Agent I got Song Hye Kyo's Hairstyle at a REAL Japanese Hair Salon in Singapore!

Published on Nov 08, 2016

Most of us would think of Korean Hairstylists first when considering to get Song Hye Kyo's hairstyle. 

However, do you know that Japanese Hair Salons can create the hairstyle just as well?

Agent I got her Song Hye Kyo makeover successfully done by Bump Hair Design and gave her unbiased review on Beauty Undercover in Sep 2016.

Fortunately for her, she is chosen as one of the lucky winners for the Review and Win promotion by Beauty Undercover!

Read about both her experiences below! 

November 2016 

Hi I'm Agent I. I was previously from the aviation industry and have left some time ago to give myself some time to build a business for myself. 

As I am often in a client-facing role, how my hair looks is very important to me. Crazy vibrant or frizzy hair is a no-no because it affects the trust that customers have in me. As I'm extremely particular about my hair, I do not often change my hairstylist once I manage to find one I'm satisfied with. Pretty contented with my previous hair salon, I wasn't actively seeking for change. 

Change however looked for me. haha!

Earlier on in the year, my best friend was on a search for a good hair salon as her previous hair salon was shutting down. She heard about how good Japanese Hair Salons are and was keen to find a salon that offers real Japanese service from start to finish. She chose not to go for the household name Shunji Matsuo as she realized that Shunji was actually a Singapore hair salon chain - you can't find Shunji Matsuo in Japan. After googling online and reading Beauty Undercover, she found Daisuke at Bump Hair Design. Bump is actually a collaboration between two of Japan's biggest hair salon chains Ursus and AUBE. Knowing that the salon employs fully Japanese hairstylists, she decided to give Daisuke a go.

And...the results were great! She came back raving about her new hairstyle (and hairstylist). It was so good that even my mom noticed immediately and commented on how natural and bouncy her perm was!

This got me thinking... should I make a change? I'm not the type of girl who goes after all the latest hair trends but Song Hye Kyo's hairstyle in Descendants of the Sun really got my attention. My previous hairstyle was long black hair that's over the shoulder.  


I have only coloured my hair once in my entire life because I'm afraid of the damage that could be done to my hair and scalp. 

Could Daisuke help me get Song Hye Kyo's hairstyle ie. light brown hair with c-curl?  

I finally made that appointment.  

My First Experience with Daisuke   

The design of Bump Hair Design was simplistic and makes you feel really comfortable from the moment you stepped in.

bump hair design

During my consultation with Daisuke, he was very patient. Having prior experience with a Japanese hairstylist, I knew that communication can be challenging. Therefore, I did my homework and prepared photos of the hairstyle I wanted in various angles during the appointment.

Daisuke tried to address my many questions and concerns without showing any sign of frustration.  Despite having his own professional opinion, he made sure I was comfortable with his suggestions which I greatly appreciated.

He did not take the chance to push customers to get additional services, which is something I find very annoying in local salons.  

This was the result after my first experience at Bump!

result after first experience at Bump

I loved how Daisuke managed to replicate the hairstyle exactly the way I wanted... without any damage to my precious hair! My hair feels smooth and soft even after I coloured and did a C-curl perm for my hair. The After Service was also very amazing -  Daisuke highlighted that I could go back to the salon within 10 days if I am losing my big natural looking C curls which I eventually did. 

The price was also very reasonable, at $65 for haircut + 95 for perm and 95 for colour = $255. I even got a 20% off discount as a first time customer!

After seeing what a wonderful job he had done with my hair, my mum and another good friend of mine couldn't resist perming and went on to book an appointment with Daisuke separately :)

I also reviewed and shared my experience on Beauty Undercover.

beauty undercover review

This was my way of recognizing the good work of Daisuke, hoping that many others could also have the opportunity to experience his wonderful work for themselves through my sharing.  

Little did I expect that I would be a lucky winner of the Beauty Undercover Review and Win contest! I could scarcely believe it when Agent G said that I had won a complimentary hair colour retouch and Fringe perm by Bump Hair Design!

My Second Visit to Bump Hair Design  

It has been two months from my last visit to Bump. My hair colour still looked good although my hair roots were starting to show.


My fringe was also starting to be a little too long.

However, I was still keen on keeping this hairstyle.


During the consultation, Daisuke recommended a hair colour retouch to colour my hair roots, a fringe cut and a fringe perm to get back my see-through bangs, hair colour toning to make my ash colour last longer as well as a trim for the hair ends to refresh the overall Song Hye Kyo look. 

applying colour on the roots

Even though this was a complimentary visit, Daisuke was just as committed to doing a good job and I really appreciate that.

root retouch

Soon all the roots were retouched.

I had to wait for about 15 minutes to let the hair colour settle in.


Once Daisuke checked that the hair colour is okay, he brought me to the sink to tone the rest of my hair colour and make it more ashy.

This step is necessary as the hair colour will look more yellow as the colour fades over time. The hair colour toning will help the colour stay longer!

Thereafter, Daisuke washed off both colours.

If you noticed, there is a tissue paper on top of our face throughout the entire toning / hair wash process to prevent water from affecting our makeup.

A rather neat idea, I think!  

fringe cut

Back at the seat, Daisuke trimmed my fringe.

fringe perm

And gave it a perm for some volume.

I am more familiar with the process now because he did that for me the first time as well!

A fringe perm itself costs $50 whereas a cold perm (which includes a fringe perm) costs $95 here.

Definitely more worth it to perm the whole head if you are keen on a cold perm!


While waiting for the perm lotion to take effect, Daisuke gave me a slight trim at the hair ends to make sure that it still looks perfect. 


A hair wash and blowdry later, this is how my hair looks like!

after backview

Look how flowy the hairstyle is?

Thank you Daisuke and thank you Beauty Undercover for making me look and feel beautiful for my upcoming trip!

For those of you interested to find out more about Bump Hair Design, read about Bump here!  

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