12 Affordable Hair Salons with Quality Ladies' Haircuts under $50

Published on Jul 01, 2021

It may feel nice to indulge in a fancy, high-end haircut once in a while, but we get that most of the time, a decent yet affordable haircut is all that most of us are looking for. 

So, if you're in need of a good haircut that will not burn a hole in your pocket, read on! We have consolidated a list of salons in Singapore that offer good-quality haircuts under $50.

1. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Price: $25 - 45

Situated behind Tampines One, Full House Salon looks like an unassuming neighbourhood hair salon on the outside, which is why the amazing haircuts that you can get here comes as a pleasant surprise to many.

Although this salon is best known for giving customers excellent, vibrant and long-lasting hair colours, the standard of haircuts here is arguable top-notch, too. 

Most of the stylists at Full House Salon, including Samantha and Natalie have just attended haircutting courses at Vidal Sassoon in London, so you can expect to get quality haircuts here!

2. Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Price: $26 for men, $35 for women

Prices at Act Point Salon are always kept supremely reasonable: They're home to probably the cheapest high quality perm salon in town!

Despite that, expect an emphasis on customer comfort, with a policy to never hardsell, or even upsell unnecessary services. They pretty much set the industry standard for being one of the most transparent and trustworthy hair salons in Singapore. So don’t be surprised if a hairstylist at Act Point refuses to perform a specific hair service you asked for - Even if you're willing to pay top dollar, they won't do anything that will be excessively damaging to your locks, and they should know, since this establishment is known for delivering solid chemical treatments and of course, beautiful haircuts.

Customer Review of Haircut by Focus Hairdressing

Where else can you get such affordable haircuts at below $35 in Orchard? If you have a little more budget though, we'd highly recommend you to get a cut by Master Hairstylists Bro, Ivy and Sophie as their skill is really impressive given its $45 price tag for ladies!

3. BE U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

Price: $38 - 58

This salon may not look particularly fancy but this humble salon is where you'll be able to find colour goddess Sherlin Yap and Tony, a team of highly experienced hairstylists. Although Sherlin is best known for her exceptional hair colouring skills, she is also super popular for haircuts that turn ordinary women extraordinary.

She credits her success with customers to the Personality Hairstyle Philosophy developed together with the Be U Hair Design team. What does the Personality Hairstyle entail?

Cheap Haircut and Hair Services Be U Hair Design

After doing much research and development, the Be U found that those hoping to look more authoritative at work can consider hairstyles that are shorter and colours that are darker to make you look more legit.

Cheap Haircut and Hair Services Be U Hair Design

Those who desire a bit more femininity in your style should consider shorter bangs and waves for a sweeter youthful vibe.

If you want to turn up the sex appeal though, longer hair length along with a perm is highly recommended.

Love their systematic and logical approach towards sculpting your vibe? Don't miss their transformational haircuts that start from $48 for ladies! Agent C and her family love haircuts at Be U Hair Design so much that her whole family comes here for haircuts - and pay a premium for founder Sherlin's superior cutting technique!

Premium Hair Service at Be U Hair Design

Read about Agent C's experience at Be U Hair Design here.

4. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

Price: $38 - 48

Within walking distance away from Jurong East MRT, No. 8 Hair Studio is absolutely gorgeous but that's not why we rave about it so much. The hairstylists anchoring this salon Jimmy, Kent, Shim and Wenny are very very good with haircut and colour. With just a few snips, they are able to cut years (and flab) away from your face. 

They are also extremely good with short cuts so look forward to a complete makeover the next time you make an appointment here!

5. Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza

Price: $40 - 55

Service here is no frills for sure but with affordable prices and a team of highly experienced hairstylists, you can expect to receive honest advice on your hair, a value-for-money haircut and an overall amazing service with no hardselling!

What's more, one of Focus Hairdressing's main goals is to help customers achieve beautiful and healthy hair. So, rest assured that only high-quality products will be used on your hair!

6. Style NA Korean Hair Salon @ Compass One / Parkway Parade

Price: $45 - 50

Style NA Korean Hair Salon Interior

If you're keen to look for Korean stylists in your neighbourhood, Style NA Korean Salon is a great place to start. They have a number of local and Korean stylists so you can choose the right stylist for your needs.

We're especially in LOVE with Asha from Compass One and Lala from Parkway Parade as they go the extra mile and make sure that the final hairstyle always looks good!  

7. Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City / Causeway Point / Jurong East JEM

Price: $40 - 60

Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon Interior

With salons in the North, West and Central of Singapore, Pro Trim is a popular option for an affordable yet decent haircut. There are so many good stylists at each Pro Trim outlet such that you have a variety of reliable options to choose from when getting a haircut. Prices start from $45 for senior stylists and $50 for Korean stylists.

There are however a lot of stylists so choose wisely to get the best bang for your buck. Popular stylists at Pro Trim include Joel Park from Ngee Ann City, Chris, 1 June and Yuna from Jurong East JEM as well as Mari from Causeway Point

8. The Space Korean Hair Salon @ The Cathay Dhoby Ghaut

Price: $48

The Space Korean Hair Salon is literally a dream come true for founder Lee Han. It had been her childhood ambition to own a cosy hair salon where customers can unwind and feel comfortable in after a long day's work, a place where they can feel well taken care of without having to worry. 

