7 Short Hairstyles That Still Looks Classy and Feminine for Women

Published on Apr 28, 2021

Yes, we know that the weather is really hot these days and it's really time for a short hairstyle. 


Would we look too fierce... or even tomboyish if we go for short hairstyles? 

According to stylists from Chez Vous Hair Salon, there is certainly a danger of looking too masculine with short hairstyles. But with these tweaks, they assure us that we can still rock short and medium hair without losing an ounce of femininity. 

Read on to find out how. 

1. Opt for bangs

If you want to look cute and feminine all at the same time, we highly recommend you to consider bangs. It hides lines on your forehead and changes your face shape to look softer and rounder - in short: girlish. ~ Luis, Chez Vous Hair Salon
Shoulder Length Korean Lob Cut with See Through Bangs by Chez Vous

There is a reason why air bangs was so popular previously; it frames your face in such a way that you look pleasantly sweet even with shorter hair. Add appropriate layers that connects with the air fringe and you'll get a soft look that is feminine, warm and highly approachable. 

Sleek Doll Bob with Bangs by Chez Vous

Whoever says that short hair can't be feminine obviously hasn't seen the doll bob! This haircut pairs a voluminous fringe with the classic bob cut to bring out your alluring eyes and sharp facial features.

Perfect for those of you with oval face shape!

2. Layer for extra Chic and Elegance

Layering makes certain sections of the hair lighter.This gives your hair the movement for extra chic and elegance. ~ Joyce,  Chez Vous Hair Salon
Chic Shoulder Length Layered Bob by Chez Vous

Not fond of bangs? Go for the versatile layered bob. As the layers can be adjusted according to your face shape, this hairstyle best contours the face while allowing us to look chic, assertive and fashionable all at the same time. 

With the layers that give your hair movement and softness, no one will ever say that this hairstyle looks masculine. 

The layered lob looks good but it's still a little long. Is there a shorter style that still looks feminine?
Short French Bob by Chez Vous

For those of you looking for something shorter, the modified French bob can be a good option. This hairstyle pairs the layered bob with curtain bangs and tapered ends for more voluminous hair. Despite its much shorter length, the French bob creates a rounded silhouette that retains much femininity and style. For extra volume, you can even go for a root or body perm!

With the curtain bangs designed to be right at your cheeks, it highlights your cheekbones and makes the rest of your face look slimmer. Perfect for those with oval, diamond, heart, and long face shapes.

Short Japanese Pixie Bob Haircut by Chez Vous

Prefer a more Asian palette? The Japanese pixie bob goes a little shorter and adds a splash of brown for the pixie bob hybrid. You can still have a long fringe personalised to flatter your face shape but the emphasis of this hairstyle however turns from rounded silhouette and volume to stylish texture and class with your tucked in fringe. 

3. Remove the Frizz

Short hair may look good on the day of the salon visit but if you don't remove the frizz, you may not be as happy with the end result back home.~ Wai Kan

Pixie hairstyles look good with some texture but for those of you going for blunt bobs, you may have to consider going for anti-frizz treatments. 

Blunt Bob by Chez Vous

A blunt bob is a timeless haircut that doesn't have much layers. The bluntness of it all sets off a contrast against your small oval, heart or diamond shape, making you look particularly chic and edgy. 

For a blunt bob to look good, however, it does require hair to be straight or at the very least, look put-together. This therefore makes rebonding or Sugar Hair Lamination the perfect companion to the blunt bob cut. 

Short A-Line Bob by Chez Vous

Is the blunt bob too edgy for you? Go for the Lisa bob or the modernised version of the classic A-line bob! Inspired by Lisa from Blackpink, this hairstyle is not overly concave, giving a natural, semi-soft finish with face-framing layers. 

If it is feminine enough for Lisa, it is certainly feminine enough for us. 

Love the classy short hairstyles from Chez Vous Hair Salon? Chez Vous is the MOST reviewed hair salon on Beauty Undercover and definitely among our most trusted in Singapore. So give them a go and we're sure that they'll deliver your dream short hair in style.

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