Yes, It's Possible to Recover from Severe Acne Outbreak! Agent HG Cleared Her Acne by Going to This Facial Salon

Published on Jun 21, 2019

Hi, I'm Agent HG, currently working in a bank, handling backend operations. 

Even though I am not in the front line of service, I think it is still important to look good at all times.

My skin condition however made it difficult for me to look confident in that aspect. 

Look at a photo of my face in 2018 and you'll know what I mean. 

Severe Hormonal Pimples Before Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Severe Hormonal Pimples Before Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

My face is like that not because I don't wash my face properly.

A lot of people assume that's the case... but its not. 

I've been struggling with pimples for MANY MANY years. I don't know why but my skin is very sensitive and prone to congestion due to Singapore's weather and possibly hormones as well. Some time ago, I tried getting treatment from a GP clinic. They gave me some oral medication as well as chemical peels. While my skin was cleared after the treatment, it became very dry afterwards. The medication, which included antibiotics and other hormonal pills, also had quite a number of side effects. But you know what's worse? The acne came back! A few months after I stopped the medication and chemical peels, the acne came back :( 

My heart was broken. In my mind, I was thinking... is my face hopeless? It may sound overdramatic but those who have acne as serious as mine will understand the pain of having such an acne outbreak. Everytime I walk out the door, I can feel disapproving eyes on me as people wonder what I did or did not do to cause my acne. I already did my best but no matter how well I take care of my skin, the acne just remains. The acne caused me a bit of a depression, so much so that I don't really like to go outdoors that much. Even when I do, I make sure I wear a mask. 

I've been to different facial salons to see if they can help me with my condition but all I got in return was disappointment. Some even made my acne get worse! 

As much as I try not to have too high expectations, my heart lurched when I came across this article on this girl's transformation on Beauty Undercover.

Cleared Pimples After Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Cleared Pimples After Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Acne Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

My skin has a lot of similarities with hers! Could Apple possibly treat my acne the way she managed to treat this lady's skin? 

I messaged Apple through Facebook and arranged for my first appointment with her. 

International Plaza is a little run-down and it was a little difficult to find the salon at the beginning. However, all was well when I found Apple.

She escorted me into the small but cozy treatment room to change. After lying on the very comfy bed, what I remembered was the friendly and patient Apple taking quite a bit of time to examine and explain my skin condition before she began. She shared that my skin is actually very sensitive so she would be customizing quite a bit of the facial for me to make sure that the facial is effective without causing the acne to flare up. This includes reducing the facial massage and actually using a different type of tool during extraction that is suitable for sensitive skin. At every step, she patiently explained what she is doing, something I really appreciate. While my face was a little redder after the treatment, much of the redness subsided after the mask. Apple also took the initiative to ask me about my homecare facial products and gave me samples of her sensitive range for me to try. 

While my skin did not clear up just after one session, I could see improvements each time I went. 

Most of my cystic acne was gone after 2 months of going to Apple! 

Severe Hormonal Pimples Before Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Severe Hormonal Pimples Before Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

But I didn't stop there! 

As I felt that my skin has seen a steady improvement after going to Apple Queen Beauty, I decided to be disciplined and come here regularly to completely clear up my skin.

Guess what my skin looks like after another 3 months: 

Cleared Acne After 3 Months of Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Yes, my acne is mostly gone... without taking antibiotics or other harsh medications! 

I'm really really happy... there's a certain joy at having the freedom to go out of the house now without the mask and without makeup. 

That's why when Apple asked if I mind sharing my experience on Beauty Undercover, the shy me couldn't say no; she has literally given me a new lease of life!

If you're keen to find out what she usually does during the facial, read on about my Botanical Vitamin Facial at Apple Queen Beauty.

Step 1: Double Cleansing

The first thing Apple does for me is cleansing. She mentions that this is a very important step in the facial as it gives her the clean slate for her to work on extractions later.

