What is Soft Keratin Treatment and 3 Reasons Why It is Better Than Traditional Keratin Treatment

Published on Aug 24, 2019

Keratin treatments are becoming more and more popular in Singapore with the introduction of Brazilian Blowout, Hair Botox and even Cinderella Treatment. As stylists use and understand the characteristics of each lotion better, they are also innovating and improving on the existing treatment.

One such example is Soft Keratin. With very strong knowledge of hair structure and how products affect it, Sham from Be Salon created this new treatment that incorporates an additional step of softening before starting the usual keratin treatment. Stylists who are not experienced tend to soften the hair too much, causing excessive damage to the hair.

Done well, however, and you'll find that Soft Keratin is better than the traditional keratin treatment.

Why Soft Keratin Is Better Than Traditional Keratin Treatment

1. Softening Reduces Frizz for a Longer Time

Hair is held together by three types of bonds: hydrogen, salt and disulfide. 

Disulphide bonds are the strongest. The more disulfide in the fiber, the curlier and kinkier the hair.

Disulphide Bonds in Curly Hair is The Strongest

The first step of softening helps to relax SOME of the disulphide bonds so that wavy hair isn't so wavy. The softening lotion is applied and left on the hair for only a while to make sure that not all the bonds are broken. This ensures that the hair remains healthy and that its elasticity is kept intact. 

As the removal of the bonds is irreversible, the reduction of frizz is somewhat permanent as well. 

2. Softening Allows Keratin Treatment to Penetrate More Deeply

With some of the disulfide bonds broken, the keratin treatment penetrates more deeply into the third layer of hair. This strengthens the hair and reduces frizz even more. The deeper penetration also means that the keratin's effect lasts for a longer time.

3. Softening Allows Stylist To Create Natural-looking Wave at Ends

With softening done, the stylist can then incorporate properties of a perm with a slight wave at the ends of the hair so your hair looks a lot softer with a natural bounce. Do note that it can't make your hair really curly, but creates natural-looking waves or a slight curl. It's mainly to make the hair not look stiff, flat and straight.

Soft Keratin at Be Salon

If you're curious to find out more, read on for Agent P's first Soft Keratin experience at Be Salon

Agent P Tries Soft Keratin Experience at Be Salon

Hi, I'm Agent P and I'm currently working in a bank. 

I'm generally not fussy about hair.

Frizzy Wavy Hair Before Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

However, the frizz and flyaways make me look not so presentable at times.

I've been to a number of salons but most of the stylists tend to complain about how difficult it is to manage my hair. It looks OK at first but it's actually very dry and wavy.

Frizzy Wavy Hair Before Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

I have always wanted to do something about it but I'm not keen to Rebond my hair. I already don't have a lot of hair so I can't imagine doing a full-fledged Rebonding that will make my hair look too flat and my face too big. 

I was as usual complaining to my bestie about the sorry state of my hair when she recommended me her stylist Sham from Be Salon. Honestly, I've heard a lot from her but never had the impetus to give the salon a try. This time, though, something she said caught my attention. 

While Sham is good at many hair treatment, his signature treatment is Texture Control. He is one of the first in Singapore to successfully combine Softening and Keratin Treatment for a semi-permanent straigthening that reduces frizz without making hair too flat. And lucky me, Sham was actually looking for a model for this particular service! 

I jumped at the chance to try Keratin Treatment for the first time and so specially took leave to go down for the appointment. 

First Impressions

Be Salon is located on the second level of Millenia Walk. With huge mirrors and lights aplenty, the place looks very classy. 

Be Salon Interior

Sham sat me down on one of those chairs and began the consultation with me. 

Hair Consultation at Be Salon

I told him how I found it vexing to deal with the frizz and waviness of my hair. I had rebonded my hair sometime back but I really didn't like how flat it made my hair. I was worried about trying Keratin Treatment because I wasn't sure how long it would last.

Sham explained that he had successfully come up with a method that would reduce the frizz without making the hair too flat by combining two treatments: Softening and Keratin Treatment. By softening the hair and then performing Keratin Treatment, he found that the effects of Keratin Treatment actually lasted longer especially for ladies with stubborn curly hair. 

