because they're light and can make tanner skin look too pale or washed out.

Ash Rose Suitable for Fair and Cool Skin Tone

5. Seen on many celebrities even in Korea

A member of the biggest K-pop girl group, Blackpink, had almost the exact same colour. If Rosé has ash rose hair, we want ash rose hair too!

Her hair also faded into this gorgeous colour:

Want to know how to get that gorgeous ash rose hair colour? We follow Agent J to her visit to Style NA Korean Salon for her first ash rose hair colour. Read on to find out more!

Agent J's Journey to Ash Rose Hair

Hi, I'm Agent J. I'm Korean and am currently working in the music industry. I love composing music and collaborating with artists to make music come alive in people's hearts. 

Here are some of the amazing people I've collaborated with!

As you can imagine, there's no dress code or strict hair code for me. I'm pretty flexible with hair colours and all. However, I recently tried to bleach my hair at a salon in Somerset but it didn't turn out well for me. 

Bleached Hair Before Hair Colour at Style NA
Bleached Hair Before Hair Colour at Style NA

Even though there is no strict hair code, the terrible condition of my hair prompted me to do something about it. When one of my friends shared about an opportunity to get a colour makeover at Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade, I was very excited. 

Could the stylist help me make a change? 

Step 1: Consultation

My stylist for the day was Lala. She's also Korean, so I felt right at home with her. 

Hair Consultation at Style NA

She examined my hair and asked me a few questions about my hair history, specifically, what I'm working as, what I hope to achieve, what colour I have done before and so on. I shared with her about how I would like to push the boundaries a little. 

For a long time, my hair has been black or brown. Seeing the many hair colours on friends in Singapore makes me really excited to try! Plus, there is no restriction on my work and the festive season is coming. Hence, it is to me a perfect time to make a change. Could she help me? 

Upon hearing my sharing, Lala too got excited about the different possible hair colours I could adopt. As my hair was already bleached, she mentioned that I could consider trying a few different hair colours. My skin is rather fair so she recommends the Rich Ash Rose. This colour will look quite vibrant at the beginning but should fade to Pastel Pink and Rose Gold after a few washes. By colouring a more vibrant hue, Lala mentioned that my new hair colour can possibly last for weeks and even months if the colour tone suits my hair. 

I've always WANTED rose gold but never dared to go for it. Can it really be done? 

Well, I would have to wait and see!

Step 2: Bleach

As most of my hair is already bleached, thank God that only my roots require bleaching this time. 

Root Bleaching at Style NA

With the help of the assistant, Lala carefully bleached the first 2 inches of my hair.

Root Bleaching at Style NA

It was left on my hair for about 30 minutes before it could be washed off.

Root Bleaching at Style NA

To speed up the process, low heat was applied to the hair. 

Root Bleaching at Style NA

Step 3: Colour

To protect my scalp, the assistant applied a scalp protector directly to the scalp before application of colour. 

Application of Scalp Protector Before Hair Dye at Style NA

The next step was therefore to apply the colour from roots to ends.

Hair Dyeing at Style NA

Soon, all my hair was pinkish!

Hair Dyeing at Style NA

This was also left on my hair for about 30 minutes before it could be washed off.

Hair Dyeing at Style NA

Step 4: Trim

After the final wash and dry,

Hair Dyeing at Style NA

Lala trimmed my hair to give it a clean look without my dry ends.

Blow Dry and Styling at Style NA

Step 5: Style

Lastly, she curled my hair to bring out the different depth of colour. 

Blow Dry and Styling at Style NA

Fast isn't it? 

Just a quick reminder of how my hair looked before

Dry and Frizzy Bleached Perm

And now after:

Dry and Frizzy Bleached Perm
How I Look After Getting Ash Rose Hair Colour at Style NA
How I Look After Getting Ash Rose Hair Colour at Style NA
How I Look After Getting Ash Rose Hair Colour at Style NA

Don't know if you feel the same but I felt as if the dark ash rose actually made me look younger and more energetic.

A bit more... romantic perhaps? 

How I Look After Getting Ash Rose Hair Colour at Style NA

Well, I definitely look more like a musician now than before I stepped into Style NA.

This is the first time I'm going for such a daring colour and I must say I LOVE IT!

How I Look After Getting Ash Rose Hair Colour at Style NA
How I Look After Getting Ash Rose Hair Colour at Style NA

Thank you so much for your hard work, Lala!

I really hope the colour lasts since it looks so good on me

Update 1 week later

Even though the colour has faded, I'm glad to report that it's now a beautiful strawberry rose that make me feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Still loving it!

Update 1 Month Later

1 Month After Hair Colour Turns Into Rose Gold by Style NA

After 1 month of washing, my hair is now finally Rose Gold! 

Love the hues of rose intertwined with gold for this understated hair colour that feels me. 

Perfect colour as I go for parties and events in November / December. 

Thank you once again Lala and Style NA Korean Salon for this gorgeous new colour!

Excited to come back again to... get my colour back to this once its totally faded. HAHA! that's how much I love it

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