6 Themed Staycation Hotels and Hairstyles To Jazz Up Your SingaporeRediscovers Staycay

Published on Dec 16, 2020

It’s here. The moment you’ve been looking forward to for a long while now.

Drinks Over Bubble Bath

You did your homework, checked the available options, and made your appointment. The day has arrived, for you to make full use of your Singapore Rediscover voucher, and head down to the hotel staycation that you have eagerly opted for. So bag in hand, companions in tow, you set off to the hotel of your choice.

Upon arrival to the lobby you realize with a sinking feeling that, judging by the crowd milling about, you weren’t the first ones to arrive, nor would you be leaving the lobby anytime soon. Crestfallen, you join the queue, settling in for a wait, leaving your mind free to wander about.

It occurs to you that your planning only really extended as far as getting here; you’re not quite sure what else you would do during your staycation.

Swimming at Infinity Pool

Would the restaurants be too packed? Pool slots fully booked? And if so, what else could you do? Did you really just pay a bunch of money to laze on a bed here instead of lazing on a bed at home?? Before the panic fully sets in you catch a glance at your reflection in the mirrored panel on the wall. A wonderfully whimsical idea forms in your mind.

Taking Selfie

You whip out your phone, flip the camera view to the front facing one and start snapping away. You instantly start to relax and feel your stress melt away. Scrolling through the pics, a smile starts forming, and you’re already planning how you’d want to style and shoot some more pics when yo get to your hotel room – whenever that happens.

The inspiration that sparked your impromptu photoshoot? Why, your perfectly coiffed and styled locks of course!

If at this point, dear Reader, you are looking at your computer or phone screens in dismay, with thoughts along the lines of “But what do you mean ‘coiffed and styled locks’! I don’t know what a good style for my staycay would be!” running through your head, fret not!

We’ve compiled a list of some of your favourite trendy styles that could work for the various kinds of staycaytions you could have planned for!

So don’t let the crazy queue time get you down, with this article, at the very least, you can make sure you’re doing it in style. Better yet, share this with a friend so they’ve got some decent reading material to pass the wait time too. Read on to get the scoop on these hairstyle inspos, so that even if you are caught making a cameo in someone else’s Instagram rant, you can be known as that-girl-in-the-back-with-the-fabulous-hair.

Two-Tone Grey Hair Colour by Fluxus House

Two Toned Hair Colour at Fluxus House

Who knows, you might even go viral…

Let’s dive in!

1. Beach Holiday

Beach Holiday

Think of all the lost vacation days of 2020 and shed a quick tear over the beach days that never were. The days spent lounging on the white sands of Boracay, having Fish & Chips by the bay at Bondi, sunbathing with takeaway pizza on Positano, or sipping a cocktail in Santorini. The closest we’ll get to sun and sand and sea is over very own Sentosa Island. But, when all else fails, we can always get into the mood by dressing the part.

Playing Volleyball

Courtesy of Shangri-la's Rasa Sentosa

Why not go for the classic Beachy wave style; perfect if you’re planning on booking a room at W Sentosa CoveAmara Hotel, Sofitel Sentosa & Resorts or the iconic Shangri-la's Rasa Sentosa at Siloso Beach.

Recommended Beach Hairstyle: Sunkissed Highlights

What style bests suit your beach activities? The Sunkissed Highlights of course.

Sunkissed Highlights by Izumi

Sunkissed highlights at Izumi Salon 

Versatile enough to look good while going for that beach volleyball game but still chic enough for dinner after some quick styling, this is absolutely the perfect hairstyle for your beach holiday. 

Sunkiss Highlights by French Salon Yann Beyrie

Sunkiss by Yann Beyrie

The highlighted parts adds dimension and texture to the hair, and reduces the overall amount of damage done to your tresses from the colouring. Even better, be the envy of the office when you return to work all refreshed from your short retreat. It remains work-friendly, and easily done on most hair textures and conditions.

Colour-Ash_Cut (Sham) at Be Salon

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

2. The Atas Korean Drama Vacation

Crash Landing on You

Circuit Breaker took us all on a bumpy ride for 2 months. We all coped with the changes in our own ways, doing whatever was necessary to stay sane. Some picked up a new hobby, a new craft to try. Some started getting serious about their fitness regime. Other people got really busy in the kitchen, baking up a storm. And then there are those that spent most of their time binge watching all the K-Dramas and movies available on Netflix. I’ll leave it to your imagination, dear Reader, to figure out which camp This Author belonged to.

But if you fell mostly into the latter camp, I can only imagine how unbearable it was to watch your favourite scenes unfold in Korea and be unable to travel there to visit. But you can still live your best K-Drama life here during your staycay, by re-enacting the scenes you loved in the most atas (fancy) hotel of your choice. What better use of the $100 voucher than to offset a night that might usually be out of your budget? Live your chaebol dreams, with the hairstyle to match.

Cocktails at Fancy Hotels in Singapore

Think lush romantic dinners at Marina Bay Sands, fancy cocktail drinks alfresco at the Fullerton Bay Hotel, or simply getting to luxuriate in the plush rooms in the Shangri-La, Capitol Kempinski or St Regis, to name a few.

