10 Simple New Year Beauty Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

Published on Dec 29, 2017

New Year, New You!

As one year ends, the other begins, bringing fresh inspiration and drive as we start the year anew.

Have you already thought of what you want to achieve in this new year? If not, we would humbly like to suggest adopting some of these simple beauty resolutions for 2018!

Read on to see what they are.

1. Drink enough water

Drink Water

Water is important for your mental awareness, and it’s also essential for healthy, glowing skin. Avoid a dehydrated, dull complexion by boosting your water intake with the help of a reusable bottle that can travel with you on the go. How much of water you need to drink depends on your weight and lifestyle. An active individual would need to consume more water than one who leads a sedentary lifestyle. Start off simple with 8 glasses, and then you can progress to your recommended water intake.

2. Walk at least 10,000 steps every day

A little exercise goes a long way. It keeps your body active and helps you shed those extra pounds. Did you know that our Health Promotion Board is having a special National Steps Challenge where you can get rewarded for walking and exercising enough?

They give away free vouchers when you've reached certain fitness milestones. Although the rewards are not a lot, it is something! 

3. Blow dry your hair

Don't go to bed with wet hair as this can not only lead to a head cold but it's also not good for your scalp health. Moist hair invites bacteria, which leads to oily scalp, ultimately affecting healthy hair growth.

Blow Dry Hair

Stylist at Picasso Hair Studio teaching Agent F how to Blow Dry her new perm

Do a quick blow dry by running your fingers through your hair as you point the hairdryer downwards. Don't forget to use a heat protectant before blow drying!  

4. Cut your hair a little shorter

Give yourself a new 'do in the new year!

Before and After Haircut for Curly Hair at Ann's Studio
Before and After Haircut for Curly Hair at Ann's Studio

Haircut byAnn's Studio @ The Adelphi

Shorter hair takes less time to style and is easier to manage. If you need a little convincing on why you should ditch your long locks, check out these reasons to rock a bob in the new year. Shorter hair is also less stressful on the scalp and doesn't weigh it down as much. Hence, don't be surprised if your scalp seems less painful or you don't experience headaches as often when you don a short hairstyle.

5. Believe in yourself

Believe it or not, your confidence affects your beauty and how people see you. We all have flaws, work towards embracing them and realising they do not define you. If frizzy hair or bad skin is affecting your confidence, take heart and do not give up.

Before and After Acne Facial at Organics Beauty

Before and After Acne Facial at Organics Beauty Japanese Beauty Salon

You just haven't met the right therapist or the right product that can help you, so keep your eyes peeled for features and reviews on Beauty Undercover that might prove useful to you; here at Beauty Undercover, we don't recommend services that do not work. We check for effectiveness of the services before any feature so you can be more confident about the services you see here!

6. Clean your makeup brushes

Makeup Brush Cleaning

Makeup brushes full of dirt and grime, which are not going to do your complexion any favours! Furthermore, it can clog pores and worsen breakouts. Make a vow to regularly clean your brushes once a week to rid them of lingering bacteria, and your skin will thank you. A simple way to clean your brushes is to run your brushes under lukewarm water, then dip them in a mixture of shampoo and olive oil. Next, circle the brushes in the palm of your hand to remove the residue completely. Wash the brushes under lukewarm water again, and pat dry the brushes, leaving them to dry on a kitchen towel afterwards. The olive oil and shampoo help to keep your brushes soft.

7. Use quality beauty products

High quality doesn't mean it's going to cost you a bomb and likewise, affordable products don't mean it's of a sub-par standard. Whether it's hair or face products, make it a habit to do your research and read labels. What works for others might not work for you, so instead of going with the crowd or sticking to cheap products, educate yourself on what you are buying and make an informed choice.

High Quality Skincare

*Agent G found Bidou Skin Lotion from Yamano very useful for her skin!

8. Apply sunscreen daily

Apply Sunblock

UV rays are a major cause of ageing, which makes sunscreen an essential part of your skincare routine, especially in Singapore's hot and humid weather. Adding this essential and beneficial step barley takes seconds and can do wonders as a preventive measure. Even when you are too lazy to apply any other skincare product, don't hesitate to slap on some sunscreen.

If your face breaks out from the sunscreen, spot test different ones until you find the one that works for you. After trying numerous ones, Agent CW finally found the one that works for her: Yamano Sunscreen that does not contain Zinc Oxide (an irritant). 

Yamano Sunscreen

9. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new

If you never try, you'll never know. It's easy to get into a routine and stick with it. However, it sometimes pays to step outside of your comfort zone. Hence, set aside some time and budget to try that Korean style air fringe, eyelash extension or a crazy colour, and you may just discover a new side of yourself. It doesn't have to be a drastic change but make it a point to step outside your comfort zone and explore other options you usually wouldn't.

10. Learn more about yourself

Take notes about your personal health, both mental and physical health because being more careful can possibly save your life! Make an effort to go for regular screenings as well. You can also keep records about products you've tried and salons you've been to and whether you like them or not as this can help you make better decisions in the future. Just as uploading photos on Instagram and Facebook help us keep records of what happens in a day, you can also consider writing reviews on platforms such as Beauty Undercover to share your experience with others and keep a record of your hair experiences here!

AVEDA Scalp Treatment at Gene by Ginrich

Agent KZL received a complimentary AVEDA Pramasana Scalp Treatment from Gene by Ginrich after writing many reviews on Beauty Undercover

You may even win for yourself a free makeover when you write a review! We have given many free makeovers away to frequent Beauty Undercover reviewers in 2017 and will continue to do the monthly giveaway in 2018 :)

Did you set any beauty-related new year resolution for 2018?

Share with us below!

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