Affordable Tokio Inkarami Treatment and Haircut at Aube Japanese Hair Salon

Published on Aug 11, 2017

Hello, I’m Agent JQ, a professional working in the hospitality industry.

I’ve been a big fan of Japanese salons since my first visit to one 7 years ago. While I have a Japanese stylist I frequent, she is becoming so busy that it was harder and harder to make appointments with her. As she’s starting to have hair assistants with the service becoming less personalized, I decided that it was time to make a change.

Surprises of all surprises, my fiance is the one who recommended me to search Beauty Undercover. You see, he found his favourite hairstylist on Beauty Undercover some years back and always found it a good resource when friends ask him about hair salons. He taught me how to navigate the site and we eventually settled on Aube Japanese Hair Salon after scouring through the treasure trove of information on Beauty Undercover.

I tried to manage my own expectations because I had been to other Japanese salons recommended by friends but have yet to find something I like.

Still, the thought that came to my mind the first time I stepped inside here is…

This place feels just right…

The salon itself is spacious, bright, organized and very clean. When I entered, ALL the staff greeted me politely and made me feel special and valued.

True enough, the experience here was awesome. He cut my hair from long to short and it just looked amazing!

Who knew that weeks later, Agent G actually emailed me that I’ve been chosen as a winner for their Review and Win promotion.

The prize? A complimentary hair treatment and haircut from AUBE Japanese Hair Salon.

Elated, I made an appointment with Kazuki in July 2017.

July 2017

I arranged to come over after work on a weekday. 

Just some quick photos before I began the hair service: 

As you can see, my hair is still in great shape after his last haircut 2 months ago. 

I have naturally black, wavy and frizzy hair. I have intentionally kept away from colouring, perming or straightening my hair for the past 9 years as I want to make the best of what I have before I have to start colouring it when the grey hair appears.

I do however love straightening or curling my hair depending on how I feel and a great haircut really makes a difference. 


Kazuki came over once I was ready to start the service. 

I was really glad that he remembered me even though I was there 2 months ago! 

When I said that he remembers me, I don't just mean that he recognizes my face. Kazuki actually repeated the keywords that I used in my first visit on the style that I wish to achieve. IMHO, that's really impressive!

I've been to many hairstylists and most would just go along with what they want rather than what we customers need. Sounds like I have to forget all my past hairdressing experiences when it comes to Kazuki!

I really appreciate how he listens attentively and gives suggestions based on my input, making the consultation more like a discussion to achieve the style WE design together. 

This time, he suggested for me to take a slightly different style while maintaining the hair length to achieve more volume while looking more stylish. 

Sounds like a go for me!

Hair Wash

After the consultation / discussion, I proceeded to the hair wash, something I really look forward to.

The first time I was here, the hair wash was so soothing and the massage so good that it was really hard for me to stay awake.

Kazuki reminded me to relax so I just let go and had a power-nap. 

This time was no different as he took the effort to wash my hair thoroughly and gave an awesome massage. 

Tokio Inkarami Treatment

Feeling refreshed, I woke up with clean hair.

Kazuki then began with the 5-step Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment. With the help of some graphics, he explained that Tokio Inkarami is actually one of the most premium hair treatments back in Japan.

Unlike normal hair treatments out there which contains silicon which makes your hair look silky on the outside for 1-2 washes, Tokio Inkarami does not have silicon. Instead, it contains a few patented ingredients including Fullerene (antioxidant) as well as several types of keratins and amino acids that help to repair the hair from inside, starting from the cortex to the cuticle. 

I have done some treatments before and I must say that none of them sound as comprehensive as this.

I'm therefore really hyped!

These are the treatments that Kazuki will be applying on my hair with each step focusing on a different aspect of the hair.

Tokio Inkarami at Aube Japanese Hair Salon

Step 1 is the pre-treatment Tokio 0 which is applied to the hair. It contains keratin amino acid, CMC and other ingredients to promote penetration of the treatment chemicals that come after.