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

Apple used an Avocado Cleansing Milk to first remove any makeup or residual skincare product. She chose the Avocado cleansing milk as it is full of Vitmain E which helps to cleanse my sensitive skin without drying it out. It is also full of antioxidants and so can nourish my skin at the same time.

I love Avocado but I'm surprised it has so many benefits for the skin as well!

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

After removing the Avocado cleansing milk, she applied yet another cleanser on my face. This time, a Cactus cleanser. This cleanser helps to remove the excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells from the surface. 

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

Once the cleansing was done, she removed the cleanser with two cotton pads. 

Everything was done with care for my skin, without any tugging or harsh rubbing.

Step 2: Extractions

Next up, extractions! 

Honestly, the extractions can be quite painful sometimes but thinking of all the dirt being extracted and my skin getting well, I am more than willing to tolerate it. Anyway, the extractions are not more painful here than when compared to extractions elsewhere.

Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

The first time she did extractions for me, the facial lasted over 3 hours as there were too many things to extract! That was how detailed and thorough she was. She did however make sure the extractions were done very precisely and gently to prevent further inflammation or any contamination. 

Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

After a few sessions though, the extractions have become less painful and take less time as the number of blackheads, whiteheads and acne is reduced.

Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Apple also shared that she chose a smaller thinner needle during the extraction for sensitive skin like mine. This helps to reduce any pain and also prevents the skin from flaring up too much!

Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

When the extraction was complete, she helped to trim my eyebrows. This isn't done at every facial salon so I'm grateful for that. 

Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

After coming here so regularly, there is much less to extract now!

Step 3: Application of Mask

As much as the extraction is reduced, my face is still a little red from it. Hence, the next step is to calm it down and nourish it via application of mask.

She puts on a dual mask. This mask is special as it contains a lot of nutrients and stem cells that accelerate the skin's regeneration. 

The effectiveness of this mask is improved further after using ultrasound to massage all around the face and help the serum on the mask further penetrate into the skin.

I'm not sure if you notice but the more she runs the ultrasound around the mask, the whiter the mask becomes. 

This signifies that the nutrients on the mask has been absorbed. 

Application of Serum and Mask During Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Step 4: Application of Serum and Mask

To accelerate the skin's repair, Apple then mixed Aloe Vera together with Hyaluronic Serum from the mask to calm the skin and improve cell repair further.

Application of Serum and Mask During Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

She then applied it on top of the skin before applying the last mask of the day: Nutri Cactus Mask. 

Application of Serum and Mask During Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Cactus are a rich source of collagen and active ingredients that help to rebalance the skin from within. The mask also contains Vitamin B5 that helps to calm down the skin further and strengthen the skin's immunity to repair the skin and give it a "do-ing, do-ing" bouncy feel. 

Application of Serum and Mask During Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

After about 15 minutes, the mask hardened and Apple removed it easily.

Application of Serum and Mask During Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

There was some residue on my face

Application of Serum and Mask During Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

So Apple wiped them off with the cotton pads

Final Cleansing After Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Before putting on the requisite moisturizer and sunscreen. 

The treatment is finally done.

Overall thoughts

I am so so thankful to have found Apple Queen Beauty through Beauty Undercover. 

I had given up hope when the acne came back after I stopped the antibiotics and medications. However, Apple defied all expectations as my complexion got better month after month! 

Thank YOU Apple for giving me my healthy skin back! I finally have the courage to go out without makeup and without putting on a mask. 

On top of being effective, I appreciate how Apple truly cares for me and my skin. She doesn't push me to buy products or services and takes the effort to remember details about me so that we can continue our conversation each time. Also, I am often late as I usually visit Apple after work. However, she has never complained and instead, is always willing to wait for me and warmly welcome me. This made the experience very good for me so I always look forward to going to her for facials!

Yes, the salon may not be atas but the price is good and her facials actually work. Hence I want to tell ladies like me out there: Don't give up if you have acne problems! Go to Apple because I'm sure that she can help you the way she helped me!

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