10 Ways to Surprise Your Date on Valentines Day in Singapore

Published on Jan 31, 2018

Stumped for plans for Valentine's Day?

Fret not, we've got you covered with these thoughtful ways to surprise your bae on Valentine's Day that are guaranteed to make hearts flutter and elicit an aww or two ...

P.S. you don't have to be attached to do the following! Valentines Day is a good excuse for you to get together with everyone you love in your life and tell them you love them!

1. Handmade Gifts

Personalized gifts are always romantic, even more so when the gift is handmade. Handmade gifts are extra special as it hints that you put thought and time into making the gift. Your effort will be greatly appreciated even if you are lacking the artistic skill. Surprise your significant other by making your own fizzy bath bombs, romantic coupons or homemade dinner.

Valentine Handmade Gifts

Our personal favourite though is the jar of love notes! Who wouldn't love reading all the reasons why you love them or what makes the special!

2. Cook up a storm

You don't have to splurge hundreds of dollars on a meal just because its Valentines Day. Cooking at home can be way more romantic than going out on Valentine's Day. At least, you don't have to eat mediocre food at extravagant prices that you know is not worth its mettle. Why not grab a bottle of wine and cozy up by preparing some of his/her favourite foods, sneaking in some aphrodisiac and even ordering in additional dishes that may be too time-consuming to prepare? 

Valentine Cooking

It doesn't matter if the food doesn't look or even taste as good as what top chefs can produce... you've put in that special effort and we're sure your significant other will appreciate it. At least, you can laugh over that burnt steak and make this a Vday to remember. 

3. 1-Altitude

If the snug ambience is not your thing, kick off Valentine’s Day with the world’s highest alfresco bar at One Raffles Place.Standing at a peak of 282 meters above sea level is 1-Altitude Rooftop Gallery & Bar, one of the top bars of Singapore with a spectacular 360-degree view of the city. Stunning sunset views and nightlife vibes can be enjoyed with some of the best high-end cocktails and beverages on offer. Adding to the vibrant atmosphere is live music from top local bands and internationally renowned DJs. Needless to say, the spectacular view and drinks are bound to impress your date for the night.

4. Glamping

Valentine Glamping

Credit Glamping Society

Fancy a picnic with a touch of class and glamour? Imagine sleeping under the stars, snuggled under ultra soft sheets, parked next to the Singapore Straits and waking up to nature. Imagine lovingly blindfolding your loved one, then leading her/him by the hand to a surprise romantic picnic and luxurious bell tent accommodation by the sea. Imagine having a bohemian style picnic, singing with the ukelele while being kissed by sea breeze. Well, thanks to Glamping Society, you don't have to imagine anymore. They pretty much handle everything for you, the only thing you have to do is turn up with your bae.

5. Weekend Getaway

You can't go wrong with a surprise weekend getaway! For those of you planning to surprise your date with a trip to a neighboring island, we highly recommend checking out Rawa Island Resort, a tropical island resort located in located in Mersing District, Johor, just twenty minutes away by speedboat. Feel the grains of white, sun-baked sand between your toes as you stroll along the beach. Take a dip in the warm waters of the South China Sea, enjoy the green scenery, snorkel along the natural coral reef just meters from the shore, or simply relax as you watch the sun disappear lazily over the orange horizon. 

6. Get your hair done together

Given that Valentines Day is so close to CNY this year, you may just want to arrange a date at some of Singapore's most exclusive salons to get both your hair done in preparation for CNY. 

Some salons you may want to consider include

Valentine Hairdo

Branche Japanese Hair Salon for its complimentary champagne and exquisite service

Going to Hair Salon During Valentine

Flamingo Hair Studio for its chill ambience

Leekaja During Valentines

Or LeeKaJa Korean Salon for its cafe and multi-faceted services.

For more salon choices, read our recommendations on Singapore's most chill hair salons here.

Since you're getting your hair done together, you may want to consider a matching couple hair design (in terms of colour or even undercut). 

More couple hair ideas coming up soon! 

7. Recreate The First Date

Revisiting the past can be a good thing at times. If your first date was lovely then all the more you should recreate it. It's a sweet gesture and one that shows you still remember even after all these years. Reminisce about the many first moments you shared as a couple and enjoy each other's company. We are pretty sure this surprise will make your partner melt and one he or she will gush about to their friends.

8. Study Date

Study Date for Valentines

Valentine's Day might be exam period for some. Hence, you don’t have to sacrifice your studying for your partner. You can always plan for a date when the exam stress is over. Instead, why not go on a study date? It might sound boring, but it can be romantic too. Peace and quiet, small talk, maybe some movie-worthy moments or funny K-drama 'bumping into you in the library' scenes like in Cheese in the Trap and Goblin!

9. Romantic Stroll

Grand gestures are not the only way to spend Valentine’s Day or to show your love. There are some of you out there who are not too fond of Valentine's Day so why not spend a quiet night in or a romantic stroll along your favourite spot. Netflix and chill sounds just as romantic and lovely as a lavish night out.

10. Pop The Question

It might be a cliche but nothing says I love you quite as big as popping the big question. Give the surprise proper thought and planning, it's a definitely going to be a day to remember so you want to make the proposal a memorable one. However you choose to do it, whether on a grand scale or intimate moment, just make sure your loved one feels ultra special.

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