25 Shades of Red to Celebrate Singapore's 52nd National Day

Published on Aug 03, 2017

Singapore's turning 52 and what better way to show your love than to don the patriotic colours?

And no, we are not referring to the standard red and white apparel, step out of the norm and wear your patriotism on your nails or even your hair! What's great is these looks are not just reserved for National Day, you can rock them at any day or time of the year but since August 9 is not too far away, why not get inspired with these shades of red?

Before Burgundy Hair Colour
Burgundy Hair Colour

It all starts with your eyes. 

An accented pink or red lash would definitely get everyone looking at NDP!

Pink Coloured Lash Extensions

Coloured lash extensions at Allongee Beauty Design

Then your hair.

Pink Rose Gold Hair Colour

Red Rose Gold Ombre by Picasso Hair Studio

Say "I Love Singapore" with this Red Rose Gold Ombre

Red Balayage by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

Or go for a muted red ombre if you're not up for a bright and bold red ...

Reddish Brown Hair Colour

Rose Balayage Ombre by Chez Vous

Rose Balayage is a good alternative if you're just intending to colour your ends.

Red Ombre

Red Ombre by Follicle Salon

You can also opt for a warmer tone ombre if you want to keep your look classy.

But if you are in a professional working environment, you can try reddish highlights like this ...

Red Bob by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

or peek-a-boo red for that hint of wildness while still looking professional.

Red Coloured Hair End

COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Peekaboo Red Hair by Branche Hair Salon

Branche Hair Salon

You can stick to the classic red or go darker for a more mature look.

Dark Red Hair Colour by Flamingo

Flamingo Hair Studio

Reddish brown is a good in between for those who want to rock red hair but unsure if red might suit them.

Dark Red Hair Colour on Short Hair

Contrasting red highlights against your natural jet black hair is also another great alternative if you don't want to go full red. 

Red Highlights by No.8 Hair Studio

If red is not your colour, warm pink and purple make for a stunning combination.

Pink and Violet Ombre from Color Bar by Full House Salon

Combine them and you may get a more work-friendly colour. 

Violet Pink Balayage by Leekaja

Violet Pink Balayage by LeeKaJa Korean Salon

There's always peek-a-boo pink!

Peek-a-boo Pink by Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Too much pink for your liking? Try a sunset ombre which has more muted tones.

You can never go wrong with classic rose gold ...

Rose Gold Hair by LeeKaJa

Or this smoky pink we don't often see on others. 

It's the perfect blend of brown, red and pink, creating the perfect colour for that subtle pop.

Orange Red Hair Colour

Tokio de Sinka Perm by Act Point Salon

Not good at styling your hair? There's always Tokio de Sinka Perm... which allows your hair to be permed if you've bleached your hair once!

Want something more subtle, why not red nail colours?

Red Nail Art by Leekaja

LeeKaJa Korean Beauty Salon

Doesn't this manicure nail the design of the Singapore flag without being too cheesy?

Red Ombre Nails by Branche Nail Salon

Alternatively you can go for red ombre nails and add in the crescent and stars for a more accurate depiction of the Singapore flag.

But if all that seems a bit over the top, classic red nails with mandala design might be more suited for you.

Red Nail Art for National Day

Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

Still too much? It can't get any subtle than a simple red accent nail.

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