Here's Why Short, Cute and Sassy Hairstyles Are Trending

Published on Sep 13, 2019

Do you find more and more women around you going for short, sassy hairstyles these days? Yes, short dos are trending!

You could pin it on the heat. With the mercury soaring, shorter hair is cooler, lighter and fresher. You could put it down to a desire to change things up. While the average 20-sometihing is tossing her long tresses, her future-forward, edgier sister is rocking a spunky short haircut.

If you're still not convinced, here are 5 more reasons why you might want to lop off your locks.

Best Reasons to Try A Short, Cute and Sassy Hairstyle

1. You'll Have More Fun

Short hair adds sass to your style because it looks playful, helps refresh your look and takes the years off.  It just shouts: Fun!

You know what they say, a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life! 

Long Hair
Trendy Cute Short Hair by Toki+Lim

Before vs After Short Perm at Toki+LIM

Don't you think the short hair makes Agent V look totally different?

2. Japanese Stylists Can Give You A Cute Look

While short hairstyles can add youthfulness, it can also make you look older when not done well.

For a really cutesy look, we recommend going to Japanese stylists because they know where to add the curls and waves to up your kawaii quotient. 

Cute Short Hair

While you may associate perms with long, flowy curls, they can look just as flattering on short hair. Not only that, they also allow you to roll out of bed with hair that only needs to be given a quick brush. 

Short Sassy Hair by TOKI+LIM

3. It Brings Focus to Your Face

Don't cover your beautiful features with your hair. Get a flattering cut that enhances your features and complements your face. Long layers can lengthen your face while bangs shorten it.

The shorter length will draw attention to your face while longer hair draws attention away from your face. Let your stylist know what you want to accentuate and what you wish to hide, and they'll be able to create something that ticks all your boxes!

Cute Short Haircut by Toki+Lim

Short Haircut by TOKI+LIM

4. Your Face Can Look Slimmer

Shorter hair tends to be more voluminous around the face and is able to contour your facial features.

For example, if you have a round face, adding volume to the top of your head will help to balance your face shape. If you have a thin face, adding larger curls to your hair can give the illusion of a fuller face. 

Slimmer Face with Short Haircut

5. It's Low Maintenance

If you've had short hair before, you'd know that making it look good is an art, especially in the mornings. Add a perm and things get totally transformed. With the curls set in place, all you have to do is wash your hair, apply a quick styling lotion, blow it dry and you're ready to go!

We sent Agent V to new Japanese salon Toki+LIM salon for a short and sassy perm before she heads to Australia for further studies. Read on to see how much she was transformed.

Agent V's Experience

Hi, I'm Agent V.

I recently graduated from Poly and will be heading to a Melbourne university soon. I am so happy to graduate but it's kind of a bittersweet feeling because I will miss my many awesome friends here. 

School has been pretty rabs (crazy) in the final year with all the projects and exams so you can imagine I didn't have time to take care of my hair properly.. And that's a reason why it looks like this:

My Hair Before Getting Short Haircut at Toki+LIM
My Hair Before Getting Short Haircut at Toki+LIM

My hair is kind of thick and frizzy, which gives me bedhead when I wake up every morning. It has some sort of a natural curl so I had Rebonded it quite some time ago. 

Now that I've finally graduated and have some time for myself before getting into the grind again, I thought it was finally time to do something about my hair.

Coincidentally, one of my friends who is a staff at Toki+LIM mentioned that the new Japanese salon was looking for a hair model keen to try a short perm. I had previously gone there for a root retouch and loved the results as they had managed to correct my hair colour in a very natural way. So, I was very excited to return. 

I've had long hair for the longest of time but  always wanted to try something radical. Short waves sounded fine as long as it looks good so I thought, why not? 

Step 1: Consultation

The salon had just opened not too long ago. It didn't just look atas (high class), the entire place felt somewhat like Totoro's Caves with high ceilings and private spaces demarcated by the concrete caverns.

Private Cubicle at Toki+LIM

My stylist of the day was the very pretty Kyonmi. I think she's really special because she's Korean but grew up in Japan. So, she's very familiar with both Japanese and Korean styles, which I feel suits me pretty well. Most importantly, she speaks English fluently so we connected really easily. You can see how well we got along from this picture:

Hair Consultation at Toki+LIM

I already knew that we would be going for a short perm today but we discussed just how short we would go and how she would design the perm to bring out the playfulness in the look. 

