6 Romantic Updos to Spice Up Your Valentines Day

Published on Feb 09, 2017

Getting ready to be proposed to on Valentines Day or perhaps thinking of going for Smingles Night hosted by Kiss92?

You can go au naturel with your hair but why not impress with a romantic updo that is sure to earn you another glance or two?

1. Fishtail Braid

Don't settle for a regular braid on Valentine's Day, kick up your look a notch by swtiching the regular braid for a side fishtail braid. Side braids give off the allure of flirty and fun. For added texture and a touch of sultry, tease your crown and flip it to the side to style a messy braid. Try adding in some fake or real flowers to the braid to soften up your overall look.

Romantic Fishtail Braid Hair Styling by Flamingo

Fishtail braid by Flamingo Hair Studio

2. Flower Braid

Flower Half Braid by COVO

Flower braid by Covo Japanese Hair Salon

Prefer a hairstyle that is extra sweet? How about a flower braid to go with that bouquet of flowers you will be holding. The wonderful thing about this romantic hairstyle is it's almost like a half-up, half-down do. So you will still be able to twirl your hair and flirt throughout the date. 

Romantic Rose Flower Braid Updo by Branche

Flower braid by Branche Hair Salon

But if you are going somewhere classy, then the flower braid up-do is the elegant hairstyle for you. It most definitely is a little complicated to recreate on your own, hence, you might want to go to the salon to get this look. Pair this romantic hairstyle with a wispy fringe to frame your face, keeping your look feminine and coquettish.

Flower Braided Updo for Valentines Day

Flower Braid by CLEO Hair & Make

3. Vintage Waves

Vintage Glamorous Wave Hairstyle for Valentines Day

Vintage Hollywood Glam Waves by Jimmy from Kenaris Salon

Vintage waves are one of the most classiest and romantic hairstyles to date. There's just something about this old-Hollywood look that exudes the right amount of glamour, softness and sexiness all at once. It's fairly easy to create on your own with a deep side part, curling iron and a bobby pin. Though, you'll have to start off with straight, smooth hair first.

4. Bombshell Curls

When you think of Victoria's Secret models, two words come to mind - bombshell and sexy. If that's the allure you are going for, then turn up the heat this Valentine's Day and look smokin' hot with bombshell curls. These big, tight curls go well with long hair, and looks mighty sexy especially when flipping or tossing your hair from one side to another.

Bombshell Curl by Picasso Hair Studio for Valentines Day

Picasso Hair Studio

5. Beachy Lob

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

The beachy lob makes for an effortless pretty style. Though it's a fairly common look, it's iressistable charm is undisputable. Beachy waves looks best on lob haircuts and if you have a balayage ombre going on, the slight waves will show off the colour well. It's the perfect romantic hairstyle for lazy girls or if you are someone who wants to look good but don't wish to spend too much time on your hair as it doesn't take much skill to create the waves.

Red Hair Beach Wave by Art Noise

Art-Noise Japanese Hair Salon

6. Love Bun

A little corny, but lovely nonetheless, this half-up up-do consists of a heart-shaped bun. With all that love going around on Valentine's Day, why not wear your heart on your hair. ;)

Watch the tutorial here.

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