Thera Facial is the First 100% Natural Facial in Singapore That Actually Works. 10 Customers Share Their Experiences with Thera.

Published on Sep 08, 2020

Maskne was one thing when it was - well - covered up by masks, but now that we've moved to Phase 2, it's doubly distressing to have the excitement of long-awaited gatherings dampened by having to take off your facial covering and reveal a breakout. And while extractions help, sometimes you just don't want to go through that soreness and swelling. 

Enter a special Japanese facial aimed at providing a glowing complexion without redness or irritation.

Instead of aiming to clear congestion, the Thera Herbal Facial focuses on calming skin with an all-natural herbal formula so it doesn't over-produce the oil and sebum that lead to congestion in the first place, and to soothe the irritation that explode into pimples and other blemishes. And that's not all:

1. There are 4 types of Thera Herbal Facial to Satisfy Every Skin Type

Depending on your dermatological desires and beauty goals, you can choose from the Lift & Firm, Brightening, Acne and Hydrating Thera Facials.

Both the Lift & Firm and Brightening facials were the creations of lauded Japanese Facial Spa Organics Beauty back in the Land of the Rising Sun, where dull or declining skin were their clientele's main worries. After arriving in Singapore, these beauty gurus then developed the Acne and Hydrating facials, for treatments customised to customers here, and which would be suited to all genders and ages.

Thera Herbal Facial Mask at Organics Beauty

2. Thera Homecare extends the experience to your home

While home-care can never take the place of a good beauty therapist's expertise or targeted spa products, the Thera Herbal Facials offer at-home kits as between-facial maintenance so you can keep looking post-treatment perfect.

This is a great way, we think, to heal the skin of your beloved SO, especially if he's too shy to head down to the salon. 

Skin Healing Using Thera Herbal Facial at Organics Beauty

After using the thera homecare facial 6 times. 

Scratch it! The Thera home facial is so gentle (and fun to do), you can even make it a family ritual. 

Agent G's experience with Thera Home Facial

3. Results are fast and noticeable.

Some facial spas talk big but deliver small results. Not this one, as the happy Organics Beauty customers will attest.

Anti-Aging Before and After Thera Herbal Facial at Organics Beauty
I use Théra's self care herbal mask every weekends, simply by pouring hot water over organic herbs and putting that goodness directly on my face. The masks noticeably reduce dullness, improve blood circulation and overall brighten my skin...they're truly amazing.After using the masks, I've seen increased softness and glow on my face. Not only that - visible pores have been a major concern of mine for years, but their appearance has now diminished. And whenever it seems I'm about to break out, I immediately apply the herbal mask for quick subsidence of the acne. It is like a rescue remedy to me - and one that is sucha  pleasure to use, since it surrounds me with a relaxing herbal scent.- Grace, a customer who tried Brightening Thera Herbal Facial
From the Lift & Firm home kit, I got the best exfoliator and mask I've ever used. I love that you get to stir up your mixtures fresh before each treatment for maximum effectiveness, and afterwards there was an instant effect of smaller pores, moisturised, more elastic and glowing skin.The scent is amazing as well. I highly recommend Théra products!- Yukiko, customer who tried Lift & Firm Thera Herbal Facial
I used the exfoliator and the mask, and it was incredible how my skin become obviously more bouncy. Now, my complexion looks one shade brighter, and the clogged pores on the wings of my nose seem to have cleared up for overall smoothness. When waking up, my 5-year-old daughter said "wow mama! your skin is glowing!"Whenever I use Thera products, I'm reminded to treat myself with care and gentleness. The aroma of the mask is bliss, as is looking at the results in my reflection after. It just makes me very happy.- Min, customer who went for Brightening Thera Herbal Facial
This is the best herbal mask I have ever used, with its fragrance, texture, natural ingredients, and simple effectiveness.  I have used the brightening mask six times am genuinely stunned by the results. My blemishes have gradually faded and my overall skin tone has improved noticeably.- Yvonne, customer who went for Brightening Thera Herbal Facial

4. Thera Herbal Facial Uses Organic Herbs as Ingredients

The boss of Organics Beauty, Shizuka, aka creator of the Thera Herbal Facials, visits France annually to personally choose herbs from farms for use in the spa's treatments. Having done this for 16 years now, you know that her selections are top quality, safe and 100% natural, which would explain why the Thera facial has been so beloved by Organics' Beauty's customers since their launch over a decade ago.

