3 Sultry Hairstyle Tweaks That Makes You Look and Feel Sexier

Published on Mar 31, 2021

In 2019, we wouldn't have seen face masks becoming the hottest new accessory. Fast forward a year and in 2020 it was all about masks, lipsticks and makeup lay forgottten on our dressing tables. This is the new normal, it is COVID-19 vibe and it is still going strong in 2021. 

Most of us are going on about our lives as per usual but there are a few of us who have  run into this question:

What can we do to add that bit of sexiness into our lives?

Before you take up your pitchforks and prepare for battle, know that we're not here to objectify ourselves or enocurage others to do so for the benefit of the opposite gender. Tweaking your image to look more sexy enhances your femininity and often, boosts your confidence in a way that naturally attracts people (both friends and lovers) to you.

Sherlin from Be U Hair Design would probably know, given the many transformations she had done for herself and customers over the years. 

While dressing has a part to play, believe it or not, it is your HAIR that you notice about yourself every day.Not your makeup or what you wear but your hair.~ Sherlin, Be U Hair Design

What then are some hairstyle tweaks that can instantly enhance our sexuality? We ask Sherlin and Tony, Co-Founders of Be U Hair Design for advice.

If you're wondering why we're asking them, both Sherlin and Tony have created a systematic hairstyle consultation process that recommends your ideal hairstyle according to your facial features, lifestyle and your vibe after going for intensive training in 2019. Yep, they look into your facial contour (width of your forehead, proportion of width from one cheek and jawline to another), chin contour (round, angular), eyes contour (single lidded vs round) and even nose contour (low bridge, aquinine) and mouth contour (thickness) AND combine their findings with your intended vibe and image before designing a hairstyle for you. 

Now that you understand why, let's head back to the sultry hairstyle tweaks they recommend to help you look more sexy.

1. Longer Hair Length (customized to your face shape)

Surveys time and time again have shown longer hair length to be an important facet of sexuality for both men and women.

Hairstyles According to Face Shape by Be U Hair Design

Image Courtesy of Be U Hair Design

That is not to say that bob haircuts can't be sexy (cue Marilyn Monroe) but longer hair just fits the typical image of Aphrodite better... possibly because we can run our hands through them? 

It is not enough to keep your hair long though. Keeping it long and straight can unfortunately drag your face down and highlight features that may not be the most flattering.

Sexy Elegant Look with Pink Highlights by Be U Hair Design

Image Courtesy of Be U Hair Design

Take the above customer as an example, the long hair accentuates her square face shape and made the top of her head look flat. To overcome the problem of square face shape, Tony gave her a layered fringe that better frames her face and makes the squareness less obvious. The colour too takes away the sallowness of the complexion and softens the overall look. 

Wanting to look sexy can be as simple as going to the salon for a trim and colour refresh; we can keep your gorgeous long length but spruce it up a little to keep you looking amazing. ~ Tony, Be U Hair Design

2. Add some bounce and curls

It is no coincidence that most Hollywood actresses have their hair curled when acting in iconic bedroom scenes.

Image Courtesy of Be U Hair Design

There's just something so vibrant and touchable about curls when we tousle our hair that oozes confidence and personality.

Sexy Hairstyle Curl and Brown Colour by Be U Hair Design

Image Courtesy of Be U Hair Design

A perm is therefore a common recommendation by stylists for ladies who want to up their sex appeal. 

Sexy Look Perm For Round Face by Be U Hair Design

Image Courtesy of Be U Hair Design

Perm immediately gives ladies a softness and femininity that just isn't there with a straight hairstyle. ~ Sherlin, Be U Hair Design

A good perm must however frame the face well. With voluminous hair, there is always a danger that it may make your face look bigger than it is. Getting a good haircut before the perm will add movement and make sure that it contours your face to conceal your insecurities.

For the above two ladies, the layered cut frames their face better and creates an illusion of fuller hair and hence, smaller face. For the second lady, the curls also distract against the broader forehead, creating a balanced overall look.

3. Healthy Tresses

No matter how long or curly your hair is, waking up with dry and tangled hair is unlikely to make you look or feel sexy. 

Sexy Look Long Hair by Be U Hair Design

Image Courtesy of Be U Hair Design

Adding some structure to your locks with some TLC can go a long way to helping you feel good about yourself. 

Image Courtesy of Be U Hair Design

Treatments should definitely be a part of your routine as it gives the kind of shine to your hair that you see in shampoo ads.But did you know that colour play a part as well?~ Tony, Be U Hair Design

As Tony shared, brassy faded colours can make one look sallow, old and tired - which tends not to fit the definition of sexy. Going for darker violet hair colours will immediately reduce the appearance of hair damage while at the same time, kill off the yellow even as the colour fades!

Want to get your own sexy hair upgrade?

Haircuts at Be U Hair Design starts from $38 and they are having 10% off for all first timers, perfect for budget-savvy ladies looking for a customized hair design with your own blend of personality!

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