Recommended Chaebol Hairstyle: Classic Bun

Just the perfect thrown-together-but-actually-took-some-effort look, it’s fresh, romantic, and elegant. It is just perfect for the hot, humid Singapore weather, by helping keep the hair up and off your face.

Styling (Tomoka) at Shun Sakurai

Styling by Shun Sakurai

This loose updo also doesn’t damage your hair like pulling it into a tight pony might do. Imagine how perfect this would look as you’re lounging by the pool! Bonus points for doubling as a way to not get your hair wet when you go for a dip!

Outtam-Styling (Kiyo) at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Styling by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Alternate Chaebol Hairstyle: Sculpted Waves

Prefer a longer lasting style than a one-night-bun? Consider getting the loose waves you see on K-dramas!

Perm (Darren) at Be Salon

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk calls it the airy wave and rightly so. 

S Curl Perm (Catherine) at Leekaja

Digital Perm at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

The waves are sculpted in such a way that every curl is designed to be right where they are supposed to be, giving that aura of sophistication and femininity all at the same time. 

S Curl Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

Digital Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

If you're already heading to Capitol Kempinski, you may want to check out the Advante Perm at Branche Salon.

Advante Perm at Branche Salon

In less than 3 hours, the stylists there can get you loose curls and soft shiny hair along with a glass of wine to complete your atas experience. 

Advante Perm at Branche Salon

Advante Perm at Branche Salon

3. Romantic Weekend Getaway 

The one rule we all remember from Circuit Breaker was that you had to stay at your Primary Residence, which means that plenty of young lovers out there were cruelly separated during this time and unable to enjoy each other’s company, save for Zoom dates perhaps. Yet absence makes the heart grow ever fonder, and what better way to make up for lost time than to book a romantic getaway staycation this holiday season?

Romantic Getaway

A more intimate experience at boutique hotels Lloyd’s Inn, Warehouse Hotel, or the Vagabond Club can be perfect for that Singaporean-style  fairytale staycay.

Lloyd's Inn

Recommended Hairstyle: Sexy #wakeuplikethis Waves

The point of the hairstyle here is not to look particularly fancy. Depending on which stage you are at with your SO, going for a romantic getaway can be a little unnerving; for some of you, it may be the first time your partner get to see the real you (beneath the makeup and styling). You're not going to have the chance to spend hours in front of the mirror to adjust your hair, so low-maintenance loose waves that get you that #wakeuplikethis look may just be what you're looking for. 

Care Perm for Medium Hair at Bump Hair Design

Care Perm at Bump Hair Design @ River Valley

For this hairstyle, you don't need structure but feminine waves that spread out lusciously on the hotel bed.

Korean Perm (Rina) at Leekaja

Perm at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

And one that will stay in place no matter how you ruffle it. 

Korean Perm Inspired by Crash Landing on You by Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon
Korean Perm Inspired by Crash Landing on You by Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Crash Landing on You Perm at Pro Trim Korean Salon

4. No-Fuss Family Getaway 

COVID-19 restrictions worldwide has meant that This Author has had no choice but to sacrifice her family’s annual EOY vacation.

Universal Studio Singapore Family Vacation

We’ve always made it a point to make time at the end of the year to do one annual family trip to an exotic locale, away from the daily grind, to reconnect with one another. And although this year it can’t happen in a snowy White Wonderland, who’s to say you can’t achieve the same family bonding in a beautiful staycation of your choice?

Singapore Sofitel City Centre Family Room

Courtesy of Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Spending time with family away from the house is a refreshing change of scenery, but also requires a fair it of manoeuvring to ensure that that many more people crammed into a smaller space doesn’t instead become an issue in itself. That's why we appreciate it when hotels put in the effort to make the staycation more family-friendly. Sofitel Singapore for example, went the extra mile to provide luxury teepee tents so children can have the slumber nights of their dreams. 

Pan Pacific Singapore Room for Families with Kids

Courtesy of Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore went one step further by providing thematic rooms with adorable bedding and children amenities packed into a mini-sized luggage. They even have a lifestyle floor to encourage children to go on a weekend treasure hunt and redeem a special treat upon completion! For those who prefer to venture out of the hotel, they provide 30% savings on single entrance (3-hour) ticket to kids’ indoor playground, Kiztopia, 20% savings on child admission rates to Pororo Park Singapore and 15% savings on ALL IN Ticket at NERF Action Xperience

One Degree 15 Marina

Courtesy of One Degree 15 Marina

One Degree 15 Marina, on the other hand, provide families with à la carte breakfast, free bicycle rental for two hours, $20 worth of arcade tokens, board games rental, children fun kit and an extra rollaway bed for those who opt for the Family Getaway Staycation.

Regardless which you choose, wonder-moms will probably be thinking more about efficiency rather than style. Here’s an idea for a hairstyle that is easily accomplished, yet doesn’t sacrifice style for convenience.

Recommended Hairstyle: Effortless Side Braid

Throwing it all the way back to 2012 Katniss Everdeen days, but with a stylish twist. This is perfect for helping keep most of your hair organized and somewhat under control, while still not being as severe as a tight bun or ponytail. It gives off the perfect playful vibe, especially for the more active days.

