10 Reasons Why You Should Try Blue Hair Colour At Least Once in Your Life

Published on Apr 10, 2017

There are 7 colours of the rainbow but out of the 7, blue is our favourite.

It is the colour of lakes, rivers, oceans, and the sky... just looking at the colour makes us calm. 

In the last couple of months, we're seeing a huge interest in blue hair colours and here are 10 reasons why it has become the trending hair colour towards the end of 2017!

1. It works well with Asian skin tones

Turquoise Blue Hair Colour Suited For Asian Skin

Turquoise Blue by Evolve Salon

When it comes to trendy hair colours, many hues might not suit Asian skin tones as they tend to make us look sallow-skinned. Not with blue hair though. Whether you are of a lighter or darker skin tone, there will be a shade of blue for you.

Blue Ombre by No. 8 Hair Studio

Blue Ombre by No. 8 Hair Studio

Blue Hair Colour on Dark Skin Tone

Blue complements darker skin tones well so you don't have to worry about looking washed out. If you are still hesitant about whether your favourite shade of blue is going to suit you, stick to highlights, dip-dyed ends or the peek-a-boo style. This way, you can try the colour out before going all out.

Blue Highlights

Blue Highlights by Plan B Hair Studio

Blue Hair Colour by 99 Percent

Blue Hair by 99 Percent Hair Studio

2. Blue hair is versatile 

You are not just limited to a head full of blue hair when you go blue. Since blue complements most colours, you can mix it up for a different look to stand out from the crowd.

Two-Toned Blue Galaxy Highlights by No. 8 Hair Studio

Peek-a-boo Blue Galaxy Colours by No. 8 Hair Studio

From green to purple or brown, you have a wide selection of colours to choose from.

Silver Blue Hair Colour

Silver Blue by Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

We have to admit we are a little biased towards greyish blue hair. There's just something about the mix of the two tones that exudes a demure yet chic vibe. 

Grey and Blue Balayage

Grey and Blue Balayage by Color Bar by Full House Salon

The rise of ash colours has been growing, especially in ashy blue colours which looks softer.

Blue Ash Highlights

Blue Ash by Bump by AVENTA

Blue Lavender by Picasso Hair Studio

Blue + Lavender Ash by Picasso Hair Studio

3. Blue hair can look professional

If you're skeptical, hear me out before clicking out...

How many vibrant hair colours out there are office-friendly?

Blue-black hair is one of those colours that you might be able to get away with at work. The richness of the deep blue makes it look almost like black hair yet you'll be rockin' a cool blue.

Ladies Blue Hair with Undercut Hair Tattoo

Peek-a-boo Blue with Undercut by Kenaris Hair Salon

You don't have to go full blue; If you're anxious about what your boss might say, go for a peek-a-boo blue instead. While you are at it, you can sneak in an undercut as well.

Hidden Blue Highlights

Peek-a-Boo Blue by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

An ombre can work just as well if you want a hint of blue.

Blue Ombre

Blue Ombre by Evolve Salon

You might have to stick to dark blues if you want an office friendly look but if your working environment is less conservative, dark grey or silver toned blues are worth a try.

Blue Ombre

Blue Ombre by Bump by AVENTA 

4. Blue is stylish and sophisticated

Blue Ocean Hair Colour

Ocean Aquamarine by Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Blue hair is undoubtedly sophisticated.

Whether you choose to channel ocean vibes with aquamarine hair,

or the timeless style of denim,

Denim Blue Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Denim Blue by Picasso Hair Studio

the sky is the limit. No matter what hue you go for, your hair will be the envy of many.

Bright Sky Blue Hair Colour

Sky Blue by COVO Katong

Sky Blue by Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

As you might know, ash colours are still trending, including ash blue.

Ash Blue Pixie Cut

Ash Blue + Cut by Gene by Ginrich

5. You can transform into a true unicorn

Unicorn Blue Hair Colour

Unicorn Blue by Full House Salon

Love all things magical? With blue hair, you are on your way to achieving dreamy tresses. Light blue tones like the one pictured above looks magical and silky. Blue is one of those colours that many associate with fairytales. It's just so dreamy.

6. It fades beautifully 

Greenish Blue Hair Colour

Blue hair may not last long but as it fades with each wash, you'll be sporting a different colour. How cool is that? Your friends will start to wonder if you are dyeing your hair weekly but you'll know that's just the magic of blue hair. 

Grey Blue Hair Colour

7. Blue hair works for both girls and guys

Ladies are not the only ones rocking the blue hair trend:

Men Blue Hair Colour

Ash Blue by Picasso Hair Studio 

It's hard to resist this colour, many guys are jumping on the blue bandwagon too.

Men Sapphire Blue Hair Colour

Sapphire Blue by Full House Salon

Male Ash Blue Hair Colour

Ash Blue by Evolve Salon

Men have taken a liking to even the softer ash blue.

Girls with short hair love it too.

Girl Short Ash Blue Hair Colour

Ash Blue by Full House Salon

8. Celebrities are going blue

Blue Tip Hair Colour

From models to celebrities, it seems like everyone has been bitten by the blue bug. Okay, you shouldn't jump on the bandwagon just because celebrities are doing it but this shows how popular the colour is.

Metallic Blue Hair Colour

9. It matches beautifully with blue nails

Blue Nail Art

Blue Nail Design at LeeKaJa Korean Salon

While you are rocking your blue tresses, why not have the nails to match? Blue is a colour that looks good on your nails too. You'll be matching from head to toe, literally.

10. You can dress however you like

Blue and Purple Ombre

Blue and Purple Ombre by 99 Percent Hair Studio

While some colours like yellow might require you to stick to plainer clothes and colours, you can still dress brightly with blue hair. You don't have to avoid clashing colours like red with green hair and vice versa.

So what do you say? Ready to go blue? Everyone won't be green with envy, but blue.

Go blue and share your experience on Bu.sg!

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