Transform Stiff Unruly Hair into Soft Silky Hair... with Pineapples and Papaya in the Japanese Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment

Published on May 10, 2021

They may both have come from Japan but nope, we're not talking about Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. Unless you're Pikotaro, who'd think of pineapples and papaya when you think about haircare? 

The answer... Japanese of course! As Japanese scientists would tell you, look down on these super fruits and you'd be missing out a lot.

1. Softens your hair with Proteolytic Enzymes 

Ever wonder why your hair sometimes feel hard, stiff and unruly? While product buildup is a major cause, hardened protein on the surface of our hair can contribute to the appearance and feeling that the hair is hard and stiff. 

Here is where the magic of pineapples and papaya come in.

Just like how we have to exfoliate our skin to reveal brighter lighter skin, pineapple and papaya contain proteolytic enzymes bromelain and papain that dissolves the product buildup and penetrates deeper into the hair to break down hardened protein into its components amino acids. 

2. Strengthens your hair

Another benefit that bromelain brings is that it thickens your hair. The bromelain present in pineapple is rich in vital nutrients that help to enrich hair follicles, which helps to improve the elasticity and thickness of your hair.

Hair Bubble Wash at Branche Hair Salon

To further strengthen the hair, Japanese scientists have even added feather keratin and amino acids which adheres to the surface of the hair. The feather keratin thickens the hair even more through a proprietary bubbling process, allowing for stronger thicker hair. 

Ryo poured some Enzyme Pro 2nd step into the basin, and mixed it with hot water to create... bubbles.

3. Gives the Appearance of Smooth and Silky Hair

If you don't already know, Pineapples and Papaya contain high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants that help to boost hair growth and scalp immunity. In fact, Vitamin C is especially helpful as it gives our hair that extra boost and layer of silkiness!

To give your hair that extra protection against UV damage and other external stresses, you can also consider incorporating botanical oils such as squalene, macadamia, jojoba, olive and rose hip oil as you apply the bromelain and papain. These oils act as a barrier to protect your hair from external stress, so you no longer need to worry about UV damage or pollution.

Love how pineapples and papaya can do so much for your hair? You can consider doing a DIY pineapple and papaya mask but if you're afraid of the mess you'll make, consider going for Enzyme Pro treatment. This hair treatment has already incorporated the best of pineapples and papaya in a fuss-free hair treatment that pampers your hair and gets you seeing results in just 1.5hours. 

Want to see exactly how the process is like? Follow Agent B to Branche Japanese Hair Salon for this exclusive hair treatment. 

Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment at Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Hi, I am Agent B, an assistant relationship manager at a local bank.

Dry, Frizzy and Stiff Hair Before Enzyme Pro Treatment at Branche Hair Salon

I'm blessed with thick hair, which is a pretty good thing.

Dry, Frizzy and Stiff Hair Before Enzyme Pro Treatment at Branche Hair Salon

BUT it frizzes really easily and makes me look somewhat unkempt... not my preferred look as a Relationship Manager.

Dry, Frizzy and Stiff Hair Before Enzyme Pro Treatment at Branche Hair Salon
What can I do?

Every time I go to the hair salon, stylists have the tendency to thin my hair, which makes it even harder to manage. I've been trying different stylists at different salons hoping to find someone who would give me an alternative solution.

And then, I found Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Hair Consultation at Branche Japanese Hair Salon

After hearing me complain about my messy hair, a friend of mine finally let me into her silky hair secret: Branche Japanese Hair Salon. Apparently, the stylists here use a combination of haircut techniques as well as a repertoire of exclusive hair treatments that has helped her control her frizz.

With her glowing review, I went to Branche Japanese Hair Salon for the first time and I must say that I was beyond impressed. Other than the gorgeous interior decor and ambience, the service was really amazing. Ryo was the stylist who attended to me the first time and he was unfailingly attentive. He can't serve me the usual champagne but provided me with some Japanese snacks that transported me to Japan. Most importantly though, his haircut was also really good and gave me a shape that I was very pleased with.

Haircut alone was however insufficient to control my frizz. For stronger control of frizz, he suggested for me to try their newest Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment - the next time I came.

And so, here I am, on my second visit to Ryo.

Hair Consultation at Branche Hair Salon

During the consultation, Ryo checked my hair condition and found it to be dry and somewhat stiff - in dire need for Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment. Ryo mentions that this hair treatment won't just defrizz my hair, it'll make my hair so soft, it'll look perfect even for a hair CF.

Step 1: Hair wash

Hair Wash at Branche Hair Salon

I can't wait!

The step that starts it all is the hair wash. Unlike usual shampoos, this hair wash already contains bromelain and papain extracted from Pineapple and Papaya. This helps to exfoliate and remove any residual product while at the same time make my stiff hair softer.

Did I also mention that I didn't even need to move away from my seat? As I was lucky enough to be in the VIP room, the seat has an automatic recliner that lowers me to the basin without even needing me to move.

Step 2: Application of Hair Treatment

Once the hair wash is complete, he applied the Enzyme Pro 1st hair treatment onto my hair.

He applied a generous amount from the middle to the ends of my hair.

Application of Enzyme Pro Treatment at Branche Hair Salon

Just thinking about how it softens my hair makes me really happy.

Step 3: Bubbling Hair Bubbles

Next was the most interesting step in a hair treatment that I've ever experienced.

Second Step Enzyme Pro To Create Bubble

Ryo poured some Enzyme Pro 2nd step into the basin, and mixed it with hot water to create... bubbles.

Hair Bubble Wash at Branche Hair Salon

The bubbles were not just for show though. They help the feather keratin in the Enzyme Pro 2nd bind to the hair cortex, strengthening the hair.

Hair Bubble Wash at Branche Hair Salon

Step 4: Application of Botanical Oils

After the bubbling is complete, Ryo mixed Enzyme Pro 3rd with hot water and rinsed my hair using this new mixture. Enzyme Pro 3rd contains 5 types of botanical oils: squalene, macadamia, jojoba, olive and rose hip oil that acts as a barrier to protect hair from external stress.

Third Enzyme Pro Application at Branche Hair Salon

The process did not stop there. Ryo started applying the Enzyme Pro 4th at the basin. He applied the product from the middle of my hair to the ends and left the hair to process. Once satisfied, Ryo rinsed the product off and towel-dried it.

Back at the seat, Ryo blew my hair dry.

Step 3: Blow dry and style

Want to see how my hair looks like now?

Blow Dry at Branche Hair Salon
Glossy and Soft Hair After Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment at Branche Hair Salon

Much neater than before, don't you think?

Glossy and Soft Hair After Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment at Branche Hair Salon

It is not only neater, my hair felt perceptibly softer and looked more glossy as well.

Glossy and Soft Hair After Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment at Branche Hair Salon
Glossy and Soft Hair After Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment at Branche Hair Salon

To lengthen the effects of this treatment, Ryo recommended me to use a hair mask regularly at home as the treatment will fade with every wash. If time and budget allows, he would also recommend me to come back for a monthly routine to keep my hair in this condition.

Thank you Ryo for giving me soft and silky hair and an amazing hair experience! While I probably can't come back every month, you'll definitely see me back again for more of this treatment and haircuts by Ryo.

Interested to get Japanese hair salon experience at Branche Japanese Hair Salon? Check out their page here to book your session.

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