This Student Recovered from Pimples after Two Facials at This Salon

Published on May 31, 2018

Hi, I'm Agent ZP, a student at Nanyang Poly, currently majoring in Business Management. 

I've been thinking about going for a facial for the longest of time. It's not because I'm vain. In fact, going for a facial hurts my pocket a lot because I don't take money from my parents and prefer to work part time for my out-of-school expenses. However, take a look at my face and you'll understand why.

Severe Acne Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty


My face is very bad right? It's super red and super sensitive!

Everyone who looks at me comes up to me to ask if I need help with my face, and I can't help but feel bad about it. It's not like I don't wash my face or something... but the outbreaks just happen constantly, causing it to itch and everything. 

I actually did go to a facial years ago. Those neighbourhood types. But it didn't work :( My forehead may have become slightly clearer but there was not much difference to be honest. 

I sort of gave up on myself until I saw this article on Beauty Undercover. 

Acne Facial by Apple Queen Beauty Helped Manager Overcome Her Acne

Having read a few articles on Beauty Undercover, I know Agent G doesn't anyhow recommend salons so I was interested to try. I read up on Apple Queen Beauty and found her prices very reasonable and so I made an appointment with her.

As Agent G described, Apple is really very nice (and her skin is damn good!).

Before I went for my session, my skin was super red and sensitive and my pores were exposed to excessive dirt and sunlight but Apple was confident that she can improve my condition. I trusted what she said and so went ahead with the facial.

Although her extraction is quite painful, it was very accurate and thorough... so much so that my face became clearer in just one session!

Remember how I look like earlier?

Severe Acne Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

This is my photo right after 1 session. 

Pimples Cleared After 1 Session at Apple Queen Beauty

Not as red as you expect right?

This is another photo 1 week later, together with use of her recommended facial products. 

Pimple-Free Face After 2 Sessions of Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

Crazy right? I felt so happy about my improved complexion that I can't wait to rave about Apple to everyone. 

That's why when Apple asks me if I mind becoming her model for one session for Apple Stem Cell with Hyaluronic Silk, I am more than happy to oblige. 

For those interested to see how a typical facial with Apple is like, read on below!

April 2018

Second Treatment for Acne at Apple Queen Beauty

Hi I am back at Apple Queen Beauty again for a second time. 

Looking forward to my next facial with Apple because my skin transformed so much after just one session. 

Apple Queen Beauty is a small shop inside International Plaza. Frankly, it is a salon I would walk past if I didn't know about Apple because it looks so humble. But I think that's where the real gems lie.

I was late but Apple welcomed me warmly as she escorted me into the treatment room. 

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

Apple always starts the session with double cleansing. She uses a special milk cleanser that cleanses without stripping the natural moisture too much.

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

She then removes any residue with a cotton wool after the first cleansing. 

Apple applied a second cleanser to make sure that my skin is absolutely clean. 

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

One more wipe and we are done with cleansing.

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty


Once ready, she disinfected the instruments and began the extraction. 

I remembered that the last extraction she gave me lasted a full 90 minutes. It was really painful but I was able to tolerate it because she tried to distract me with conversations. 

Pimples Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

This time was no different. 

She chatted with me while she performed the extractions so that it wouldn't feel so painful.

To make it less painful, she will cover the newly extracted area with wet cotton wool.

For those who haven't done extraction, it is the most painful around the nose and top lip. 

Pimples Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

For deep-seated pimples, she uses a needle to remove the pus from the root.

I love how knowledgeable she was about the different type of pimples. Having done extractions for so many years, Apple could tell what type of pimples are ready and what type of pimples should not be extracted, possibly why my face improved so much with just one session!

Once the extraction is done, Apple will even trim my eyebrows for me. 

Very attentive, right?

That's not all. I'm relieved the extraction is over because now is when the pampering begins :D

The facial I'm doing is actually called Apple Stem Cell with Hyaluronic Silk. The next step is therefore the application of the Apple Stem Cell. 

Application of Apple Stem Cell Serum at Apple Queen Beauty

This may look like a small bottle but according to Apple, this Apple Stem Cell serum costs quite a lot. It includes a lot of essences within the serum made from apple stem cells and has the effect of repairing and moisturizing the skin. Since my pores is now open due to extraction, now is the best time to apply the apple stem cell because my skin will absorb it readily. 

Electroporation Machine at Apple Queen Beauty

To increase penetration of the apple stem cells, she used an electroporation machine and lightly taps it on my skin. This also helps to kill any residual bacteria!

Application of Apple Stem Cell Serum at Apple Queen Beauty

Once the disinfection is performed, she applied the rest of the apple stem cell onto the rest of my skin before putting on this intensive sheet mask.

This intensive sheet mask contains Majoram Oregano, Chamomile, Betaine and Aloe Vera, all of which help to treat and heal skin disorders, improve immune system and soothe the irritated skin!

Application of Apple Stem Cell Serum at Apple Queen Beauty

She then used the ultrasound machine and made it go round and round until the sheet turns from translucent to white, a sign that the skin has already absorbed the ingredients on the mask. 

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

Whatever liquid left over from the mask is then applied onto my face again with a facial brush for that extra repair and moisturizing effect. 

As she waits for the mask ingredients to take effect, Apple gave me a heavenly shoulder massage.

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

Hmm it feels so comfortable...

Easily my most enjoyable part of the facial!

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

After about 10 minutes, it is time to apply the final mask of the day: oatmeal clarifying mask. 

The oatmeal just smells so fragrant! Love it! 

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

To keep the thick mixture of oatmeal mask in place, Apple prepared a facial gauze and spread the oatmeal mix on top.

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

The mask smells so yummy, my stomach almost growled. 

Apple left me to rest while the mask hardens and dries up. 

10 to 15 minutes later, she removed the mask.

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

Look how much clearer my skin looks...

And also, no redness!

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

That marks the end of my facial. 

This is how I look like after.

Pimples Cleared After 2 Sessions of Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

Overall Thoughts

I'm really very grateful to find a facial therapist as good as Apple on Beauty Undercover. I've only had 3 sessions with her thus far but Apple has been excellent. Her shoulder massage is awesome and her extraction very precise. That's probably why my skin improve so much so fast!

Severe Acne Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Pimples Cleared After 2 Sessions of Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

Although the salon itself is not luxurious as some other big names, Apple is a lot more sincere. She shared with me how she overcomes sensitive skin herself and encouraged me a lot, making her different from other facial consultants who tend to put me down. Her outgoing and always cheerful personality makes me look forward to my next session with her. 

The only problem is that she doesn't have other employees and so does everything herself. I suspect that she will be booked up as more and more people get to know about her. I only hope that she can do facial for me as long as possible but I also hope that she can help more ladies like me to regain their self confidence!

Hope that this sharing will help you discover someone you can trust to solve your skin problem too!

Apple Queen Beauty offers a number of facials on discount for the first time.

If you are keen on this particular facial, the first timer promotion is below:

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If you've already tried Apple before, share your experiences with us here!

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