Brown Hair Colour for Holiday at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Colour by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Best part is you can totally dress up or down the side braid.

Add a few gems and accessories and voila, it is now ready for special night occasions.

Styling for Events (Shuya) at Flamingo Hair Studio

Styling by Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

You don't have to get your hair specially styled for this but it may be a good idea to ensure that your grey hairs are retouched so that you're ready for whatever family selfies there is to come. 

Just remember to check out our list of top hair salons for hair colour retouch or best hair colours under $100 for all hair length to maximize your savings. 

5. BFF Getaway

Do you miss getting together with your girl group? We know the feels. Although Phase 3 is imminent, you might find that you are unable to hang with your entire girlfriend gang, much less make your yearly getaway girl’s only trip overseas!

Bye bye shopping paradise days in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Korea.


That is not to say that you have to miss out on all the girl-bonding. Consider Hotel G near Bugis Street which can possibly satisfy your touristic shopping needs, Four Points by Sheraton for a Tai Tai style High Tea and even a complimentary 1 hour yoga or pick D’Hotel to be close to where the nightlife is for the much-needed G.N.O.

Lyf Funan Staycation

Courtesy of lyf Funan

There is also lyf at Funan which allows you to meet & collab with your friends at Connect Level 4, cook a meal at Bond (Social Kitchen) at Level 5 and work out a sweat at Burn social gym at Level 6!

Recommended Hairstyle: Matchy Hairstyles

Desperate times call for desperate measures; given that many of these hotels are situated near popular hangout spots, it is very easy for you to plan for some chill, relaxing, budget-friendly experiences ie. nails, shopping and even a nice relaxing massage. And while all that is happening, you might as well go the extra mile, and get your hairdos done as well!

Holiday Blue and Purple Hair Colour by 99 Percent

99 Percent Hair Studio

Alternate Hair Service: Hair and Scalp Treatment

Apple Stem Cell Hair Treatment at Finder by COVO

Apple Stem Cell Hair Treatment at Finder by COVO

If you're not into colours, there's always pampering hair and scalp treatments to give your hair the much-needed TLC. 

Check out our list of best hair treatments in Singapore for some ideas on where to go!

6. Salon-Hopping Round the World... right here in Singapore

Now there are some of you that might have read through this entire article and still are going “But Author, none of these scenarios apply to me! I do not feel satisfied simply settling for a staycation! The mask of a beautiful hotel room cannot hide the pain that I feel that I am not currently off exploring another new locale, for I am a ~traveller~. I feed on the wanderlust that fills my soul, and I am nourished by the many long-haul flights to far-flung spaces. I exist to travel, and nothing less will do.”

I hear you. I see you. But to you I also say “Yeah 2020 sucks for me too.” And then gamely point you towards the closest place you can get to leaving the country for now – Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. If you can’t leave, at least you can stay at the airport and live in that joy.

Crowne Plaza For Staycation

Then, salon-hop to experience the world... right here in Singapore. 

art noise japanese hair salon

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Want to experience Japan? Check out our list of Top Japanese Hair Salons with stylists who speak English

Kimono Styling at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

You may even get a kimono fitting at some of them!

Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Hair Salon

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

For a taste of Korea, you simply shouldn't miss LeeKaJa or any of the Korean salons listed here.

Yann Beyrie French Salon

Yann Beyrie

Or Yann Beyrie for the distinct European flavour.

Check out our article on other countries you can visit just by salon-hopping in Singapore

Recommended Hairstyle: Galaxy Hair Colours

Why not give yourself the Galaxy look, and at the very least your locks can feel like they are hurtling through the vastness of space.

Blue Ombre Colour (Vila) at Mane Made Hougang

Mane Made Studio @ Hougang

Rainbow Colour by 99 Percent

99 Percent @ Bugis, Bedok & Orchard

Galaxy Hair Colour by Style NA Parkway

Style NA Parkway Parade

Galaxy Mermaid Colour by Leekaja

Galaxy Mermaid Colour by LeeKaJa Korean Salon

Stylish French Braids

If Galaxy looks are too far-out for you, ground yourself in the more Lara Croft inspired French Braid. Just like said archaeologist, French braids come in extremely handy when you’re hiking through the woods, off searching for adventure in the jungles (or at least, hiking trails) and taking down baddies- I mean, exploring undiscovered corners of tropical Singapore. The ever-reliable French braid is perfect for physical and active staycaytioners. On top of that, it looks even better on hair that already has colour or highlights done, as it will really give the hair some flow and show off the dimension of the style. If you’ve recently jumped onto the Peekaboo hair trend-wagon, this style will showcase it even more as it will artfully reveal the coloured bottom hair pieces.

99 Percent @ Bugis, Bedok & Orchard

Threes Japanese Salon @ Clarke Quay

Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

With so many hairstyles and hotels to choose from, it’s a sure-fire way to upgrade your holiday experience and make the most of your stay!

Have you tried any of these hairstyles or hair salons? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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