Is Shorter Hair or Longer Hairstyles more suitable for you? That depends if you pass the 3 inch Golden Rule

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Short hairstyles like the pixie and tapered bob have become more and more popular in recent years.  

With Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, Kirsten Stewart and Emma Stone rocking short hairstyles in 2017, the temptation to lop off your locks is inevitable.

Instagram @kyliejenner

Before you request for that short haircut, the haircut specialists at Chez Vous Hair Salon say that there is a way to test if short haircuts are for you... without needing you to pull your hair back and imagine yourself with a short hairstyle. 

All you need is a Ruler and a comb!

The Golden 3 Inch Rule

Position the comb horizontally below your chin, then place the ruler vertically below the ear.

3 Inch Rule Face

The distance between the pencil and the ruler is what we want to measure.

The magic number is 3. Close to 3-inch? Lucky you! You look great whether you chop it short or keep it long.

If it is less than 3 inches, then like Ginnifer Goodwin and Scarlett Johannsen, your face is made for short hair.

If that measurement is more than 3 inches, long hair will be more flattering.

Instagram @kimkardashian

This is an adaptation from the John Frieda 2.25 inch rule developed for Caucasians. After much research, Chez Vous Hair Salon has adapted this to Asian faces with 3 inch being the new Golden number. 

If you are still not convinced that you should abide by the 3-inch golden rule, take a look at these haircut transformations by Chez Vous Hair Salon and watch how the right haircut according to face shape makes for the perfect hairstyle!

Transformations for Faces Less than 3 Inch

Case Study #1: Joyce

Before and After Short Haircut at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Designed by: Associate Salon Director, Veyond Chong

Services: Cut & Base Colour Customisation

Joyce's long hair length was “dragging” her face down, making her look tired.

The bob haircut helps to create an energised and fresh vibe, which is vital in any workplace.

The shorter length also accentuates Joyce's features and beautiful cheekbones.

Transformation #2: Sarah

Before and After Short Haircut, Colour and Highlights at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Designed by: Chief Salon Director, Thomas Teo

Services: Cut, Colour & Highlights 

Is it true that women with round and fuller face shape shouldn't wear their hair short?

No, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! It all boils down to correct cut, layers and fringe type.

Sarah’s face shape, despite being short suits a shorter hair length like the pixie cut. She definitely looks fresher and chic without her long hair weighing her down.

Transformation #3: Luanne

Before and After Short Haircut, Korean Perm and Copper Hair Colour at Chez Vous

Designed by: Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous, Oscar Lee

Services: Cut, Amplified Treatment K-Perm, Base Colour Customisation

Luanne, a mother of two, will be returning back to the workforce very soon. To rejuvenate her overall look, Oscar gave her a K-pop inspired permed hair that makes her look confident and empowered while still looking chic.

Note that a short perm suits her better as the measured face length from her ear to her chin is below 3 inches!

Transformations for Faces Longer than 3 Inch

Transformation #4: Rachel

Before and After Haircut and Hair Contouring Pink Balayage at Chez Vous

Designed by: Associate Salon Director, Readen Chia

Services: Cut & Hair Contouring using Rose Pink Balayage hues

Keep your tresses down if you have a long face shape like Kim Kardashian. A longer face favours longer locks. 

Rachel’s face shape is considered long, so short hairstyles won't be flattering on her and can make her face look disproportionate. That said, it doesn't mean those with long faces can't afford to snip off their tresses for a slightly shorter cut. 

If you hope to go for a shorter hairdo despite having a longer face shape, the following makeovers may give you some ideas on how to do so.

Transformation #5: Katie

The Classic Long Bob + "Below the brows" bangs

Before and After Haircut, Colour and Highlights at Chez Vous

Designed by: Salon Director of Chez Vous, Serene Tan

Services: Cut, Base Colour + Highlights Customisation & Cold Perm

Take a look at Katie, who has an oblong face shape. Don’t she look better in a slightly shorter hair length?

The textured bangs created for Katie, “shortens” her face shape to match the new shorter hair length. For women who are afraid to cut their hair short, the lob is worth a try. This versatile style is able to hide the larger lower jaws too, yet it is neither too long nor too short. 

For Katie, Serene deliberately designed the currently trending "below the brows" bangs, that start from one cheekbone and end at the other cheekbone, blending into the two-sides to "create" a shorter and more ovalish face shape to suit a shorter hairdo. Also, the tousled Lob (long bob), which suits almost every face shape, also gives Katie a more contemporary image. 

Transformation #6: Lily

"Just Above the Chin" bob haircut

Professional Ladies Short Haircut and Colour at Chez Vous

Designed by: Salon Director of Chez Vous, Serene Tan

Services: Cut & Base Colour Customisation

Having a slightly longer face doesn't mean that you must completely shy away from short haircuts.

Salon Director Serene designed a layered cut for Lily so that she can maintain the length of the long bob while redistributing the weight of the hair to the crown for a more voluminous and perky look. 

To "create" a more proportionate face shape, the trick is to end the hair length (either both sides or just one side) just above the chin. This will help frame the face, making it look less longish. The asymmetric 3:7 side part styles is deliberately designed so as to make Lily look slimmer and give the illusion of a more oval looking face shape. 

If you've ever wondered what type of haircut suit you best, we'd highly recommend you to give Chez Vous Hair Salon a go. The stylists here are very experienced and are able to explain to you in detail about why you suit a particular hair length and style best. 

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