Rinka Treatment Rebonding Removes Frizz Without Making Your Hair Look TOO Straight

Published on May 05, 2021
I don't need glamorous curls that look like they belong in Hollywood. 

All I'm asking is hair that doesn't make me look like I just woke up every minute of the day. Is it really too much to ask?

Struggling to deal with wavy hair that makes you look somewhat unkempt throughout the day but not keen to go for stick straight rebonding? Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing has recently brought in a new texture-control cream from Japan, Rinka.

Best for normal, damaged and fine hair, Rinka Rebonding cream contains argan oil, amino acids and even Aqua S and PPT to repair and moisturize hair during the texture control process. It's straightening component is relatively mild but gives instead an effortless straight hair look that looks like you're born with it. 

Wonder how the process is like? We follow @peggy.eyes to Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing 

Rinka Straightening at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing @ Hong Lim Complex

Hello! I'm a Taiwanese and have been in Singapore for 2 years while working as a technical development engineer in semiconductors. In my free time, I post up my exploits in Singapore through my IG account @peggy.eyes.

My hair is naturally straight but the humidity in Singapore often makes it look wavy and messy, ruining the perfect selfie.

Frizzy and Messy Hair Due To Humid Weather in Singapore

This got me looking for options. I want to reduce frizz but I don't really want to have stick straight hair... so what can I do?

A friend of mine connected me to Gary from Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing. A highly successful hairstylist who has even been invited to China to teach, Gary has recently brought in a new texture control cream from Japan that helps to reduce frizz... while straightening hair just a little to keep some of your hair volume! Hearing that got me excited.. could this new hair service help give me manageable hair again?

My First Time at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

It was my first time at Hong Lim Complex. The place may look a little run-down but Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing surprise with its modern decor that somehow reminded me of salons back home. 

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing Interior

Kudos is located at the end of Hong Lim Complex so if you're a complete klutz like me, you may just find yourself getting lost for about 30 minutes. 

Hair Consultation at Kudos Headlines

I was late but there was no complaints from Gary at all. He showed me to the seat and checked my hair condition to see if It's suitable for the perm. As I did a lot of DIY colour in the past, my hair has become really dry and porous. Gary shared that this defrizzing hair treatment is perfect for me as my hair is now severely weakened; any other type of straightening and my hair might just break severely. 

I scoured the whole of Japan and found the Rinka de-frizzing cream which I thought was very innovative. It contains argan oil that makes the hair smooth and glossy as well as amino acids that repairs the hair. It also contains Aqua S and PPT that moisturizes the hair and keeps it looking glossy. I've never seen anything like that and so, was excited to bring it in for my customers in Singapore. ~ Gary, Co-Founder of Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

Lucky for me to have found Gary then!

Step 2: Pre-Treatment and Softening

Knowing that my hair was weak, Gary began the service with a hair treatment instead of the straightening process.

Pre Treatment and Softening Before Rinka Rebonding at Kudos Headlines

He applied Rinka S1 as a pre-treatment to repair and strengthen my hair for the subsequent defrizzing process. It would also moisturized my dry hair.

Pre Treatment and Softening Before Rinka Rebonding at Kudos Headlines

Once ready, he applied the Rinka A1 from the top to mid-section of my hair to soften the hair. Then, he waited for 15 minutes before applying Rinka A1 from mid-section to my hair ends. For the second application, he waited a bit longer around 20 minutes.

The reason why he separated the application was to make sure that the cream doesn't stay on my hair for too long, minimizing damage. 

I love how conscientious and professional Gary is!

Pre Treatment and Softening Before Rinka Rebonding at Kudos Headlines

After the processing is done, Gary then performed a test.

Yay, my hair passed with flying colours so he rinsed off the cream and blew my hair dry. 

Step 3: Creating the New Sleek Hair

The next step is now to create the new shape.

Hair Straightening

That included straightening the sides to reduce the frizz

Hair Curling at Kudos Headlines

And curling the ends of my hair for some of that natural volume.

And curling the ends of my hair for some of that natural volume.

Getting Rinka Treatment Rebonding at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

When my hair was all curled up, Gary connected them all to a machine 

Which heated it up to 130 degrees to create the curls.

And the wait begins.

Step 4: Application of Neutralizer

30 minutes later, my hair was ready.

Getting Rinka Treatment Rebonding at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

It is time to set my hair free from the rollers!

He applied the neutralizer throughout my head and left it on for 10 minutes. 

Once ready, it was time for a hair wash.

Are you ready for the reveal?

How I Look Before and After Rinka Rebonding Treatment
How I Look Before and After Rinka Rebonding Treatment
How I Look Before and After Rinka Rebonding Treatment

What do you think?

I love how my hair looks sleek and straight without the usual frizz... and yet it still has quite a bit of volume thanks to the perm. To lengthen the effect, Gary advises me to be gentle when combing and if possible, do moisturizing hair mask treatment at home and my hair should still look good for the next 4-6 months.

Indeed, as Gary predicted, my hair still looked amazing weeks later.

I don't have to do too much maintenance and I'll wake up with such gorgeous hair in the morning. 

Thank you once again for once again giving me good hair days even in Singapore!

Want to give it a go? You can get Rinka Straightening + Haircut at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing at the price of $260 to $350. 

For first timers though, they are having the following special promotion for Beauty Undercover Readers.

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