The Eczema Facial That Can Relieve and Treat Eczema Naturally

Published on Aug 31, 2016

With painful red sores popping up now and again, living with Eczema can be a huge challenge.

Many, like Agent E, have exhausted all their options going for dermatologists after dermatologists, only to find that steroids stop working after a while.

Seeing how difficult it is for Eczema patients, the Founder of Organics Beauty has created an organic customized aroma facial to relieve the sores for Eczema sufferers and encourage the body to repair itself naturally.

Read more to find out about the facial below!

This post was created in partnership with Organics Beauty.

August 2016

Hi! I'm Agent E, 22, an animator / illustrator who is currently furthering my studies at La Salle. 

I developed eczema on my eyelids 7 years ago, which now has spread to the nose bridge, and thanks to puberty, I also struggle with acne on my forehead. My condition is further exacerbated due to the fact that I work and study in a fully air-conditioned environment with very low temperatures.

In search for a cure, I have been to TCM doctors, tried herbal salves, homemade remedies such as coconut oil and even consulted both Singapore dermatologists and Hong Kong dermatologists. The dermatologists merely recommended steroid creams, which at best provides temporary relief. However, steroid creams are bad for the skin and in the long run stops producing the desired effect as the skin gets used to it.

eczema skin

It felt like I had exhausted all my options in search for a treatment that would alleviate my eczema symptoms, that is, until I heard about Organics Beauty and their approach of using only 100% organic ingredients in all their facials.

When I first stepped into Organics Beauty, I expected to be turned away as most beauty salons reject eczema customers due to un-breathable steam and painful pimple popping. I thought I would come out looking as red as a lobster. However, the entire experience was in fact, not at all as I had expected.

The experience was therapeutic, evoking my sense of smell to the next level! I loved every single bit of the experience and it felt more spa-like than just a facial!

organics beauty interior

Upon entering the salon, essential oils heightened my senses. I slipped on a pair of slippers and stepped into a room with nicely decorated walls that made me feel very relaxed and at home.

Once I had settled down, Rita proceeded with asking me about my odd eczema-oily skin combination and told me she had never encountered this before. This is because eczema sufferers tend to have dry, peeling skin.

Rita shared that she will have to do a second consultation after cleansing the face to confirm her diagnosis about the areas with eczema. The entire facial would take about 60 minutes and will be customized to the different parts of my face. I could only hope that the facial would relieve the itch and redness in the area.

hot towel at organics beauty

Instead of starting the facial with cleansing, I was pleasantly surprised when Rita started the facial with a hot towel to refresh and clean my feet. 

She then put a hot volcanic stone on top of my torso area - apparently this will help to improve my blood circulation while relaxing my mind. This stone gave off a nice sort of warmth throughout the facial!

hot stone therapy at organics beauty

Rita gently cleansed my face with a 100% organic facial cleanser originating from natural ingredients and is very gentle for all skin types. After the cleansing, Rita did a second consultation to better understand my skin condition.

Problem area of eczema skin
Problem area of eczema skin

I also have eczema on other parts of my body.

Problem area of eczema skin

Upon hearing that next up was a facial scrub, I was initially a bit frightened because it might aggravate my eczema condition. However, it was a very gentle scrub using jojoba oil. Rita also avoided the application of the scrub on the eczema areas to avoid irritating it. 

 jojoba oil

The jojoba oil helped to remove dead skin cells for other areas plagued by acne. 


The scrub was then gently cleansed off with a specially selected sponge that is gentle on the skin. 

head massage

I was also treated to a head massage to relax, soothe and encourage blood circulation.

Organic argan oil mixed with  organic essential oil

Organic argan oil mixed with  organic essential oil which blended for sensitive skin was then massaged into the skin by hand while carefully avoiding eczema areas. 

With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It absorbs easily, is non-greasy and non-irritating, which makes it a great natural moisturiser. 

applying oil

For the Eczema areas, gentle essential oils used for blending is applied. This helps to soothe and heal the sensitive skin.

crystal massage

Crystal massage was next! Cool to the touch, these crystals apparently help to confer healing properties onto my skin!

purifying mask

After the massage, a purifying mask is then applied on my face. The purifying mask consisted of clay mask for the acne areas and a calming mask for eczema and eye areas. 

removing mask

While the mask was penetrating deep into my skin, Rita gave me a blissful head, shoulder and facial message. After which, the mask was then removed.

tea served at organics beauty

To end the facial session, I once again, enjoyed a brief but relaxing shoulder and back massage, and a pot of nice refreshing tea.

after eczema facial at organics beauty

Most importantly, at the end of it all,  I saw an immediate improvement to my skin condition.

after facial treatment

My skin was a lot calmer and less irritated right after the treatment!

I was amazed at home much the redness went away! 


I've never felt more relaxed even at a normal spa visit! My skin condition drastically improved and my family members have also told me that my acne has reduced. My eczema is no longer as visible as before, it is less itchy and there's less peeling of dry skin in the affected areas. 

I loved the painless experience, and it was so relaxing with all the essential oils, tea and the countless massages! I don't think any other facial salon would even offer a foot massage! The best part is that Organics Beauty does not push or force sell their products, which is something I really appreciate as well. 

I would definitely recommend this place to those with eczema-prone skin!  In fact, I've already told all my colleagues and friends to check out Organics Beauty!

For those who are interested to give this facial a try, Organics Beauty is having a promotion only for Beauty Undercover readers. 

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For those who've tried, share your experience with us below!

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