The Fastest and Most Powerful Advante Water Hair Treatment Stops Hair Breakage in Just 10 Minutes

Published on Sep 24, 2021

Frustrated by how there's always clumps of hair around where you sit or sleep? Or when strands of hair break off just by running your hands through? The tangling when our hair gets wet isn't fun either. Maybe because we're at home more, we notice these little details that get us super annoyed, particularly when we're trying to grow our hair into long healthy tresses.

If you spot some of these signs, then you may be suffering from hair breakage.

  • Excessive tangling when hair is wet
  • Split Ends
  • Brittle hair that break, snaps and fall easily
  • Hair that feels rough to the touch
  • Dull-looking Hair

What causes Hair Breakage in the first place?

Protein structures of the hair is held together by Disulphide and Hydrogen bonds, which happen to be one of the strongest naturally-occurring bonds in nature.

A healthy hair can stretch up to 30% of its length, can absorb its weight in water and swell up to 20% of its diameter. In fact, it is so strong that a single scalp hair can hold a weight of 100g and an average head of hair twisted together can support 23 tons. That is however only possible if your hair is in good condition.

The Disulphide bonds are what gives your hair elasticity and strength. There are however some things we do that could break it down:

  1. Chemical Services e.g. Bleaching, Rebonding and Perming
  2. Excessive Heat Styling
  3. Dehydrated Hair
  4. Stress, Diet and Hormonal Issues
  5. Improper Towel Drying

Of the above, frequent chemical services is possibly the most damaging as it chemically breaks the disulphide bonds to achieve the desired colour or shape, leaving the hair weaker over time. Heat Styling also exerts quite a bit of damage through heat while dehydration could possibly cause the hair to be so dry that the hair structure changes.

The damage however usually doesn't happen overnight. Unless you bleach your hair multiple times in a day, you will tend to see it deteriorate over time from a closed cuticle to that of a porous open cuticle, to extra porous cuticle. If you don't arrest the problem right there and then, you may find your cuticle totally lost, leading to hair breakage just by running your hands through them.

How Can We Stop Hair Breakage?

If you read online, many people will tell you to drink more water, take hair supplements and just STOP heat styling or chemical services. Truth is, you probably won't see or feel your hair get better as these other methods will at best pause the deterioration but not improve your current hair condition over the immediate days or weeks. Is there anything we can do to strengthen our hair and stop hair breakage right now?

According to ROOM 49A Japanese Hair Salon, there is a revolutionary NEW hair treatment Advante Water Treatment that strengthens weak hair by up to 180% (even more than the prevailing Tokio Inkarami). Stylists have touted Advante Water Treatment as the most powerful and fastest hair treatment available in the market today.

How My Hair Looks After Getting Fast Advante Water Treatment at Room 49A

After Advante Water Treatment

1.  The Most Powerful Advante Water Treatment is made from... WATER?

As its name suggests, the Advante Water Treatment is actually mostly made from water - not water as we know it but electrolyzed water that is made to be highly reactive. Patented and produced only in two factories in the world (Japan and Switzerland), this special water is specially electrolyzed such that the water molecule is broken down into an ionized Hydrogen and Hydroxide OH particle.

Illustration on The Effect of Advante Water Treatment

What's so special about this water? The moment Advante 1 (containing electrolyzed water and 18 types of miniaturized amino acids and cortex CMC) touches your hair, the ions will rearrange to form a superhighway, delivering the nano-sized amino acids into the hair cortex in ZERO SECONDS. This revolutionary new technology is what they call Zero-Second Penetration.

Illustration on The Effect of Advante Water Treatment

The result? Instant Repair as the base (electrolyzed water) delivers amino acids and cortex CMC directly into the hair cortex to fill the voids caused by previous chemical services, restoring the hair structure and returning it to its previously silky glory.

