Soft Rebonding at Japanese Hair Salon Flamingo Hair Studio

Published on Jul 19, 2016

To ladies with slightly wavy hair, rebonding isn't anything special as it straightens your hair only slightly. 

However for people with strong wavy hair, rebonding can be a life saver - it can turn your messy hair into oh-so-smooth tresses!

Rebonding at one salon, however, isn't the same as another.  as stylists who are not as experienced may make your hair too flat or even damage your hair excessively!

Agent F shares her rebonding experience at Flamingo Hair Studio, a Japanese hair salon that focuses on helping ladies create an easily maintainable hairstyle. 

Read more to see how she finds the experience at Flamingo!

July 2016

Hello, I'm Agent F!

I love my family and I love my food! Ask me anything about the latest desserts / food craze in town and I'll probably be able to share some of  my thoughts on them! 


Hair-wise, I'm not as savvy, unfortunately. 

People say that I’m blessed because I have SO MUCH hair (thanks to my mom! However, managing my dry coarse wavy and thick hair is a big challenge I have to deal with every single day!


Those who are in the same situation as me will know what I mean.

I usually turn to rebonding to help me manage my hair better. However, I find that my recent rebonding experiences hasn’t been that ideal. Sometimes the stylist will make the rebonding flatter than I wanted. Sometimes, my hair becomes really dry after the rebonding.

When I shared my concerns with Agent G, she recommended me to try Flamingo Hair Studio, a new Japanese hair salon at Tanjong Pagar. She mentioned that they specialize in helping ladies with wavy hair manage their hair better… that sounds exactly like what I need so I went ahead with the sponsored visit!

First Impressions

I went on a weekend afternoon when my husband could stay home to help me look after the little one.

The place was indeed hard to find as it was hidden among some renovation along the road.


But once I found it, I was WOWed. The salon looks so pretty and so zen, just like what I imagine Japanese salons to be. There is a lot of space in the salon and there’s even natural sunlight from above.

The stylist who attended to me is Ayumi. She just came from Japan! In fact, she came from Peek a boo salon, one of the top salon chains in Japan.

I find her very cute because she’s always so polite and smiley.


In her broken Japanese-English, Ayumi asked about what I wanted to do with my hair. First and foremost, I wanted to straighten my hair but I wanted to make sure that my hair isn’t damaged as much as possible. To make sure that the hair is minimally damaged, Ayumi suggested to rebond only the middle part of the hair to prevent excessive damage. This is the first time a hairstylist is so concerned about my hair health so I’m impressed.

Consultation with Flamingo Hair Studio

I was actually flexible about the hair length so I asked Ayumi for her suggestion. She mentions that my hair is a little coarse. Although that is a good thing usually, cutting my hair too short will lighten the hair and cause the hair to “pong” and have too much volume, making it difficult to manage. That is why she recommends to keep a long length for my hair. She will however cut the damaged ends off!

Hairstyles Guide by Flamingo Hair Studio

Ayumi also showed me the Face Shape hairstyles guide she illustrated for the salon. From the guide, Ayumi also recommended me to get a slightly curled fringe to frame my face better!

Everything sounds good so I’m anxious to begin!

Rebonding Begins

Ayumi began by giving me a hair wash.

It’s my first time at a Japanese hair salon so I’m surprised to find her washing my hair personally!

Hair Wash at Flamingo Hair Studio

Next, she gave me a bangs cut. She does this first so that she can determine where the curls for the bangs start and ends!

Bangs haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio

She then applied the rebonding lotion to my hair roots (top half of my hair). Ayumi mentions that the rest of my hair is already straight. Therefore, there is no need to damage it further by applying the rebonding lotion! In fact, rebonding the whole head will cause my hair to be very dry and too-straight - that definitely doesn't sound good!

Apply rebonding lotion at Flamingo Hair Studio

The rebonding cream is left on my hair for 15 minutes or so - not a very long time as she doesn't want to harm my hair unnecessarily!

My hair is washed again after the rebonding lotion has penetrated into my hair.

Hair Wash at Flamingo Hair Studio

Ironing the hair straight comes next!

Ironing hair at Flamingo Hair Studio

Although my hair is really thick, I could see that Ayumi was very careful in ironing every single strand of my hair!

Thumbs up for her conscientiousness!

Ayumi went ahead to curl my fringe to prepare for the perm!

curl the fringe

To fix the new hair shapes in place, the neutralizer is applied.

Interestingly, it is applied at the sink! 

Ayumi mentions that this makes it easier for her to replenish the neutralizer and make sure that every inch of my hairstyle is fixed!

Apply Hair Neutralizer

Now for the hair treatments!

Hair Treatments at Flamingo Hair Studio

Every single chemical hair service will damage the hair so it is important to replenish the nutrients that are lost!

Based on my hair condition, Ayumi customized a set of 3 hair treatments for me with the main objective of moisturizing my hair!

It is then steamed with nanomist to make sure that the treatments enter deep inside the hair.

Wet Haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio

Finally, she gave me a haircut to make the ends of the damaged hair more manageable. You may think that its just a small trim but I could see that Ayumi puts her heart and soul into it. 

She first cuts my hair when it is wet before blowdrying and cutting it again!

Dry Haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio

We've finally come to the end of the hair service.

Do you want to see the results?

Here's the before:


And here's the AFTER


Compared to the stiff pong pong hair I had before, I think I look more sleek now… if I may say so.

With 5cm of my hair chopped off, I also feel lighter now, as if some weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

THANK YOU Ayumi for giving me such soft and beautiful hair and for your wonderful service!


Like what Ayumi promised, my hair is a lot more manageable now... without feeling a tad bit dry! 

Maybe because of the treatments she applied afterwards, my hair actually feels softer and smoother than before the rebonding. (In fact, it is no longer tangled!) 

I'm especially in love with my fringe that curls. 

after rebonding


Would definitely come back to Flamingo Hair Studio again once I need help with my hair! 

They may be more expensive than other hair salons but the results and service are so good, I think it's worth the price! 

(especially during promotions!)

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