Although it was the first time I had gotten my hair done by Sham, I could tell that he really knew what he was talking about and so I decided to proceed with his advice.

I was excited to see how my hair would turn out.

Step 1: Getting a trim

But first, a trim.

I hadn't cut my hair for a long time so Sham started with a trim. 

Haircut at Be Salon

He not only trimmed away the dry ends but also added layers to my hair. This helped to create volume so that the hair would not be too flat later on. As he says, volume has a lot to do with the haircut as well. 

Haircut at Be Salon

Anyway, I found it really fascinating to watch him work on my hair. Sham cut with a level of precision I had never seen or experienced before.

It was then that I knew my hair was in good hands :)

Step 2: Softening

After the cut was completed, he applied the softening cream onto my hair. 

Application of Softening Cream at Be Salon

Unlike stylists in other salons who tend to walk away after the application is complete, Sham stayed around and checked on me every few minutes. In fact, he came back in just 3-5 minutes to check how much my hair had softened.

Application of Softening Cream at Be Salon

He gently stretched a few strands to see if my hair had softened and indeed, it had. Sham was a little surprised because my hair had looked healthy. It was only after the check that he realised my hair had been more damaged from my previous colours than he had expected. That's why it required just a while of softening to achieve the anti-frizz effect.  

I guess that's the difference with Sham. He is very careful and always puts in these checks to make sure that mistakes are minimised and results are good for customers. 

How I Look After Getting Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

The assistant then brought me to rinse the softening solution off my hair

Step 3: Application of Keratin Treatment

Back at the seat, Sham blew my hair dry before applying the keratin.

Application of Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

He sectioned my hair and made sure that the keratin was applied evenly.

Application of Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

The entire process took about 30 minutes. I waited another 15 minutes for the keratin to be absorbed before going for another rinse.

Step 4: Flatironing the Hair

After washing off the keratin, I was escorted back to the seat. 

Locking In Keratin Treatment with Flat Iron at Be Salon

Sham began to blow my hair dry with their Dyson hairdryer.

I didn't want my hair to be stick straight so he Sham used a round brush to curl my hair in during the blow-dry.

Locking In Keratin Treatment with Flat Iron at Be Salon

As for the middle section of hair, Sham and his assistant flat-ironed it to remove the frizz and give it a straightening effect. 

Locking In Keratin Treatment with Flat Iron at Be Salon

When the straightening was done, my hair was washed one last time.

Final Hair Wash at Be Salon

Final touch-ups

Back at the seat, Sham applied the keratin sealing serum to my hair.

Application of Keratin Sealing Serum at Be Salon

He then blew my hair dry a final time. 

Blow Dry and Styling at Be Salon

Ever the perfectionist, he snipped off just some frayed ends.

Final Hair Trimming at Be Salon

And we were done!

Just a quick reminder of how my hair looked before:

Before Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon
Frizzy Wavy Hair Before Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

And this is what it looks like now:

Before Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon
How I Look After Getting Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon
How I Look After Getting Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

Is this really my hair??!

How I Look After Getting Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon
How I Look After Getting Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

Looks super sleek, right?

No more frizz and irritating flyaways that make me look like a crazy woman!

It is not only frizz-free, my hair still has natural volume that doesn't look like it has been rebonded.

Must be Sham's great haircut!

How I Look After Getting Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon
How I Look After Getting Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

Absolutely in love with my hair now!

How I Look After Getting Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

Update: It's been two months since the keratin treatment and my hair still look as amazing as when I first walked out of the salon.

It is EXTREMELY easy to manage now... I don't even have to use a brush when I blow my hair dry to make it look neat. It just looks neat naturally.

How I Look After Getting Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon

Here's a recent photo of mine.

I would definitely highly recommend Sham if you want to get your hair under control. He's not only very skillful, he's very patient in explaining every single detail, making sure I knew what was being done, how it would help and how to maintain it. Appreciate it!

Thank you once again Sham! You've changed my life!

Can't wait to be back for a cut, colour and another Soft Keratin soon.

Keen to try the new, longer lasting Soft Keratin at Be Salon

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