Illustration on The Effect of Advante Water Treatment

The above image shows how the hair looks, at the microscopic level, before and 60 seconds after the Advante 1 is applied. No matter how damaged your hair is, Advante 1 is able to deliver the amino acids right to the core, gluing and restoring the macromolecular structure.

2. Smaller Molecular Weight allows Amino Acids to enter cortex even more easily

Although the key active ingredient in Advante Step 1 is undoubtedly water, the 18 amino acids are also miniaturized to a molecular weight of less than 180. This allows the amino acids and cortex CMCs to enter the cortex even faster and more deeply.

3. It Repairs Hair Damage with 8 Botanical Extracts

While the first step focuses on restoring hair structure, the second step in the Advante Water Treatment focuses on repairing cuticles to leave hair feeling soft and silky.

Advante 2 contains a lightweight formula comprising of essential oils and botanical extracts such as Macademia Seed Oil, Lavender, Calendula, Chamomillia, Centaurea, Anthemis, Tilia and Hypericum Perforatum. This concoction creates a protective layer around the hair, preventing leakage of the above amino acids while helping to control frizz and give your hair the smooth silkiness we all love

4. It Extends Protective Effect with Award-Winning Fullerene

On top of the botanical extracts, Step 2 of Advante Water Treatment contains the world's strongest anti-oxidant Fullerene, which helps to protect against UVB Damage as well as heat damage. This helps to make sure that hair cuticles lay flat for a period of time. As a result, moisture doesn't enter the hair as easily, allowing hair to remain frizz-free. 

Silky and Shiny Hair After Advante Water Treatment

With so much included in the treatment, do you understand why hair becomes so silky and shiny afterwards?

5. Advante Water Treatment is the Perfect Companion to Perms, Colours or Rebonding

While Advante Water Treatment can be done as a standalone, customers reap the biggest benefits from doing it as a pre and post treatment.

When applied together, Advante 1 and 2 create some sort of a cushion or a "Plaster Wall" against future damage. Results from the lab show that with the macromolecular structure restored on the inside and protective layer on the outside, this new "Plastic Wall" helps buffer more than 50% of the damage when hair colours or perm lotion comes knocking on your hair.

In Advante's own test, a hair model with damaged hair was invited to try the newest Advante Water Treatment. As you can see, her hair is so damaged that much of her hair were prematurely broken in many areas!

At this point, many salons would not dare to bleach her hair further for fear of permanently melting it. But she decided to take a leap of faith and went for 1 more time of bleach after the Advante Water Treatment.

Here's how her hair looked like immediately after the bleaching process:

Bleached hair is supposed to look matte as the cuticles are open but surprisingly, her hair remained shiny and soft afterwards.

Hair Wash with Advante Water Treatment on Bleached Hair

Her hair is strengthened so much after Advante 1 that during the hair wash, the hair is still relatively elastic and is able to withstand some pulling without any breakage, a huge improvement over the hair health previously!

Guess what another coat of colour makes it look?

This just reassures us that with Advante Water Treatment strengthening your hair ahead of the chemical service, your hair can still feel as healthy after your hair colour as it was before!

Even for Agent C, her hair still looks amazingly smooth with a colour 5 days after Advante Water Treatment.

6. Completely Safe and allergy-free even for pregnant women or people with sensitive skin!

Given that the main ingredient here is water... and that more than 90% of its ingredients in Advante Step 1 is made from plant origins, Advante Water Treatment is completely safe even for pregnant women and those of us with sensitive skin!

You don't have to worry about the presence of formaldehyde or foul odours that may be emitted with some other treatments!

Safe and Fast Advante Water Treatment

So no worries of any toxic fumes there!

7. Zero Straightening

You can also look forward to natural volume after the treatment as Advante Water Treatment doesn't have any straightening effect at all - and doesn't even involve a straightener!

No Flat Iron Advante Water Treatment

8. Complimentary Homecare Included as Part of the Treatment

To make your treatment last longer, ROOM 49A provides every customer with complimentary 90g of treatment to use back home.

