What Causes Rough Uneven Skin Texture and 5 Ways to Make Your Skin Ultra-Smooth

Published on Dec 12, 2019

Recovered from a face full of annoying acne but is now facing uneven skin texture thanks to years of acne scarring? We talk to acne specialist Apple from Apple Queen Beauty about what Uneven Skin Texture really is, what causes it and what you can do to combat the condition.

What is Uneven Skin Texture?

You've probably heard about Uneven Skin Tone (mostly due to skin pigmentation at certain areas of the skin) but do you know what is uneven skin texture? Uneven skin texture essentially refers to how smooth your overall complexion is. Does your face feel smooth to the touch or rough and bumpy when you run your hands over parts of your face?

Rough uneven skin

If it feels rough and bumpy, you're likely to have uneven skin texture. Why is it even a concern?

Uneven skin texture leaves skin looking older and duller as the skin is unable to reflect light as well. You will also find it difficult to apply cosmetics evenly due to the bumps on your skin! 

What Causes Uneven Skin Texture?

Uneven skin texture happens because of excess dead skin cells that built up on the skin surface. This can sometimes be due to acne, rosacea but it can also result because of ageing, sun damage or using wrong skincare products.~ Apple, Apple Queen Beauty

The most common causes of uneven skin texture in Singapore, according to Apple, are 

1) Acne

Acne and pimples will often lead to acne scarring that lead to bumps due to the inflammation that results.

2) Ageing

As we get older, the skin cells on the surface aren't shed as quickly as wehn we were young. If one doesn't go for facial regularly, you'll find that the dead skin cells accumulate, harden, leading to skin that feels rough, dull and dry. 

3) Sun Damage

Sun exposure breaks down collagen and elastin, causing dead skin cells to build up faster. 

Sun exposure causes rough uneven skin

5 Ways to Combat Uneven Skin Texture

1) Hydrate yourself

Since uneven skin texture is a result of a build-up of dead skin cells (mostly due to dehydration of the skin), hydrating your body can have a huge impact on uneven skin texture. You can do so by consuming lots of water and also cleansing your face right.

Drink water to hydrate your skin

Consuming lots of water is important as it helps to flush out all the toxins you've ingested. When you drink enough water, more moisture will flow to the surface of your skin, making it feel smoother. If you exercise, try to get more than 8 cups of water because honestly, that's the best way to SLIM down and get your face glowing... best part is that it is (almost) FREE!

Secondly, you need to cleanse your face right. Avoid washing your face with hot water as it opens your skin's pores and strips away its natural moisture. Use room temperature or even cold water to wash your face and use a gentle cleansing foam / oil or gel to wash your face. A lot of people like to wash their face till its dry before they feel that it's clean. Well, that's a big no-no as this dries out the skin, leaving it coarser and duller. Use the right product and make sure all the sunscreen, dust and makeup are removed without drying it out. 

2) Moisturize your face

It may sound counterintuitive, but the more you dry your skin, the more your skin will produce oils to compensate. This clogs your pores and causes acne, which may then lead ot uneven skin texture. Hence, get advice from your facial therapist to use the right moisturizers that regulates sebum production and shields skin against water loss that can make it feel rough and dry.

Moisturize your face to shield skin against water loss

3) Apply Vitamin C

We already know that Vitamin C can help you fight the flu and other viruses but did you know that Vitamin C is also effective against UV damage, skin aging and skin hydration? Our epidermis actually contain quite a bit of Vitamin C to help our skin in its normal operations but as we age, the amount of Vitamin C in our skin declines over time. This can also contribute to dryness, skin aging and other factors leading to uneven skin texture. 

What you can do is to make sure you take plenty of fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin C and even apply creams and moisturizers containing Vitamin C for a better skincare routine. You can consider using Vitamin C toners to neutralizer your skin or you can even consider using freshly squeezed lemon juice if your face isn't too sensitive to get rid of any skin pigmentation and supplement your skin with Vitamin C - naturally.

Apply vitamin c to fight against sun damage

4) Use Sunscreen Regularly

Sun exposure is a huge reason contributing to uneven skin texture due to its breakdown of collagen and elastin. Hence, make it a habit to apply high powered sunscreen both indoors and outdoors to minimize any sun damage to your skin.

Use sunscreen to avoid skin damage

5) Exfoliate your skin

The fastest way to deal with uneven skin texture is clearly to remove those build-up of dead-skin cells via exfoliation. Exfoliation works as it removes dead skin cells while stimulating collagen production. What exfoliation really means is to thoroughly cleanse the skin to remove dirt from pores, blackheads and clogged pores. You can do it yourself but usually, you'll find that going to a facial therapist like Apple is more efficient as they will use various products and machines to remove those dead skin cells AND deliver the necessary moisture and nutrients afterwards.

Skin exfoliation at Apple Queen Beauty

Having helped many ladies recover from acne, the next milestone for those ladies is often to get rid of the bumps or uneven skin texture. Apple has therefore come up with a new facial to deal with uneven skin texture: Micro Skin Boost. This facial includes the usual cleansing and extraction to exfoliate the skin. The difference is that Vitamin C is included in many of the products used to replenish lost Vitamin C and better hydrate the skin. It also includes Chamomile extract as well as Pro Vitamin C to minimize pores and repair the uneven skin texture which are delivered to the skin via Radiofrequency. The facial then ends with Cactus extract that moisturizes the skin, revitalizes it with antioxidants and help it fight aging.