Honestly, I have full faith in her given that I had gotten my hair done by her before and because Kyonmi herself always looks so stylish. 

So here we go!

Step 2: Washing

The junior stylist escorted me to their hair wash area with a seat that automatically reclined.

Hair Wash at Toki+LIM

How cool is that?

Hair Wash at Toki+LIM

I am used to going to neighbourhood salons where shampooing is done in cramped places so when a salon uses such comfortable chairs with such high-end equipment, I'm more than wowed. Even the shower head here feels different as the water pressure seems so gentle.

Hair Wash at Toki+LIM

Once in position, the junior stylist gave me a really thorough wash. Kyonmi shared that they use carbonated water that helps to get rid of any dirt and sweat still on the scalp. 

Step 3: Cutting

Back at the seat, Kyonmi began cutting my hair.

Haircut at Toki+LIM

As you can see, she really went for a big chop. I felt the weight of my hair getting lighter. While I did feel a little wistful, I wasn't worried because I knew Kyonmi would do a good job.

Haircut at Toki+LIM

Once the cut was complete, she applied the Tokio 0 pre-treatment to nourish and protect my hair against the impending damage.

Haircut at Toki+LIM

The Tokio 0 pre-treatment is part of the perm so I didn't have to pay extra for this luxury. Yay!

Application Tokio O Pre Treatment Before Perm at Toki+LIM

Step 4: Application of Perm Lotion

With the hair well protected, it was time to apply the perm lotion.

Application of Perm Lotion at Toki+LIM

They rubbed it all over my hair and even used their hands to massage the solution in to make sure it was evenly distributed.

Application of Perm Lotion at Toki+LIM

Once my hair was coated, they wrapped it in cling wrap and used a hair dryer to heat it slightly. This helped to speed up the process.

Application of Perm Lotion at Toki+LIM

After waiting for about 20 minutes, the perm lotion was rinsed off.

Application of Perm Lotion at Toki+LIM

The stylist even gave me ab extra head massage to make me feel more comfortable. 

Step 6: Perming

Back at the seat once more, Kyonmi blew my hair dry with the help of the junior stylist. 

Curling Process at Toki+LIM

And yes, I noticed that they use Dyson hairdryers! Kyonmi shared that it is TOKI+LIM's philosophy to use the best products to achieve beautiful results with low damage. The entire salon is fitted with Dyson products.

Curling Process at Toki+LIM

Once my hair was dry, she began to curl it. As my hair was much shorter now, the process was pretty fast.

She then connected the rollers to the heating machine to heat up the curls and set the new shape.

Curling Process at Toki+LIM

Step 7: Setting lotion

When the timer rang, they removed the rollers to reveal my crazy curly hair.

Curling Process at Toki+LIM

This was my first time perm so I was a little worried that I'd look like an obasan (auntie). 

Kyonmi assured me this was normal because she still needed to use a flat iron to straighten the curls and make them more natural-looking.

Curling Process at Toki+LIM

So much work for my hair!

I was touched.

Curling Process at Toki+LIM

When they had been straightened my hair slightly to create C-curls at the ends, Kyonmi applied the setting lotion to seal the perm in place.

Curling Process at Toki+LIM

Step 8: Final wash

After about 15 minutes, the hair assistant helped to wash off the setting lotion. He was careful to gently comb through my hair without tugging my curls which would have straightened them. 

Final Hair Wash at Toki+LIM

With the final rinse, my hair was almost done.

Final Hair Wash at Toki+LIM

A quick reminder of how my hair looked: 

My Hair Before Getting Short Haircut at Toki+LIM
My Hair Before Getting Short Haircut at Toki+LIM

This is how it looks like now:

My Hair Before Getting Short Haircut at Toki+LIM
How I Look After Getting Short Haircut and Perm at Toki+LIM
How I Look After Getting Short Haircut and Perm at Toki+LIM
How I Look After Getting Short Haircut and Perm at Toki+LIM

What do you think?

How I Look After Getting Short Haircut and Perm at Toki+LIM

I wasn't completely used to seeing myself with short hair at first.

How I Look After Getting Short Haircut and Perm at Toki+LIM

But soon, I'm loving it!

It could be my imagination but there's even a certain cuteness I didn't see in myself before. 

How I Look After Getting Short Haircut and Perm at Toki+LIM

My new look has made me more daring with my wardrobe as well. I've been trying out different styles.  

Short Hair Styling

Thank you Kyonmi!

Now I'm ready to take on Melbourne's summer with my new hairdo!

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