All Natural Ingredients Thera Herbal Facial at Organics Beauty
The power of the plants is amazing- from the first time I used the products, I noticed my skin getting so touchable and soft. Even my husband sees the changes and has commented, "Eh! You look great!" Thank you so much as always to my therapist, Shizuka!- Lynn, customer who went for Brightening Thera Herbal Facial
I got a chance to try out the herbal exfoliation and it was good. The product smelled so pleasant and natural, and the exfoliation was gentle and even suitable for those with more sensitive skin. Perhaps the best part is that because it's all natural and organic, I know the product I wash down the sink isn't going to be harmful to the environment.- Kazuki, customer who went for Brightening Thera Herbal Facial

5. Massages are included in Thera Herbal Facial experience

Organics Beauty focuses on providing a completely relaxing experience. While waiting 10-15 minutes for the mask to set during the facial, the spa's therapists will deliver a delicious massage to customers to help them completely unwind.

The salon's warm, welcoming ambience simply makes meappy. I typically have an Lift & Firm facial treatment there, and after, I always feel nourished in both body and soul.   - Diana, customer who went for Lift & Firm Thera Herbal Facial
15 Minutes Massage at Organics Beauty

6. Thera Herbal Facial is pain and discomfort free

If you really don't like pain, or have sensitive skin that just doesn't agree with extractions, Thera Herbal Facials provide a great blemish-blasting alternative to forceful extractions. Instead, the soothing properties of the products help calm skin to help your body naturally eliminate imperfections.

Before and After Thera Herbal Facial on Pimple Face at Organics Beauty
It's fascinating that the masks in this facial can clear bumps without any extractions! I've previously tried extraction facials and noticed the problem bumps would always return after a few days. After these herbal ones, however, my skin is less oily and congested than before especially on the day right after mask application, improving my general complexion overall!- Customer H who went for Acne Thera Herbal Facial
 In full disclosure, I received the mask and exfoliation sachets for free in return for allowing Shizuka to track my skin progress. I first visited Organics Facial in 2017 when I was having a serious bout of acne outbreak, and saw good results but was not able to return for subsequent facials due to the price point. When circuit breaker hit, my skin was imbalanced because I had recently returned from a different climate, and together with the mandatory mask-wearing, my pimples were appearing fast and furious. WHen received a msg from Shizuka about the launch of Therá and decided to try out the free sample, the effects were so amazing that I reached out to Shizuka for a longer collaboration. The Thera exfoliators and masks helped to clear my skin slowly but surely, and even when there were skin purges, any blemishes would go away quite quickly. Shizuka checked in with me very frequently and gave great advice. I used to have unextractable whiteheads along my jawline and what amazed me the most was how they went away by themselves with zero invasive extractions, after multiple use of the masks and exfoliators! - Customer I who went for Acne Thera Herbal Facial

Prefer to put a face to those facial testimonials? Here's Agent N with her experience.

Agent N's Thera Herbal Facial Experience

Hi, I'm Agent N, 36, and I'm a dance instructor. I previously had a fair bit of pigmentation on my combination skin, due to long hours of solar exposure from outdoor performances and rehearsals. Other than accumulating freckles from this lifestyle, it also felt like my skin was thinning out over time.

For someone already stressed out about these isses, trying spa solutions like light treatment - similar to IPL - didn't really help: Not only did they still leave me with visible pigmentation, dull skin and excess sebum around my nose, but that light treatment actually hurt. It sometimes made me feel like I was going for an operation, which only raised my stress levels. Also...I didn't know that light could hurt that much!

Thera Herbal Facial Experience at Organics Beauty

Then, a few of my dance students started telling me great things about Organics Beauty @ Delfi Orchard. I was initially skeptical since even the equivalent of laser procedures hadn't worked for me, but I decided to give it a try.

After my first treatment, I was sold. I didn't see all my skin issues disappear, but my complexion looked and felt noticeably better. And perhaps more importantly, I loved the experience - I've never experienced such great hospitality from a salon. Even the blankets are made from organic materials and are very comfortable. The essential oils were handpicked by the owner and their beautiful scents help your whole body fall into a state of relaxation. And as a Japanese person, I can attest that the level of service in Organics Beauty is equivalent or even superior to that in premium establishments back home, something that can be quite rare in Singapore. I've continued returning to Organics Beauty since that first time, for the pampering, and for the fact that the spa has helped my skin to continually improve.

I missed my sessions during the Circuit Breaker, but now that facial salons have reopened, let me take you through my most recent facial there.

Step 1: Skin analysis

Before beginning any treatment, my therapist guides me through a skin analysis to get more details on its current condition. This is important since skin concerns are something that constantly change with your lifestyle and age.

Skin Analysis at Organics Beauty

They use a scanning machine, which helps to clearly show up issues that would benefit from their attention, such as fine lines, dryness, or congestion.

Skin Analysis at Organics Beauty

Mine were mainly congested and enlarged pores, and redness.

Skin Analysis at Organics Beauty

Based on the scan results, Organics Beauty was able to pick the mask and treatment best suited for me.

