3 Sweet Hairstyle Tweaks Perfect for Romantic First Date Vibes

Published on Apr 12, 2021

You've been texting each other on CMB (Coffee Meets Bagel) , Lunch Actually, Happn or even a good old friend introduction and you're finally meeting him!

Or... you could have known each other for sometime and you're wondering...

Could I go for a sweet makeover and give him a surprise on his birthday?

Not that you aren't sweet on regular days but there are just some periods in your life when you're feeling sweeter and more feminine than usual. What can you do if you're thinking of transforming your image to up the romance quotient? 

We've previously asked Sherlin and Tony from Be U Hair Design to share some hairstyle tweaks on elevating sex appeal. This time, we're back for more questions on how we can look that bit sweeter and more romantic on our dates!

While dressing has a part to play, believe it or not, it is your HAIR that you notice about yourself every day.Not your makeup or what you wear but your hair.~ Sherlin, Be U Hair Design

If you're wondering why we're asking them, both Sherlin and Tony have created a systematic hairstyle consultation process that recommends your ideal hairstyle according to your facial features, lifestyle and your vibe after going for intensive training in 2019. Yep, they look into your facial contour (width of your forehead, proportion of width from one cheek and jawline to another), chin contour (round, angular), eyes contour (single lidded vs round) and even nose contour (low bridge, aquinine) and mouth contour (thickness) AND combine their findings with your intended vibe and image before designing a hairstyle for you.

Now that you understand why, let's head back to the sweet hairstyle tweaks they recommend to help you look sweeter for the perfect first date vibes. 

1. Romance in the Bangs

What makes a girl look sweet? Some say it's what a girl does (of course) but we think that a fringe makes a even bigger difference. ~ Sherlin, Be U Hair Design

Of course, what you do is important but according to Sherlin, just having bangs itself can make you look sweet and romantic immediately. 

Sweet Romantic Hairstyle For Oval Face Shape by Be U Hair Design

Image courtesy of Be U Hair Design

Why, you may ask?

The trick lies in facial proportions. Bangs are absolutely crucial in framing the face as it hides any lines you may have and draws attention to your eyes. 

Sweet Hairstyle with Fringe For Date by Be U Hair Design

Image courtesy of Be U Hair Design

And as we all know, looking younger definitely helps in looking sweeter. 

We love to design fringes that curve around and frame the cheekbones as it contours and lifts the face for that extra youthfulness. We call this Curtain Fringe.~ Tony, Be U Hair Design
Square Shaped Face Hairstyle For Dates by Be U Hair Design

Image courtesy of Be U Hair Design

The curtain fringe is also ideal in concealing the sides of the face to make this lady's square face shape look more oval. Suitable for many face shapes, the curtain fringe frames the face in such a way that helps to soften the overall look. For this particular lady, it takes the attention away from her jawlines and emphasizes her cheekbones that bit more while the soft layers add movement to her hair for an illusion of softness and romance. 

2. Romance in the Waves

Unlike sexy styles which tends to go for more defined curls, sweet ladies opt for straighter wavy hairstyles that look like they're born with it!~ Desmond, Be U Hair Design

People always wonder, what the difference between sexy and romantic is. According to Desmond from Be U Hair Design, the definition of the curls / waves may be a defining factor. 

While softness is a must, wavy hairstyles tend to make one look like a kind, gentle angel who is effortlessly sweet. This compares to defined curls that look just that bit more intentional. 

For those not looking to perm, we have an alternative for you. 

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyle For Dates by Be U Hair Design

Image courtesy of Be U Hair Design

If your hair is naturally wavy, a layered cut may just be enough to frame your face and provide movement to give you that shy yet romantic vibe. All that's left is for you to blow your hair dry for that bit of wave at the end!

3. Romance in the Colour

Last but not least, Tony shares that the hair colour can make or break the romantic vibe. 

Faded brassy hair has the effect of making one look older than you are. Simply refreshing your colour can bring out the sweetness in you. ~ Tony, Be U Hair Design

If possible, consider going for a warm colour tone. Caramel highlights, for example, tend to make one look softer, sweeter and more romantic.

Caramel Highlights by Be U Hair Design

Image courtesy of Be U Hair Design

Of course, this assumes that it fits your skin colour in the first place ie. not too reddish nor too yellow. 

Mocha Brown Hair Colour with See Through Bangs by Be U Hair Design

Image courtesy of Be U Hair Design

If you find caramel too warm for your liking, you can always opt for mocha browns and add selective ash highlights to brighten the overall look. 

The best part is that you don't have to bleach too much. In fact, looking sweet is a lot about looking natural; the focus here is not to change who you are but to bring out the dreamy romance in you with some softness and movement.

Want to get an extra dose of sweetness in your hair? Consider going to the stylists at Be U Hair Design for your customized hair design! They are trained to design hairstyles to fit your personality...so you get a complimentary image consultation along with your haircut that start from just $38. Plus you get 10% off if you're a first timer!

Don't say we bojio!

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