We follow Agent J on her recent visit to Apple Queen Beauty to see what the Micro Skin Boost facial is like.

Agent J's Experience with Apple Queen Beauty

Hi, I'm Agent J and I work in the compliance industry. Although my job doesn't require me to meet clients often, looking at myself in the mirror always make me feel bad. 

Rough, uneven and acne prone skin before treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Rough, uneven and acne prone skin before treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Yes, this is how my skin actually looked like. No exaggerations.

Everytime people see me, they question if I wash my face properly.

Truth is, I've already signed up expensive $10+k packages with a big chain salon N** **** **** ********* I thought that if I go for facials, my skin will get better. But no, it didn't. It still look like that. Even though that's the case, they still force me to sign this and that. I got so fed up, I stopped going.

One lucky day, I happen to come across Agent ZP's article on Beauty Undercover and saw how her face turned from this

Rough, uneven and acne prone skin before treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

to this

After few acne treatments at Apple Queen Beauty

So it make my heart a bit itchy. Could Apple save my face, the way she saved Agent ZP?

It was not easy to make an appointment, I tell you. Apple is so popular you have to book her at least one week in advance, sometimes two but the wait is all worth it. I was totally blown away after I went down for the first time.

The outlet at International Plaza isn't very pretty, a bit small in fact. But i like it like that. It feels more like a home and make the experience very private. Unlike the previous big salon which is extremely pushy and made me feel bad, Apple was very nice to me from the beginning till now. She doesn't push me to buy anything and give me only real feedback and advice. 

Most importantly, my skin cleared up... really quickly.

Rough, uneven and acne prone skin before treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Remember what my skin was like at the beginning?

After 1 session of facial treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

This is how it looked like after 1 session.

After 2 session treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

After 2 sessions my acne has almost cleared all! No more new pimples, which is a far cry from the results I had from other salons. I started to go to her regularly, even stopped the acne cream I use because totally no need anymore. Even if there is any new pimple that pop up, she'll ask me to come by for free follow up for pimples that cannot be cleared within 3-5 years and my skin will recover very fast. 

So honestly I'm very happy. 

Still, as you can see my face isn't perfect. 

After 2 sessions of Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Even though the pimples have subsided, my skin still feel very bumpy and uneven. So after a while, I started to ask Apple if there's anything she can help me with. She eventually created a new natural Skin Resurfacing facial for me, something she coined Micro Skin Boost. 

This is how it looked like before I did the Micro Skin boost:

Less pimple after a few treatments at Apple Queen Beauty
Less pimple after a few treatments at Apple Queen Beauty

After a few treatments, my skin now looks like this:

Less pimple after a few treatments at Apple Queen Beauty
Less pimple after a few treatments at Apple Queen Beauty

A lot better, don't you think?

If you're wondering how the facial is like, read on for my experience below. You'd be familiar with Apple's usual facials if you've read about Agent SAgent YP, Agent HG's experience, so I'm going to skip the consultation to the main part of the facial. 

As usual, the facial started with getting my face ready with cleansing and removal of makeup. 

Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Then, the extraction began.

Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

She used tissues to squeeze the easily removable blackheads from the nose before using the extractors to clear the gunk from my skin.

Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Those tools are disinfected beforehand so it won't result in more infections afterwards.

Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

As I've been coming rather regularly, I'm glad to find that my skin is relatively clean!

To calm down my reddened skin, she wiped it down with toner,

Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

then applied a soothing essence to my skin.

Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

This essence contains Vitamin C, which helps to locks in moisture and plumps up the skin, as well as Chamomile extract to repair any skin damage, resurfaces the skin and promote collagen production while calming the skin. It also contains Pro Vitamin B5 which can accelerate cell metabolism to help with reducing pore size and make the skin look brighter.

Apple shared that it is applied right after the extractions as this is the best time for the skin to absorb any nutrients!

Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

To make sure that the essence penetrates more deeply, Apple used a machine called the Microwave Meso Mesin machine. This machine uses Radiofrequency to make sure that the essence is delivered right down to the dermis layer. At the same time, it firms the skin and reduces any facial lines.

To make sure that the essence penetrates more deeply, Apple used a machine called the Microwave Meso Mesin machine. This machine uses Radiofrequency to make sure that the essence is delivered right down to the dermis layer. At the same time, it firms the skin and reduces any facial lines.

Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

The final step is the application of the aqua cactus mask. This mask includes cactus extracts which is full of antioxidants and Vitamin B1 which helps with stem cell production and skin repair.

Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

She applied generous amounts of the mask onto my face where it was left to set for about 20 minutes.

I loved this part because that while I'm relaxing, I know that my skin is getting the nutrients it needs. 

After few acne treatments at Apple Queen Beauty
After few acne treatments at Apple Queen Beauty

This is how my face looked after the facial. 

Much much better now compared to a year ago when I started journeying with Apple. 

Thank you Apple for making me feel more confident about myself!

Overall thoughts

I've spent so much money on my face and was still stuck with acne. So I sort of gave up on myself and thought that I had to live with this type of face forever.

It was only after meeting Apple that I could see a way out. Without needing to spend 5-figure sums of money, my acne cleared up within 2 sessions and my face just got better and better each time I go to her. So I truly want to thank Beauty Undercover for introducing Apple to me and for Apple to give so much of her time and advice that helped my face get better. 

我话不会多说,只是想表达我最深切的感谢~ Agent J

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