This homecare treatment contains the same ingredients as the 2nd step of Advante Water Treatment; it surrounds the cuticle with a protective layer that prevents the amino acids from leaking out. This way, your hair can feel soft, silky and shiny for a longer period of time. From what Agent C shares, the treatment actually lasted her for more than 6 weeks.

To make sure that is the case though, Tamami recommends that you use a huge dollop of treatment each time and emulsify the treatment by rubbing it in your hand before application.

9. The Standalone Advante Water Treatment Takes as fast as 10 Minutes

Only 2 steps and you can see your dry, damaged and unmanageable hair come back to life in as fast as 10 minutes for the treatment alone! This makes it a viable add-on treatment to any hair colour or perm.

Want to know exactly what is involved? Follow Agent C on the Advante Water Treatment at ROOM 49A to find out. 

Advante Water Treatment at ROOM 49A

Hello, I am Agent C. I used to blog more when I was reviewing beauty and services previously and have in fact bleached my hair in every shade of colour in the past 5 years. 

3 years ago, I bleached my hair every 2 months so Blonde, Galaxy, purple - I've done it all. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic though, I just didn't feel like going too colourful.

So I've been keeping my hair brown since then. 

It's a lot more convenient as I don't have to head back to the salon so often for a colour retouch. 

Still, years of bleaching have caused my hair to be very damaged. 

Damaged and Tangled Hair Before Advante Water Treatment at Room 49A Hair Salon

This is how my hair looks from the back. It looks OK at first glance but you know how bad it really is when I comb my hair. 

Damaged and Tangled Hair Before Advante Water Treatment at Room 49A Hair Salon

I can't even run my fingers thru my hair as it will definitely get stuck. In fact, my hair is now so dry and brittle that it breaks super easily. It has gotten to a point where stylists wonder if I can even go for Keratin Treatments as my hair may melt during the straightening process. 

In essence, my hair is in such a bad condition that it makes me very sian about doing hair services. I can go for those express hair treatments but most of them barely last a week for me. 

That's why I was intrigued when Agent G shared about Advante Water Treatment. She shared that there is a Japanese hair salon, ROOM 49A, that is offering the 2-step Advante Water treatment that can strengthen hair as weak as mine... and make my hair soft and silky for 4-6 weeks. Although it takes only 1 hour, it is able to repair hair that has been heavily damaged by bleach  - all without straightening my hair. 

Hmm... ROOM 49A - sounds very familiar right? Ah that's the Japanese salon that Xiaxue likes to visit. I heard that their head spa is very good so when Agent G said that the new Japanese hair treatment is at ROOM 49A, I was very excited.

Definitely game to give it a try! 

First Time At Room 49A Japanese Hair Salon

I couldn't help but let out a "wah" when I walked up the stairs of ROOM 49A. From the beautiful staircase in the middle to their gorgeous toilets, every part of the salon was so bright and pretty, it felt simply magical to be here. 

Now I understand why Xiaxue is so in love with the Head Spa here

It's not just the interior though, service here is also pretty amazing. My friendly and pretty Japanese stylist, Tamami, attended to me immediately after I enter and escorted me to my seat.

Hair Consultation at Room 49A

I've already made the appointment for Advante Water Treatment previously and am glad to hear during the consultation that my hair is perfect for it. Tamami promised that Advante would repair my damaged hair and fill it up with so much nutrients that it will be soft and shiny again. 

I haven't had healthy looking hair in a number of years now, so am definitely looking forward to it. 

Pampering Hair Wash

The first step is hair wash. Tamami escorted me to a seat which, as you can see, automatically reclines.

Hair Wash at Room 49A with Advante Shampoo


First time I've tried something like this... very cool!

Hair Wash at Room 49A with Advante Shampoo

She then proceeded to give me a very thorough hair wash. 

