10 Things Couples Can Do To Rekindle The Passion in Your Relationship

Published on Nov 28, 2018

If the headline caught your attention, chances are, you are in a multi-year relationship with your Significant Other.

Congratulations because you've come this far (and you haven't killed each other yet)! 

There's a lot that both of you have built together over the past few years: memories and a connection that no one else can take away. However, there is a sense that something is missing. The burning passion that makes you want to tear each other's clothes off and the deep emotional satisfaction as you look into each other's eyes during the initial dating period seems to be replaced by the day-to-day "What? OK. Yah". 

Does the passing of time cause the demise of passion? Not if you put in the effort, we think. 

1. Express your wish to be more intimate with each other

It is not an easy topic to broach because it just seems so taboo in asian societies. However simply articulating your wish to be more intimate can help you commit to it as a couple goal and figure out ways to achieve that goal.

This conversation is just the beginning though; being more open about your preferences and desires can help you gain more emotional and physical satisfaction from the relationship.

After that, remember to touch... and touch often. When you show affection through touch, it helps you connect more intimately in the bedroom as well.

2. Set aside time for Date Nights

As much as career and children are important, individual time with your spouse can build a stronger relationship that will also strengthen family bonds and set a good example for your children to follow. Hence, set some time each week for each other, making childsitting arrangements if you need to, for dinners, movies, alone time to head to the bar, or even just a long chat over coffee.

Date Night for Couple

3. Learn something new together

Going for class and picking up a new skill can be one of those regular date night ideas you may want to explore. Salsa dancing can be one of them. Agent G and her husband took up Salsa dancing together at Dance En Motion in December and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! While you can always consider cooking classes or even flower arrangement classes, dancing has the added benefit of teaching the Man how to lead and the Woman how to follow :P

4. Go for a Photoshoot (Boudoir if you're adventurous!)

When was the last time you went for a photoshoot? When you got married?

Photoshoot is a pretty fun activity to get you doing things you normally wouldn't e.g. looking at each other eyes and posing in seemingly unnatural poses that turn out pretty cool. 

Couple Photoshoot

Couple photoshoot in 2011

It also helps to immortalize moments in your life that makes that #10yearchallenge more meaningful. If you're more adventurous, you can even try boudoir photography that explores intimacy between you and your partner!

Instagram @anteroom_

5. Surprise each other with Gifts

When you give each other gifts, you remind him/her that they are on your mind. 

It doesn't have to be expensive because it is the thought that counts, not the value. Ideally though, give them something they will like, based on your understanding of them. 

Surprise Gift for Couple

It could be a letter, a rose or simply breakfast in bed! Need more ideas? Here are 10 ways to surprise your loved one!

6. Exercise together

Passion sometimes go away unknowingly because both of you started neglecting your bodies. We're not saying that both of you need to become super fit and lean but a high proportion of fat and consistent lack of exercise can not only negatively affect your health, it can reduce your libido and even passion for each other.

Exercising together helps both of you stay motivated.

Exercise for Couple

We recently discovered a little-known new gym at very attractive price for those staying near Braddell and East Coast OMGYM Fitness. Agent G loved the spinning classes by famous DJ Shaun Tupaz but was most elated when her husband suggested to go for couple PT sessions with the amazingly knowledgeable James. 

7. Go for a Hair Makeover together

Your hair makes up a big part of how you look. So ladies, if you want to make yourself look and feel more sensual, consider getting a perm to give your hair more texture and volume. This way, you can look that bit more sexy when you do a hair flip! 

Previously, we also talked about how having matching hair is a fun way to express your love.

Matching Couple Hairstyle

8. Do a Manicure / Pedicure

Manicure Pedicure at Branche Nail Salon

They may "just" be your nails but getting them cleaned, filed and coloured can make you look more polished and sexy especially when you run your hands (and feet) down... you know where ;) 

Manicure Pedicure at Branche Nail Salon

Mani-pedi at Branche Japanese Nail Salon

9. Shop for lingerie

Your SO may not ask for it but its always nice when you dress yourself in something that gets both you and him into the mood. 

Instagram @iminxx

If you're shy, you don't have to go down to a physical store. Arm yourself with your measurements and start browsing online. 

10. Go on a weekend getaway / staycation with just you two 

Home may be the most cozy place of all but it's nice to have a change of environment once in a while. This may get you two into a more experimental mood as you try different things, different moves that may just not be as possible back home. :P

Couple Staycation

Bathtub in the hotel room too is always a plus, given that most of us may not have the luxury of having that at home. 

Just remember to bring some bath bombs along...!

Ready to rekindle your love with some of these BU-approved tactics? Share your beauty experiences on BU.sg!

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