Step 2: Relaxation

My therapist previously explained to me that Organics Beauty prizes client comfort - It wants every customer to enjoy their time at the spa and feel completely refreshed after. Accordingly, she starts every treatment with letting me choose the aroma for the room’s diffuser.

Choice of Aroma at Organics Beauty

After I selected a lovely scent, she prepared a warm stone and placed it on my tummy to loosen and relax my core, where a lot of our tension is stored. She also mentioned that it would enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Warm Stone Treatment at Organics Beauty

Then, after letting me once again select my favourite scents, she rubbed more essential oils on her hands, and wafted them gently over my face for an aromatherapy experience.

Aromatherapy Treatment at Organics Beauty

She then sprayed a whiff of the selected scent

Aromatherapy Treatment at Organics Beauty

And made sure to spread the scent over my face. 

Relaxation Treatment at Organics Beauty

She chimed a bell, which is thought to relieve stress and release emotional blockages in the body.

Relaxation Treatment at Organics Beauty

And thus having prepped me for maximum enjoyment of my treatment, she began.

Step 3: Cleansing

My therapist applied a cool lotion to my face, and then gently but thoroughly removed it with a soft piece of cloth to first rid my face surface impurities.

Skin Cleansing at Organics Beauty

With my eyes closed, I then smelt the scent of herbal steam. The therapists here place herbal ingredients in a custom machine, which boils water and allows the resulting steam to pass through the plants, forming a warm vapour that carreses the customer's face. As compared to ordinary steam which will tends to dry skin, the contents of this special mist prevents dehydration and promotes respiratory functions when inhaled.

Step 4: Enzyme mask

My therapist then began on the enzyme mask, which she carefully buffed into my complexion to rid it of dead cells. She shared that this mask also has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent blemishes and increase brightness.

Skin Cleansing at Organics Beauty

The gentle circular motions of her hands, together with ther herbal steam opening my pores, meant that my face was optimally primed to absorb the nutrients in the mask.

While waiting for the mixture to set, my therapist gave me a heavenly head massage.

Skin Cleansing at Organics Beauty

In fact, Organics Beauty therapists keep themselves busy through every single minute of a customer's facial. Time which might be spent simply waiting for substances to mix or dry in another spa, are filled here by skilful massages. It really is incredible dedication to client comfort.

Once the mask was deemed to have sufficiently worked its magic, it was removed with sponges.

Skin Cleansing at Organics Beauty

Step 5: Multi-layer mask

That wasn't the end of the mask goodness - It was time for my therapist to build a multi-layered one.

The first layer was a facial exfoliator, spread evenly over my face and massaged into my skin. 

Layers of Exfoliating and Soothing Herbal Masks at Organics Beauty
Layers of Exfoliating and Soothing Herbal Masks at Organics Beauty

The 2nd layer was a nutrient mask, which smelt natural and nourishing enough to almost send me right to sleep.

Layers of Exfoliating and Soothing Herbal Masks at Organics Beauty
Layers of Exfoliating and Soothing Herbal Masks at Organics Beauty

All the goodness was then sealed in by the third layer - a silicone mask.

Layers of Exfoliating and Soothing Herbal Masks at Organics Beauty

While waiting for my skin to soak up all that healing and nutrition, my therapist - of course - gave me a stellar neck and shoulder massage.

Relaxing Shoulder Massage at Organics Beauty

Step 6: Post-facial TLC 

Whenever it's time to remove the mask mixture, Organics Beauty also takes utmost care to minimise tugging on your skin. A silky smooth spatula was used to slide the herbs off my face...

Final Facial Cleansing at Organics Beuaty

Before a soft, damp cloth was used to gently pat and soak off any residue.

Final Facial Cleansing at Organics Beuaty

My therapist then applied sunblock to my face in an upward motion from my chin, to promote a slender appearance - 

Relaxing Head Massage at Organics Beauty

And concluded the facial with a head massage (the third massage of the session!).

Relaxing Head Massage at Organics Beauty

Then, with a spritz of organic scent in the air, it was time for a final aromatherapy treat.

Aromatherapy Spray at Organics Beauty

To slowly ease me back into the real world after my short spa retreat, I was served a lovely custom tea blend, again from herbs specially chosen by the owner of Organics Beauty. This infusion of mint, lemongrass, rose and verbain is supposed to encourage relaxation and assist in digestive functions. It tasted wonderful.

Herbal Drinks at Organics Beauty
Post Facial Refreshments at Organics Beauty

Step 6: Final analysis

With the treatment complete, I once again had my complexion scanned...

Final Skin Analysis After Thera Herbal Facial at Organics Beauty

...And my congested pores had been cleared and appeared to have shrunk.

Final Skin Analysis After Thera Herbal Facial at Organics Beauty

It was an immediately obvious difference.

Final Skin Analysis After Thera Herbal Facial at Organics Beauty

But why look at a digital scan when you can see the effects on my face?

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