10 Stylish Hairstyles That Mature Women Can Carry Off Beautifully

Published on Jul 27, 2018

You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life.- Coco Chanel

When we were in our 20s and 30s, all we had to do was exercise, eat healthily and get a decent colour and perm to refresh ourselves and look good. By the time we reach our 40s and 50s, our bodies and even our hair start to change. We find our hair dropping out in clumps and that the crown just isn't as voluminous any more. For some of us, the hair texture even changed to become more curly or straighter depending on our crazy hormones while our face looks more sunken over time. 

As bad as it may sound, embrace your age! Being a mature lady is actually a great thing; we've been living with our bodies for almost half a century so we know what works, what doesn't, what we can eat and what we can't, what type of hair suits us and what doesn't. Best of all, we finally found who we are and that should be the reason that makes us irresistible. 

The only annoying thing to note though, keeping healthy and beautiful after 40 takes effort. Your hair plays a big part in how YOU look so as Singapore too enters middle age, we would like to suggest some hair services and the subsequent hairstyles that will help save years off your face and keep mature ladies looking refreshed.

P.S. Not all women featured here are mature; we just think that mature ladies can carry off these hairstyles as well!


Talk to your hairstylist and the first thing he will recommend mature women to do is to go for shorter haircuts. That's because long hair tends to have the effect of dragging down your face, making you look tired, fatigued and generally older.

Go for a cut and you'll see yourself looking more energetic immediately.

Bob Haircut For Mature Women at Ann's Studio

Bob Haircut by Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

As you can see, you don't have to go REALLY short, if you're worried about how well you can carry it.  

Professional Women Haircut at Kenaris Salon

Haircut by Kenaris Salon

Here are some short hairstyles you can consider:

1. Classic Bob

When speaking of short haircuts, the bob hairstyle immediately comes to mind.

Short Classic Bob at AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon

Classic Bob by AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon

It's one of those timeless hairstyles and flatters face shapes across all ages. 

Classic Bob at Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Branche Japanese Hair Salon

And even across hair types. 

Shoulder Length Bob at Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

If you're worried about going short, you can always take baby steps and try a medium length bob cut before deciding if you should go shorter. 

Medium Length Bob by Kenaris Salon

Medium Length Cut by Kenaris Salon

The classic bob is versatile and easily manageable.

Work Friendly Classic Bob by Chez Vous

It is hence the perfect hairstyle to try for your first short haircut. 

Classic Short Bob by Ann's Studio

Classic Bob Cut by Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

2. Textured Bob

Feeling more adventurous after a classic bob cut? 

The next frontier to go for is the Textured Bob. 

Textured Bob by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

COVO Japanese Hair Salon

The textured bob is perfect for those of you with wavy hair as your natural curl adds a huge dose of style. 

Textured Bob by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Textured Bob by Chez Vous Hair Salon

It doesn't have to go too short. 

As it looks good even at medium length. 

Textured Bob Ladies Haircut

Bob Haircut by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Although suitable for those with wavy or curly hair, you can still go for the textured bob even if your hair is relatively straight. 

Textured Bob Ladies Haircut

Textured Bob by Kenaris Salon

You just have to use some sea salt spray or other styling products to acheive the look you want!

3. Graduation Bob

Working in Top or Middle management? 

You may want to shy away from the classic bob, which may look too feminine and the Textured Bob as it may look too messy at work. 

Graduation Bob

Graduation Bob by The Bund @ Bishan Park

Our favourite stylist for Graduation Bob, Ricky from The Bund @ Bishan Park shared that the Graduation Bob tends to have more sharp edges that make one look more authoritative immediately. 

Long Bob by Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis North Bridge Rd

Graduated Bob by Picasso Hair Studio

Look at the transformation for this lady from sweet to strong career woman in one snip. 

It doesn't mean that you will look fierce after the cut although we can be certain that you will look a lot more refreshed after. 

Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob by 99 Percent @ Bedok Point

This hairstyle is also highly recommended because it brings volume back to your hair and creates the beautifully rounded silhouette at the back of your head. 

Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob by Evolve Salon

3. Pixie Haircut

Confident enough to carry a super short hairstyle? 

Pixie Haircut For Women

Pixie Haircut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Pixie Haircut is definitely the one you should go for.

The Pixie is the ultimate effortlessly cool hairstyle that shows off your best features.

Pixie Haircut For Women

By Kenaris Salon

You can opt for the standard pixie cut (above) for an easy to maintain look but if you want to up your style, you can ask your stylist for a pixie cut that incorporates and edgy flair.

Pixie Haircut For Women

Two Block Haircut by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

If you prefer a slightly softer version of the undercut, there's always the two block haircut.

Ladies Undercut with Hair Tattoo

Undercut by Project Hair @ Jurong

You can even add a special hair tattoo if you wish. 

See, we told you that undercut is trending!

Ladies Undercut

By Asako at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Even if you have wavy hair, you can still rock the pixie cut without looking like a fluff ball. In fact, wavy hair is great for short haircuts because they add natural volume and give your hair the texture that others do not have. All you need to do is to get an experienced hairstylist and she will be able to cut your hair in such a way that makes it easy to style, like Asako from COVO Japanese Hair Salon. 

Japanese Pixie Haircut For Ladies

By Ken at Kenaris Salon

Undercut aside, you can give your pixie a trendy makeover by playing with fringe lengths. We love how the choppy asymmetrical bangs by Ken from Kenaris Salon  adds an edge to her overall style and shows off her young and fashionable side!

Japanese Pixie Haircut For Ladies

AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon

Pair your pixie haircut with an equally trendy outfit and you'll look fantastic, no matter what age you're at!


The one important service that ladies above 40 ALWAYS go for before a major holiday or Chinese New Year is a hair colour. 

Grey Hair

After all, greying hair doesn't just make you look old, the combination of half coloured, half grey hair can look pretty unsightly. 

Grey Hair Treatment at Follicle Salon

If you have a bit more budget, you can go for Grey Hair Defy at Follicle Salon to slow down the greying of your hair.

For the rest of us, you'll probably have to colour your hair to see yourself turn younger immediately. 

Unfortunately, you've got to retouch quite often so you may have to consider more naturally derived hair colours to minimize exposure to chemicals. 

Mom's Hair Makeover Before and After at Koinonia Salon

Color Herbe at Koinonia Salon

Agent G's mom went for Color Herbe, a naturally derived hair colour at Koinonia Salon and loved its excellent grey coverage that lasted for months... without any pungent odour!

For those of you more adventurous and hope to try brighter colours, be careful of the colour choices you make.

As we've shared in a previous article, ash hair colours may be trending but these same ash hair colours actually make you look older if you don't put on the right makeup.

4. Classic Brown / Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair Colour

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Highlights are recommended over normal one tone hair colour because the highlights will make your hair regrowth slightly less obvious than a one-tone colour.

Blonde Highlights Short Hair

Blonde Highlights by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok

The placement of the highlights can also help you better contour your face, drawing attention away from lines and areas you may want to conceal.

Ladies Pixie Cut and Highlights

Highlights and Pixie Haircut by Koinonia Salon

While also highlighting your best features.

Ladies Short Haircut with Highlights

Highlights by Picasso Hair Studio

Ladies Short Haircut with Highlights


5. Platinum Hair Colour

If your hair is already mostly white though, the other more easily manageable alternative is to actually go full platinum. 

Platinum Hair Colour

Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

It is not so obvious when your hair colour grows out and makes you look really cool... if you put on makeup. 

6. Vibrant Blue Highlights

Who says that one can't go vibrant when you enter your 40s? You absolutely can, if you choose the right colours.

As mentioned, ashy colours are out because they make you look fatigued. However, vibrant blue highlights seem to be rather popular these days.

