Video Hair Consultations is a NEW Thing in Singapore. Will You Try It?

Published on Mar 26, 2020

Have you ever gone down to a salon, only to have the stylist tell you that you can't do your desired hair service because it is not suitable for you or that it's bad for your hair condition? It's a tremendous waste of time that could have been better utilised elsewhere.

To save you from a wasted trip, Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar is the first in Singapore (and possibly first in the World!) to offer a video hair consultation. This new service comes especially apt during this time as it reduces any non-essential travelling between your home to the salon. 

Read on to find out how the process is like and why you should consider trying out this new service. 

Why Video Hair Consultations is the Next Thing to Try with Your Salon

1. No More Wasted Trips

As mentioned earlier, video hair consultations can save you precious time, particularly because your hair (and your wallet) may not be ready for the hair service you're thinking about. 


2. Reduces Risk of Getting COVID-19


Since the virus has been declared a pandemic by WHO, it's wise to reduce your contact with large groups of people. By doing video hair consultations, you get to stay at home and avoid possible exposure to the virus!

3. Get an idea of what hairstyle best suits you

For some of us, being in a salon and not knowing for sure what hairstyle you would like can be a particularly anxiety-inducing experience. Now with video hair consultations, you are able to have a chat with your preferred stylist on what look you are going for and make a clear decision before going over to the salon.  The stylist would also be able to help you figure out what look best complements your face shape. More clarity, less anxiety!

Online Video Consultation at Picasso Hair Studio

4. Provide an accurate quote 

It's hard to determine exactly how much you're going to spend in salons because of different hair lengths, textures and thickness. As your stylist determines the best options for you, you will be able to get an accurate quote without even going to the salon. This way, you are able to work within your budget.

Online Video Consultation at Picasso Hair Studio

5. Gives you a feeling of how your stylist looks and sounds like in person

Choosing a stylist is a very personal thing. After all, you will be spending hours looking at and talking to that person for hours every few weeks. While some stylists can give off a certain vibe in pictures, they might be different in person. Through your video call, you will be able to understand your stylist and determine if they are a good fit for you. No more awkward hair appointments!

Online Video Consultation at Picasso Hair Studio

6. If all you need is a haircut, you can arrange the stylist to come down to your place

After a successful hair consultation, if what you require is something that can be done without any complicated hair equipment, you may even be able to arrange for the stylist to come down to your home!

7. Ask some quick questions about your hair AFTER the service


Video consultations before doing your hair sounds great, now imagine how amazing it is to still be able to seek consultations with your stylist after you get your hair done. You will be able to arrange a post-service consultation to ask your stylist on how to style and care for your new 'do!

8. It's FREE so.. why not?

Yup, you heard right. We know that many people believe that "nothing in this world is free". They're wrong, though. This video consultation is totally free and you are not obligated to make a hair appointment afterwards

How Picasso Hair Studio Conducts Video Hair Consultations

The video hair consultation is conducted one-on-one via Whatsapp Video Call. During the consultation you can expect the stylist to share about what hairstyles suit you based on your preferences and lifestyle. They would also be able to advise you on what you can do with your current hairstyle. 

Online Video Consultation at Picasso Hair Studio

How can you arrange for the appointment?

1. Add Picasso on Whatsapp

Tanjong Pagar: 97500221

Bugis: 91520980

2. Schedule an appointment for a video call via Whatsapp message and let them know if you have a specified stylist you want to speak to

3. Prepare any photos of hairstyles you may have in mind

4. Prepare photos of yourself with your usual dressing style and makeup if any

Doesn't this sound super interesting? 

If you've tried the above service, share your experiences with us below!

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