10 Reasons Why Some Men Would NEVER Go For $10 Haircuts

Published on Oct 18, 2019

Guys, how many times have you ever told someone that you'd only go for under-$10 haircuts? Personally, the team at Beauty Undercover has heard this multiple times from guy friends, family and reviewers.

We understand the rationale because men usually have short hair and the cuts are pretty straight-forward. But there really is more to all this than meets the eye!

A good haircut can totally change your look, be easy to style and even last more than a month (translation: save time).

Don't take it from us - we've talked to some male friends of ours who share with us why they will NEVER go for $10 haircuts.

1. Bad haircuts cost more to fix

Although the low price doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a bad haircut, that is more likely to be the case.

Sometimes, bad haircuts reveal your insecurities like hair loss or your hair line.

Bad Haircut

If you're wondering what a bad haircut is, besides you not liking it, stylists at Chez Vous Hair Salon actually shared some tips to spot a bad haircut!

Agent K got one of the worst haircuts of his life at a $10 barber. 

Men's Haircut (Oscar) by Chez Vous

He had to fix it at Chez Vous. The price for his new haircut and perm would have cost him a lot more than $10!

2. Long waiting time

Since you usually can't make appointments in neighourhood haircut shops, you probably have to wait in line. Many people go because of the cheap price tag but if you have to wait for an hour, is it worth saving the $20?

Time is money, isn't it?

Why not go for somewhere a little more expensive when you will actually be attended to at the appointed time?

3. No hair wash

Hair Wash at Do My Hair

Hair Wash at Do My Hair Hair Salon

Getting your hair washed in a salon is one of the most enjoyable step of the process. We love lying down in a comfy chair, getting a thorough wash and relaxing during the hair massage. But that step is not included in a $10 haircut! You only get a cut and dusting off before you get sent out the door. 

A haircut at a proper salon tends to include a hair wash, haircut, a second wash to make sure everything is cut well and a final trim when its dry to make sure that it looks good whether its wet or dry. While this sounds a little more leh chay, this makes sure that the hair looks good when you get home; this is unlike a $10 cut that can give you the shock of your life when you look into the mirror back at home; a dry cut without removing the requisite styling product can look presentable when you leave but may eventually turn out to be uneven when you go home, take a shower and dry your hair. This is because your hair lays differently when it is dry vs when its wet.

4. Eventual Hairstyle Looks The Same As Every Guy Who Walks Out of the $10 Shop 

Honestly, if you only pay $10, you cannot expect much. Your preferred length is possibly the only thing they can cater to your needs. 

Hence, you're likely to come out of the salon with the same hairstyle as every other guy out there (and yes, with your insecurities all shown).

Things are however different if you pay more than $10 in a proper hair salon. Due to extensive training and also experience cutting men's hairstyles, they know how to customize the hairstyles to your face shape, bone structure and your lifestyle. 

Men's Haircut with Hair Tattoo by Do My Hair

Men's Haircut at Do My Hair 

This means that you don't get the same cookie-cutter hairstyle each time; a good stylist will be able to give you something different yet something you can accept. A reason why Agent M below loves going back to the same stylist time and time again. 

5. Haircut gets Out of Shape Quickly

Unlike a cheap cut or shave that grows out patchily after 2-3 weeks, a proper cut can remain in shape for 1-3 months. This is because the stylist uses layering and cutting techniques to ensure your hair grows out evenly. Pricier cuts may end up being more cost-effective as a result.

Men Haircut

6. Zero Service

What you pay is what you get.

While you get escorted to your seat, served a complimentary drink, get a personalised haircut and enjoy the hair wash in an established salon, you're unable to get that in a haircut shop. It's okay if you just want a cheap haircut, but don't go there expecting tea and coffee.

Hot Towel Service at Do My Hair

Hot Towel at Do My Hair Hair Salon

We've even heard of some people getting turned away when they request a specific cut!

7. Stylist Request Not Allowed

If you're lucky, it's possible that you can actually find a decent stylist at a cheap $10 shop. The only problem is that you won't be able to make appointment with them since they usually operate on a walk-in basis. 

Men Blow Dry at Do My Hair

This is unlike the regular hair salon where you can reserve appointment slots with your stylist even months in advance.

8. Zero styling 

There is barely any time to consult and understand more about you, let alone styling at a $10 haircut salon. 

Many people don't realize that but the styling process is actually quite important. It teaches you how best to style your new cut so that you can look your best when you're back at home. Stylists who actually take the time and effort to do so are therefore gems that you should absolutely keep!

Men Styling at Do My Hair

Styling after Men's Cut at Do My Hair

9. No privacy 

$10 haircut salons are usually located in high-traffic areas with chairs located very close to each other. Hence, any Tom, Dick and Harry can see you getting your haircut on their way to the MRT or bus interchanges. 

This is different from hair salons which tend to be located at discreet areas. This way, you enjoy more privacy as well as personal space with the seats located further from each other.  

10. You can easily afford haircuts more than $10

As a proportion of your income, will the $10 haircut vs the haircut at a proper hair salon make such a big difference to your overall wealth?

Why subject yourself to the additional stress of going for a $10 haircut when you know you can enjoy a more relaxing hair experience at the salon for $30+ or less? You never know how that dramatic hair makeover may just change your life and turn your luck around.