Blue Hair Colour For Mature Women

Turquoise Blue by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

We love blue because cool colours make one look less "auntie" and because there are so many shades to choose from!

Blue Hair Colour For Mature Women
Blue Hair Colour For Mature Women

By Kenaris Salon

You can even add a tinge of green for a slightly different look!

Blue Hair Colour For Mature Women

By No. 8 Hair Studio

7. Violet Highlights

Red usually has the undeserved reputation of making mature women look "auntie", which is why you don't see it on our list. 

If your skin tone favours warm colours though, you can possibly try violet. 

Purple Hair Colour For Mature Woman
Purple Hair Colour For Mature Woman

Violet Hair Colour by Project Hair

It is a lesser used colour that is pretty unique.

It also kills off yellowness in the hair colour and therefore fades beautifully!

Purple Hair Colour For Mature Woman

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Pair it with blue for an ombre and you've got yourself a one-in-a-million hair colour design!


After hair colour, thinning hair is the next big indicator of age. This factor doesn't jump out at you as much but flat long hair somehow makes the extra flesh you've gained on your face and your sunken cheeks that much more obvious. 

S Curl Perm For Mature Ladies

Chez Vous Hair Salon

That is why so many mature women are obsessed with perms. Perfectly sculpted curls draw the attention away from these imperfections so that you can feel more confident about yourself.

You don't have to make your hair super curly like the above though. There are many different types of perms that can help you still look good after 40s. 

8. S Curl Perms

If you have to leave your hair long, an S Curl Perm can conceal your hair age with curls that make you look like a Korean star. 

What we like about this perm is that it is once again versatile.

You can have your curls start at the top like the above or only have the curls near the ends for a more natural look. 

S Curl Perm For Mature Ladies

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon 

Some of you may, however, find that your hair texture is too weak for a perm. Well, Agent G recently tried a revolutionary new perm she LOVES so much called Paimore GRATS Blowout Perm. That perm lotion causes the lowest damage among all the perm lotions available in Singapore today and gives curls so pong (aka voluminous), many stylists are calling it the Paimore GRATS Volume Perm. 

9. Water Perm

Go too curly and you've got people saying that you're an auntie. Not curly enough and you've got flat hair that makes you look old. 

If you have natural curls, the key is to resculpt your hair so that it looks more sleek than messy. 

Water Perm For Aunties

Water Perm by Flamingo Hair Studio

This lady went for a light water perm at Flamingo Hair Studio to resculpt her hair; it previously curled outwards but the water perm managed to curl it inwards to make it look more presentable and definitely younger. 

10. Keratin Treatment

Hair that looks dry and damaged naturally makes the wearer look older. 

Keratin Treatment Before and After

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Normal hair treatments can help... but only for a few days because they just can't last as long. 

The only treatment that we've seen last approximately 3 months are Keratin Treatments. There are many different types of Keratin Treatments so you can read more about them here

Keratin Treatment Before and After

COVO Japanese Hair Salon

But usually, they have a straightening effect on your hair and makes your hair look more silky and shiny while it lasts. 

C Curl Keratin Treatment

C Curl Keratin Treatment at Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Interestingly, you can try to achieve a light C Curl with Keratin Treatment as well, with Annie from Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi, the only one so far who may be able to achieve it for you!

Bonus: Rose Perm

If you're in South Korea, you'd find this Rose Perm trending among Moms in their mid to late thirties. 

Rose Perm by Koinonia Salon

Rose Perm by Koinonia Salon

You see it everywhere on all the rich Chaebol tai-tais in the latest Korean dramas.

We hear that in real life, it is very easy to manage as the curls will go into place with a simple blowdry. 

Rose Perm by Koinonia Salon

We haven't seen many Singaporeans sporting this hairstyle yet but is definitely an interesting new hairstyle to try for mature women!

What do you think about the above 10 hairstyles for mature women? Are there some you'd be keen to try? 

Share your thoughts with us below!

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