Chic decor and inviting ambience aside, Lee Han has built up a strong customer base with loyal regulars who won't think twice about travelling from all corners of Singapore to his salon just to get their hair cut by him. Lee Han's expertise and attention to detail are major draws.

Apart from Lee Han, Korean stylists Sha Sha, Joy and Mia are also professional and experienced stylists who are able to give customers the perfect Korean-style haircuts that they're looking for.

9. Picasso Hair Studio

Price: $48 - 96

Picasso Hair Studio Interior

Though Picasso Hair Studio is better known for their Perming and hair colours, regular customers can tell you that the haircuts here are pretty legit! 

Many of stylist Jesly's customers have remained exceedingly loyal to her just because they can't find any other stylist better able to deal with their difficult hair texture, and at such a reasonable price, too!

FYI, it isn't just Jesly who is good. The stylists here often go for training internally and externally to improve their hairdressing skill so the hairstyles they cut are very easily manageable. 

Beyond the typical cuts, the stylists at this salon are excellent at giving more artsy cuts as well. 

10. Mane Made @ The Midtown Hougang

Price: $50 (Ladies)

Mane Made Hair Salon Interior

The price is high compared to other hair salons in the neighbourhood but those who've tried Zen will know that it is absolutely worth it. 

Having worked with and trained under top stylists in Singapore, Zen's sculpted cuts are absolutely stunning. 

Affordable Short Professional Haircut by Mane Made

Whether you're thinking about sharper, more assertive cuts or flowy softer cuts, Zen delivers with precision and style. 

Affordable Short Professional Haircut by Mane Made

His service too is very personalized as he will attend to a maximum of 2 customers at one time and ensure that your hair looks amazing before letting you leave! 

11. Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

Price: $50-85

Hidden from the hubbub of Orchard Roard, Do My Hair salon offers a peaceful sanctuary right in the heart of town. Beyond its spacious and Instagrammable decor, the salon's three founders Renee, Ivy and Celia are all extremely experienced and committed to giving their customers the most pleasant experience possible. They are best known for giving haircuts that are able to solve various hair issues including frizz and thinning hair.

Because of how cosy this salon is and and how warm the stylists are, many who come here feel comfortable enough to bring their children, husbands or boyfriends along. In fact, many husbands and boyfriends have ended up getting their hair cut together with their wives and girlfriends!

As the stylist skill here is superb and the experience nothing short of amazing, this is a great deal we'd advise you not to miss!

12. Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing Interior

Price: From $35 for men, from $40 for women

This brand new kid on the block just opened its doors in the atmospheric Chinatown Point this October, but it's helmed by two extremely respected old-hands: Director Gary Lee - previously voted among the top hairstylists in Singapore and regular judge at hair competitions - as well as Ken Chang, previously a super sought-after star stylist at Focus Hairdressing. Customers can count on skilful, stylish cuts in a Scandinavian-industrial styled salon, at an extremely value-for-money price point.

Aside from haircut though, Kudos is well known for its affordable straightening and perming treatments, such as the one Ken did for Agent K.

Cheap Hair Treatment and Perm at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

If you're hoping to get hair as manageable as hers, check out her Rinka Argan Oil Treatment Perm at Kudos Hairdressing.

Special Mention

Looking for more than just a haircut? These salons are offering value-for-money deals for haircuts and treatments under $100.

HAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

Price: $68 for Director Cut (Promo: $90 for Haircut + Treatment)

This salon at Far East Plaza isn't just instagrammable; this is the place where two of our favourite local hairstylists Selyn and Qiu resides. Having been in a Korean hair salon for more than 10 years, they have amassed great skill in haircuts, colour and perms.

We love how both of them are able to incorporate a Korean vibe in their cuts and colours while ensuring that the style is still easy to maintain.

To encourage customers to take care of their hair, they've recently introduced a new promotion: haircut + treatment at just $90.

While the price is irresistibly low, that's not the only reason why we recommend HAF. Both Selyn and Qiu are very honest and down-to-earth; it is just not in them to hardsell or upsell products and services. As a result, the experience here is very relaxing as you won't be pressured to spend more than you intend to. It is this sincerity, honesty and chill vibe that makes HAF Salon one of our favourite affordable hair salons to recommend.

Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon @ Somerset

Price: $90 for Ladies Haircut + Davines Treatment

Hoping to try a Japanese hair experience under $100? Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon offers a complimentary treatment with every hair service, meaning that you pay only $90 for Ladies Haircut + Davines treatment. You can even choose to upgrade the treatment to Tokio Inkarami for the price of $190 or opt for a organic head spa instead at $120 with haircut.

Prices here are unbelievably low for a Japanese hair salon, making them a salon you should absolutely check out.

We recently sent Agent K here to get her hair colour done, so read more about her experience at Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon here

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