These are some of the reasons why Agent M chooses to go Do My Hair @ Orchard Central instead of the sub-$10 haircut shops around his neighbourhood. We follow him on his recent haircut at Do My Hair to see what makes a haircut at Do My Hair @ Orchard Central so special.

Read on to find out!

Hi, I'm Agent M, a Business Development Manager whose office is in town. 

My Hair Before Haircut at Do My Hair
My Hair Before Haircut at Do My Hair
My Hair Before Haircut at Do My Hair

As you can see, I'm not particularly good-looking, vain or anything. However, I am often facing corporate clients and so, it is important for me to look presentable and reliable. 

Every time my hair grows to a certain length, I'll go for a haircut. I thought that the results were similar no matter where I got my haircut, so I didn't care about who the stylist was... until 6 years ago. 

I remember that my wife was shopping around the area, My hair was pretty long so in order to pass time, I stumbled into a hair salon where I met Celia. Celia was not like any other stylist I've met; she took the time to check my facial structure, understand what I was working as, the styles I like before actually cutting my hair. The end result? A haircut that truly refreshed my look and made me look younger. The cut made me look so good, my wife actually asked where I did my hair! 

Needless to say, I've been following Celia since then. I always look forward to going to her as her cuts give me a different look each time... without making me look too extreme, if you know what I mean. My wife loved my haircuts so much that she, too, started getting her hair done by Celia.

We realize how much we rely on her when Celia went for a maternity leave recently. Even though it was only two months, I didn't dare to go to anyone else for fear they would "spoil my hair". That was pretty unbearable... and perhaps give you an inkling on how much we've grown to trust her. 

If you're wondering how a hair experience is different with Celia, you can follow me on my recent haircut experience with her below.

First Impressions of Do My Hair

 Do My Hair isn't the most original name I've heard but the decor more than makes up for it. 

Do My Hair

Every time I walk in, it feels somewhat like home. There are lots of plants which are very welcoming. The salon is also very big, so I feel like I actually have some space to breathe at the end of the work day. 

Step 1: Hair Wash

As I was running late, the hair assistant escorted me to the hair wash area first to get my hair washed.

Hair Wash at Do My Hair

I always enjoy this part of the process as the assistant will include a very good head massage that gets me to relax during the experience. 

Hair Wash at Do My Hair

Once done, she'll bring me back to my seat and help to blow my hair dry. 

Hair Dry at Do My Hair

Step 2: Consultation

Celia then came and took over the drying.

Hair Dry at Do My Hair

It is at this step where we will catch up on each other's lives and also get feedback on my last cut. I know some stylists will gloss over the consultation part and head straight to the cut for regular customers but not Celia. 

She has a very good memory and can remember the last few cuts she did for me. Instead of going straight into the cut, she will ask me feedback on how the last cut was and ask if I have any hairstyle I would like to try. If I do, she'll try to see what she can do to customize for me. Even when I don't, she'll always have some ideas to recommend me for a change. 

With the hairstyle decided, she will then move on to the next step. 

Step 3: Shaving

This time, Celia is thinking about something slightly more radical without being too extreme - a shorter side shave and with that, clippers. 

Men Hair Shave and Haircut by Do My Hair

She parted my hair with clips to get a neat side shave.

Men Hair Shave and Haircut by Do My Hair

Then, she moved to the back and repeated the process with yet another clipper. 

Men Hair Shave and Haircut by Do My Hair

A comb was used to neaten up the shaved sections.

Men Hair Shave and Haircut by Do My Hair

Step 4: Scissors Cut

After creating a solid foundation, Celia trimmed the top part of my hair with a scissors.

Men Hair Shave and Haircut by Do My Hair

She focused on the sides to create a gradation at the shaved line.

Men Hair Shave and Haircut by Do My Hair

My hair was also layered to make it lighter. 

Men Hair Shave and Haircut by Do My Hair

I haven't seen myself look like this for some time.

Can't help but admire my new hairstyle just a bit.

Once that was done, it was time for another wash. 

Step 5: Wash and style

At the basin, the hair assistant gave me another wonderful shampoo and head massage.

Final Hair Wash by Do My Hair

She then brought me back to my seat to get my hair dried. 

Hot Towel at Do My Hair

The hot towel was a nice touch as it felt really good after the scalp massage. 

Excuse me while I reply a message though. 

Once that was done, Celia came back to style my hair. 

Final Styling at Do My Hair

She gave me a few suggestions and taught me how to style this new hairstyle easily, so I know how to do it back home. 

And that is it!

A quick reminder of how my hair used to look like before the cut:

My Hair Before Haircut at Do My Hair
My Hair Before Haircut at Do My Hair
My Hair Before Haircut at Do My Hair

And now after:

My Hair Before Haircut at Do My Hair
Clean and Professional Look After Men's Haircut at Do My Hair
Clean and Professional Look After Men's Haircut at Do My Hair
Clean and Professional Look After Men's Haircut at Do My Hair
Clean and Professional Look After Men's Haircut at Do My Hair

Don't I look sharper and a lot more alert now?

Clean and Professional Look After Men's Haircut at Do My Hair
Clean and Professional Look After Men's Haircut at Do My Hair

Definitely very happy with my new cut!

Thank you Celia for your great work. Why would I give up such a great cut with such good service just to save a few dollars a month? 

I wouldn't.

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