Hair Wash at Room 49A with Advante Shampoo

Tamami doesn't just make sure that she lathers shampoo on my hair but applies enough pressure at just the right acupoints to give me a very shiok head massage. I love it!

Hair Wash at Room 49A with Advante Shampoo

Don't know whether I am suaku or what, I felt that even the light lavender scent of the shampoo smelled so good. 

When I asked her about it, Tamami shared that she actually used the Advante Shampoo for the treatment; the Advante shampoo apparently contains hematin for improving blood circulation and has anti-aging effects. The gentle cleansing action also ensures that it won't dry out your hair, promoting colour longevity and longer lasting curls.

Application of Treatment

The pampering hair wash wasn't her only surprise for me. 

Latte and Scented Candle at Room 49A

Back at the seat, Tamami presented me with a cup of latte, along with a scented candle and flowers. 

So thoughtful, right?

Application of Advante Treatment at Room 49A

While I was enjoying my drink, Tamami untangled my hair with a wide-toothed comb and began blowing my hair dry. 

Blow Dry at Room 49A

When my hair was about 80% dry, she started applying the Advante Water. 

Application of Advante Treatment at Room 49A

Tamami shared that this solution will actively repair my hair as it contains nutrients that will penetrate the hair cuticles and fill up the hair cortex.

Hair Wash at Room 49A with Advante Shampoo

The electrolysed water was so powerful that I could actually literally see / feel my hair becoming stronger with time.

I'm amazed!

She waited for more of my hair to dry and then sprayed a second time on areas that are a bit more frizzy for deeper repair. 

Step 3: Application of Advante 2

Once she is satisfied with the progress, Tamami brought me to the basin to wash off the Advante Water.

Hair Wash at Room 49A with Advante Shampoo

There, she applied Advante 2 on my damp hair.

But first, Tamami made sure to rub Advante 2 on her hands to make it into a creamy white texture.

Application of Advante 2 at Room 49A

Then, she took small sections of my hair and applied it on bit by bit to make sure she covered all of my hair strands before rinsing them with a warm water.

Application of Advante 2 at Room 49A

Just in case you're wondering what the Advante 2 does, it contains treatment ingredients that seals the hair cuticle and help the treatment last longer. 

Application of Advante 2 at Room 49A
Application of Advante 2 at Room 49A

With that, my hair is ready for the final blow dry.

Blow Dry at Room 49A

If you remember, my hair used to look like this:

How My Hair Looks After Getting Fast Advante Water Treatment at Room 49A

But after the Advante Water Treatment, my hair now looks like this:

How My Hair Looks After Getting Fast Advante Water Treatment at Room 49A

My reaction after the treatment was just "Waaaaah 很厉害!". 

How My Hair Looks After Getting Fast Advante Water Treatment at Room 49A

My hair used to be so dry and unmanageable, I can't run my hands through it but now, my hair looks so smooth and shiny! 

It didn't just look smooth, my hair feels really really soft as well. 

How My Hair Looks After Getting Fast Advante Water Treatment at Room 49A

It’s the smoothest I ever felt after a treatment session.

How My Hair Looks After Getting Fast Advante Water Treatment at Room 49A

It's somewhat surprising for me as there was no steam machine and was really fast.

For such a fast treatment, the result is really amazing. 

Now I can just shake my head and my hair will swing wavy-ly like in a Pantene advertisement.

Soft and Healthy Hair After Advante Water Treatment

Tamami told me that the usual off-the-shelf shampoo and treatment may strip off the treatment prematurely so she actually provided me with a complimentary set of Advante homecare to make sure that the treatment last as long as possible. 

How My Hair Looks After Getting Fast Advante Water Treatment at Room 49A

This was my fastest hair treatment ever and yet surprisingly the most effective as it got rid of the frizz and yet kept my hair naturally voluminous. 


Thank you Tamami and ROOM 49A Japanese Hair Salon for introducing such an amazing technology to me. 

I'll definitely be back. 

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