Step 2 is the application of Tokio 1 and Tokio 2M to my hair to replenish keratins that may have been lost through exposure to UV and daily washing and strengthening the core of the hair. Tokio 2M also seals the treatment chemicals more tightly within the core!

After combing it through, Kazuki actually massaged the treatments into the hair to make sure that every strand is given the royal treatment!

Step 3M replenishes the hair cuticle with 4 different types of hydrolyzed keratins.

To promote absorption, Kazuki used a nanomist steamer which makes the water particle smaller than usual to help the treatments better penetrate the hair. 

Soon it's time for a hair wash.

Tokio Inkarami at Aube Japanese Hair Salon

After yet another soothing head massage, he applied the final step here.

Tokio Inkarami at Aube Japanese Hair Salon

This contains Ceramide and 13 types of vegetable oils to increase water retention and moisturization of the hair.

The entire treatment process was very comfortable and the smell... divine! I'm not a huge fan of perfume products but I like how this treatment has a well-blended scent that is natural, soothing and rejuvenating... not too sweet or artificial like others I've tried.


Tokio Inkarami at Aube Japanese Hair Salon

Back at the seat, Kazuki dried my hair a little before embarking on the cut we discussed before. 

Even though it is just a trim, he took a lot of effort to make sure that each snip is perfect, a legacy of his Vidal Sassoon training perhaps. 

He then gave me some tips on styling. 

This reminds me of something he did in my first visit.  I asked Kazuki to teach me how I can better style my hair on a daily basis. For other salons (Japanese / non-Japanese), they would just show me how to do so on the spot. Kazuki actually went the extra mile  and suggested for me to take a video with my phone so that I will remember how to do it. The level of attentiveness to my request made a lasting "wow" factor to me!

This is how my hair looked like after styling. 

What do you think?

Overall Thoughts

I love my new hair after this cut and treatment at Aube Japanese Hair Salon. I didn't think that he could better my already awesome first visit at AUBE... but he did.

The haircut was amazing and the Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment is just exceptional!

My hair feels really soft and smooth, looks uber shiny and smells awesome after the treatment.

It was so soft and smooth, I had to touch my hair a few times to believe it! 

Unlike other treatments that tend to weigh my hair down, Tokio Inkarami also feels unbelievably light, allowing my hair to achieve more volume easily.

Still, I did not want to get my hopes high because I had just done the treatment after all... It is only after a few washes then I will be able to feel the difference. Kazuki gave me some samples for Tokio Inkarami Shampoo and Treatment to go along with the treatment so I will report again in 3 weeks!

Update 3 Weeks Later

It has been 3 weeks since the treatment and I can happily report that the effects of the treatment are only slowly wearing off now (possibly because I also ran out of the Tokio Shampoo and Treatment)

Aside from having healthier and shinier hair, I noticed that the Tokio Inkarami Treatment actually made it easier to style my hair, something I pay a lot of attention to.

Before going for Tokio Inkarami, I found that I need to wash my hair to achieve my desired look. However, after Tokio Inkarami, all I need to do is to dampen my hair before styling and I'm ready to go! This allows me to wash my hair at night and style it in the morning, shortening the time I require to get ready.

Overall, I had a great experience with Tokio Inkarami and haircut at Aube Japanese Hair Salon. Taking into consideration various factors including service price, staff service, location of the salon, salon ambience, stylist technique / skill and the ease of communication with Japanese stylists, AUBE is by far the best and most value-for-money hair salon that I have tried so far in Singapore. From what I know, AUBE is also the hair salon that charges one of the most value-for-money price for the premium Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment, a treatment you definitely should not miss if you want easy-to-manage hair that feels smooth and light after.

FYI, I am not just raving about AUBE here... I have recommended colleagues to try AUBE, many of them whom have tried and love it as much as I do.

Hope you'll get the chance to experience the AUBE difference as well as their premium Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment for yourself to know what I mean!

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