7 Things You Need to Prep for Your Perfect Salon Experience During Phase 1

Published on May 30, 2020

With the Circuit-Breaker measures relaxing from June 2, some semblance of pre-Covid life is returning. Some of us have started going back to work, and our kids, back to school. But things aren't still quite back to the way they were before: While we get to service our cars, we still don't have many places to drive them to other than the office, school and supermarket. And while we might make up our faces to leave the house now, it's only for the half showing above the mask.

Likewise, while salons can resume providing all the hair services they used to come June 2, expect your experience to be same, same...but different. Here are some things we suggest you prep to make sure your hair outing is as close to your pre-Covid experience as possible.

1. An Appropriate Mask

Yes, you'll still have to keep your masks on at the Salon for Phase One of the CB measures being relaxed. To make sure this is minimally disruptive to your hair service, remember to wear a mask with ear loops, rather than those with straps tied around the back of your head. The tie-on type is definitely going to get in the way of your stylist reaching different parts of your hair, and the last thing you want is a shoddy cut or dye job because of your mask choice.

We recommend either a mask that fits quite snugly so it stays out of the way, or one with very stretchy ear loops so that stylists like this:

Danson from 99 Percent Hair Studio can use maneuvers like this:

Wear Mask During COVID-19 at Salons

Kenaris Salon finds this also a neat trick to help keep the hair out of the way during hair colours.

Wear Mask During COVID-19 at Salons

Though a visor may just as helpful for a haircut. 

Also, a tatty disposable mask can be quite a vibe-killer if you're planning to sashay out of the salon with your brand new do. If you're not going for chemical treatments and want to relive those pre-Covid new-look moments, consider a designer fabric mask made by Singapore costumers such as Rey Lee or Theresa Chan, to complete the entire look. You can order them from their social media pages at  www.instagram.com/uncle_rey or  www.instagram.com/thecostumesg respectively.

Wear Mask During COVID-19 at Salons

Agent JT with a mask by Rey Lee

Of course, if you're going to get your hair chemically treated, please do wear a disposable mask rather than risking ruin to your beautiful fabric one.

Wear Mask During COVID-19 at Salons

Or simply ask your stylist to put a tissue over your mask, the way Elvis from Act Point Salon does it for all his customers.

P.S. Some salons like Picasso Hair Studio and Kenaris Salon provide disposable masks for customers' usage but not all salons do, so if you're worried about getting your mask stained, bring some extra ones just in case!

2. Clear Selfies

If you ever needed a good excuse to take a selfie, here's one. Since your features will be obscured by the mask at the salon, it's very useful to show your stylist a clear photo of your full face - pre-photographed at home - so that they will be able to create a style most complimentary to your looks. Remember though, what they are looking for is not an extremely flattering selfie from artistic angles, but one where they can see all your features quite clearly. It's best to take photos of both your left and right profile as well.

It's also a good idea to bring photos of other people - not your family photo album, but people who have your desired hairstyle. Although, these are more easily googled on your phone to be shown to your stylist, than a passport photo of yourself.

3. A Full Stomach

While previously, only haircuts lasting an hour or less were allowed at salons, you may now be returning for the full works: Wash, cut, perm, dye, treatment, etc. And the more power to you! But as Sylvia from Act Point Salon reminds us, salons are still not allowed to serve snacks during Phase One, and customers are not allowed to order food into the salon either.

Source: MediaCorp Channel 8

Instead of having to cut your service short because of starvation, it's best to eat a full, satisfying meal just before leaving to get your hair done. Preferably nothing that makes you too gassy though, to protect your stylist.

4. A Full Water Bottle

Most of us (excluding Agent JT) can get through a few hours without snacking, but you might start to get seriously dehydrated if you don't drink for the same amount of time. So we have to warn you that you won't be able to count on that glass of wine or bubbly from Mode Studio or Leekaja, since salons still aren't allowed to serve their house beverages yet. While various establishments - including the abovementioned ones, as well as Picasso Hair Studio and Chez Vous Hair Salon - have stocked up on some packet drinks for thirsty customers, we'd suggest bringing a water bottle topped up with your favourite beverage to be safe, or in case you don't like the current drink selection. It's better for the environment as well, especially if you bring a reusable straw instead of a disosable one, for easier sipping under your mask. 

5. A Jacket

After staying home for two months, some of us might no longer be used to hours of air-conditioning. While most salons would be happy to offer you extra towels to drape over yourself if you're feeling that once-familiar chill, we'll bet your jacket trumps a towel in terms of style. 

6. Your Mobile Phone / Identity Card 

If you're bringing your Mom or Dad who just might not bring along their mobile to the salon, make sure they have their IC on them for contact tracing purposes. As for you, just remember to scan in and out of salons with SafeEntry!

You don't want to make an appointment and then not be allowed to step into the damn hair studio at all!

7. An Appointment

Salons were the first places to be swamped when lockdown measures were relaxed in other countries, and with safe distancing measures continuing in Singapore, it's likely to be the same here. To make sure that interactions with other customers are minimized, salons like Act Point Salon are investing in mobile wash basins, so you don't even have to leave your seats!

Mobile Basin at Act Point Salon

Mobile Basin at Act Point Salon 

This does however mean that capacity will be limited so do make an appointment beforehand to avoid waiting hours on end.

If you need some suggestions on where to go, here're the quality hair salons offering hair promotions during Phase One!

Are you as excited as us to get your mane makeover post-cb?

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