3 Reasons Why Salon 5 is the Best Hair Salon You Won't Regret Trying in Katong (And Why This True-Blue Singaporean Choose to Come here)

Published on Jun 23, 2021

With delectable eats at every corner, Katong is definitely a treasure trove of good foods. With wonton noodles, old-school cakes, floral-flavoured ice cream and yummy rojak hidden in each nook and cranny of the eclectic neighbourhood, it is no wonder why it is often considered to be a paradise for foodies. 

Talk about hair salons however, and you'll find residents raising their brows. Yes, there're a number of chain salons here but is there any that stands out in terms of a unique boutique experience?

Having stayed in Katong all her life, Agent B would tell you that such salons are few and far between (almost non-existent). There is however one that her husband uncovered 10 years ago - one that she has unfailingly gone to since she first stepped in: Salon 5. Read on to find out why she is so in love with the place and what she usually does at the salon.

1. The Nostalgic Decor Salon 5 Fits Right Into Katong

I'm not usually a decor kind of person but the vibe when I first entered, just made me want to stay. ~ Agent B
Salon 5 Interior

No doubt, there are many salons in Katong but how many actually incorporate the nostalgia and characteristic hipster vibe of a salon that can only be in Katong? When we actually headed down to Salon 5, we understood why Agent B was so enthralled. 

Salon 5 isn't the most opulent salon we've been but the detail and the thought put into the design of the place, including an old-school telephone, salon seat (which happened to feel very comfy) and the many vintage gems peppered throughout the salon made Salon 5 one of the most unique salons we've visited. 

2. Beautiful Hairstyles That Fit You to the Tee

The salon may be vintage but their hairstyles certainly aren't. 

Whether it is classy balayage 

Brown Balayage at Salon 5 Katong

a daring grey pixie cut

Grey Short Hair by Salon 5 Katong

Glamorous perms

Dark Brown Perm at Salon 5

Or even fringe highlights,  the team of stylists here can get you looking trendy in a way that is still uniquely you. 

Blonde Fringe Highlights by Salon 5
I've recommended a number of my friends here and none, I repeat NONE, have gone home disappointed. All of them are so full of praises for Carrie and her team because they are THAT good at what they do. ~ Agent B 

3. Genuine and Caring Stylists who encourage you to embrace yourself and treat you like family

Have greying curly hair and hope to do something special? The team here will work with you to see how they can spice up your hairstyle with a fringe highlight and while still retaining the greying hair that makes you you.

Blonde Fringe Highlights by Salon 5

This is just an example of how the stylists here go the extra mile to embrace who you are as you experiment and have fun with your hair.

They'll proactively include scalp protection in their hair colours,

Milbon Scalp Support Oil at Salon 5

Use top quality hair colours 

Ordeve Hair Colour Used in Salon 5

and most importantly, stay honest to their professional opinion without passing negative judgments or coercing you to do a specific service. Instead, the staff here treats every customer more like family as they will share about what service you should do to keep the price low while still delivering the desired result.

There's a certain peace of mind knowing that Carrie and her team will take great care of my hair.  Each time I come here, the experience is transparent, fuss-free and worry-free because I have absolute trust that they will what's best at the lowest cost possible. It is this peace of mind that gets me coming back again and again. ~ Agent B

As a result, every visit here feels like a homecoming that customers look forward to, each time. 

Want to know exactly what an experience at Salon 5 feels like? We follow Agent B for her regular colour at Salon 5

What an experience at Salon 5 feels like

For those who haven't been to Salon 5, it is located along the charming Joo Chiat Rd, home to quaint cafes, restaurants and historic shophouses that (surprise!) are very instagrammable. If you drive, you'd be happy to note that Salon 5 has complimentary parking (first come first served) but you may have to give them a call to check its availability and where to enter. 

It is pretty easy to find with its barber light pole and the vintage barber chair at the window.

The moment I enter, one of the staff welcomed me to the seat. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Soon after, Carrie came over. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

She'll examine my hair and chat with me to see what I would like done for the day.

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

I'm not sure if it is obvious to you but... I have greying hair!

(Thank you Carrie for making sure it is not easily seen!)

I find grey hairs very unsightly and hence have been going to salons to colour my hair every 6-8 weeks. I've however been moving around different salons over the past 10 years because I haven't met a single stylist who could understand what I want... until Carrie. My husband heard a lot of raves from a friend of his and encouraged me to give her a try; since then, I've never looked back. Many stylists told me to bleach my hair previously to get the pale colours I was looking for but Carrie managed to help me achieve the light natural tones - all without bleaching! Ever since I met her, my hair hasn't been bleached.

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Yet I was able to achieve the colours I wanted, so you can imagine why I've been going to her since then. 

Today, like most of my visits, included a hair colour to recover my root regrowth as well as treatments to perk up my dry hair. Truth is, my hair is a lot smoother and healthier now after I embarked on Carrie's suggestion to swap out hair conditioners for hair masks. But I do still enjoy the regular hair treatments as they give my hair a shine that looks so good after a colour. 

So once we're ready, we proceeded with the next step: the colouring itself. 


Prior to the colour, Carrie was careful to apply the Scalp Protector from Milbon. This is the magic product that will make sure that my scalp is well-protected and will not itch during the process. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Once applied, she began to mix the colours to colour my roots. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

She uses Japanese colour Ordeve from Milbon as the formulation is able to penetrate deep into the hair while reducing hair damage due to lower levels of alkaline. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5
Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Once complete, she mixed a darker colour and applied it to the rest of the hair. 

Carrie promised that it will look ashy and somewhat chrome, and would not look too dark!

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5
Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

To minimize damage, she uses a cling wrap to encourage my body heat to process the colour instead of machines. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Wash and Treatment

When the hair colour had finished processing, Katie helped to wash the colour off to ensure that the dye has been removed completely.

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Knowing that I like my hair smooth and shiny after a colour, Carrie applied the Mucota Scena Hair Treatment for me. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

She got a few pumps of Mucota Scena Adel and massaged through my hair. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

To ensure that the treatment penetrates my hair well, my hair was placed under this machine that emits a blue light and warm mist for 15 minutes.

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Once done, Carrie then sprayed the hair repairing Mucota Scena Brava onto my damp hair. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Finally, she rubbed the MUCOTA Scena Calore to seal my hair cuticle and give it the shine and gloss.

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

My hair was subsequently steamed for another 10 minutes before Carrie rinsing

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Finally, my hair is ready for final blow dry and styling.

And these are the results!

Result of Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Look at how bouncy and soft is afterwards!

Result of Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

It feels so good, I can't help touching it!

Result of Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

The colour itself is gorgeous and kinda looks different under different light.

Result of Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

In places with lower light, the colour looks ashy and almost chromatic. When sun shines in it, the ash brown turns somewhat translucent... just the way I like it. 

Result of Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

With the hair all coloured, I don't have to worry about my unsightly grey hair getting shown to the world whenever I sit down. 

Result of Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

I'm a happy woman.

Result of Ash Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Thank you Carrie for always making me look and feel great whenever I'm here. Really excited to show my new hair to my husband and friends!

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the amazing experience I always have here at Salon 5. I come here really often so if you see me there, don't forget to say hi!

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